Written by Jessica

6 Feb 2014

I had a great open sex life with my husband; we had even in the past been naughty to a point of inviting a guy back to our hotel room one holiday. Needless to say it was awesome. He was a good 10 years younger than us, I think all his birthdays came at once! Me and my hubby had often talked about it, we shared everything, he loved me telling him about my previous and many exploits prior to us marrying. I would tell him about ex-boyfriends, ex work colleagues, he didn’t want the seedy details spared either. He used to get off me telling him and it I enjoyed telling him and it was like I reliving a sex session or naughty blow job all over again. I told him about being used by a couple of guys; I was going through a shitty divorce, felt low and these guys helped me out so to speak. One was a guy at work and the other a local window cleaner. Both fucked me whenever they wanted, The window cleaner would sometimes pop in on a Saturday, sometimes it was awkward I had to ensure the kids were out. He wasn’t interested in that he just wanted me to service him. I loved doing it and being used just for sex, after such a sexless marriage it was awesome. More than once I couldn’t get rid of the kids and I just “nipped to the shops” but in reality I met him behind a garage and gave him a blow job in his van. It was so naughty making an excuse to the kids knowing I was just going to suck a guy off during his lunch break. Once I had brought him off, we both had to leave quite quickly, he would return to work I would run to the shops to get anything just to support my story to the kids, strange feeling running around the supermarket knowing my lipstick was well smudged from his cock and still being able to taste his cum. When I blew him he always came in my mouth.

The guy at work, he was awesome, really nice and equally as demanding. He too fucked me and had blowjobs whenever he chose. I worked in an office with another part time girl, Jane, she only worked 2 days so this manager would fuck me the other 3, sometimes more than once a day. It was easy for him the days when I was alone in the office. Although he enjoyed the days when Jane was there, it used to give him a kick asking me to get her out of the office so I could give him a blow job. I would send Jane on some inane visit to accounts or something or to collect something collected from post. I would use that as an excuse to be alone in the office for him. This guy would watch her leave and come to the office and I would service him with my mouth. We rarely had time to fuck but a quick blow job was cool. I loved being used in such a fashion and how no one walked in while I was sucking his cock was beyond me. I think it was that he enjoyed. He always told me I had to swallow, he couldn't have spunk marks on his suit! This wasn’t a problem as I loved his cum, but it was turn on being told I had to swallow so forcefully! Although one time he got too excited and squirted his load all over my desk. It was nice seeing a nice wet sperm stain in a nice line on the desk calendar all afternoon. There was also some cum on my keyboards that I struggled to remove. Needless to say he just insisted I to clean him up; he put himself away and left the office. He wasn't bothered how much of his cum was on my desk either it wasn't his problem! The excitement was just knowing I had just been used to relive his tension and make him cum was overwhelming for me. I was just there to make him cum, somewhere for him to put his load. I found this so exciting even more so when I knew Jane would only be away 15 minutes. I knew once I had started sucking him off I was on a timescale!

But that was the past some time ago, he had left to go another regional office, we moved away and the window cleaner no doubt found another bored slut house wife to fuck.

Anyway I have digressed slightly though it is important to my story, we had often discussed an addition to our fun sex life and being on holiday it was said that if we introduce a third party to our bed I this was the place. Probably said by me actually, it was holiday time and I was semi naked, almost all week and several guys had been paying attention to me. This one younger guy in particular, we laughed and said how could we do this? I said it would be easy, I had a drink and if my hubby was good to go through with it I would just go a talk to him. I figured he knew we were soon leaving it would be fun for him so I didn’t think he would refuse such an offer. I knew I looked good too! In the end it was far easier than I thought. I just asked him outright! I said we had talked discussed and we were out for fun before going home. His eyes lit up and said what sort of fun? I said if he was ok with my hubby being there he would probably cum in my mouth before midnight! I touched his lips as spoke. My hubby walked up we introduced ourselves and asked him if he wanted to follow us to our room. We went to our room and the guy was awesome, bigger cock than my husband and far more staying power. In fact my husband largely took a back seat while this new lover fucked me all over the room. When the time came true to my promise I brought him off with my mouth, well after midnight though! The 3 of us fucked and sucked for hours, after an hour or so my hubby was ready and I asked our new friend if he had ever seen a guy cum in a girl’s mouth. He said no so I arranged myself so he could watch me and with a mixture of hand and mouth bring my husband off into my mouth. He was amazed as he watched my husband fill my mouth with his cum. I showed them both laughing and teasing, I swallowed. My husband then sat back and watched this guy perform on me. When he was ready I put him in a position where my husband could watch me finish him with my mouth, promises are after all promises. After about 20 minutes of sucking this guy’s awesome cock he let go of his load. I felt him squirt, and then pump. I didn’t move my mouth until I knew he was spent. I then lifted my mouth and showed them both his cum in my mouth, again his load just like is cock and staying power overshadowed that of my husband, he had a fantastic amount of cum and I struggled not to dribble. My hubby said he loved it and it reminded him of all the sexy BJ stories I had told him in the past. We had a drink, a laugh and our satisfied lover left. We returned from our hols all hyped up with the story of me finishing this guy with my mouth the topic of our chat. My hubby loved watching me do it.

On return from our hols needless to say it was back to normal. We hadn’t discussed me being fucked by another guy again, though the mouthful of this guys cum was often discussed. I thought it was something that going to just be a holiday memory. Who knows maybe I only I get to get fucked like that once a year!

What changed things were several weeks after our return the manager to had previously moved returned to our office. He was a good looking as ever. The way he looked at me was surprisingly warming. He said he was so pleased I hadn’t left and looked forward to working with me, I melted. I could see that knowing glint in his eye he had expectations. I had no intention of being unfaithful, (if my hubby is there like on holiday and aware of everything I don’t count that as being unfaithful!) I had no intention of betraying my husband, ever! That night I thought I would be honest and tell my husband he had returned. My husband was unusually quiet, he asked if this was the guy that had just used me for sex and blow jobs? I said yes, I told him everything was OK and would be totally honest with him and what had happened in the past, was that the past. He smiled and said that was good, as long as I told him before anything happened he was cool with the idea. This confused me, “tell him before anything happened? Was he giving me the green light as long as I told him?" I asked him outright. I was telling I had no intention of being unfaithful but was he saying he was good with the idea of me being used by this guy as long as he knows? “Yeah I am happy for him to carry on just tell me beforehand!” Was his response.

I was furious and stormed off. How he dare give me the ok to fuck? He told me to stop being over dramatic, we had both seen me blow a guy so what was the issue? I slept alone. The following day after a restless night we got ready for work in silence, as I left he came to kiss me goodbye I offered a cheek reluctantly. He said you look good, don’t fall out with me. I left telling him that him giving me the OK to have sex with a guy really pissed me off, who was he to say it was OK? I finished by telling I would make sure that he would be the first to know if was up for it! I drove off, initially still angry.

As I drove I more and more warmed to the idea of being paid attention to by him. This was only reinforced when I saw him in reception. We shared small talk though I knew we were both checking each other out. I went to my office still angry with my husband, how fucking dare he? Several hours of tedium went by as invoice after invoice was processed, my mind wondered. Then I thought fuck I would test him out. See what he actually thinks. I took my phone opened the messages and typed. “You say your OK with it, I’m sending Jane to Officeworks and will be alone in my office, I’m going to ask Dave if wants to join me. You still OK with it? A message pinged back “Yeah, what are you going to do?” I thought fuck you bastard as I read his response. “Anything he fucking wants!”. I replied “Cool just let me know”. I thought you bastard and immediately text Dave. “I am sending Jane to Officeworld , later is there a time suits you and do you want anything?” It took some 15 minutes for a reply, I assume he was in a meeting. “11.45 is good time and yes I do.”

Jane left about 11.30 and almost immediate Dave walked in, I sat there as he walked around to the side of my desk. I was head height with his groin. Nothing was said at all and I reached up and touched him outside his trousers. I could feel him starting to swell inside this thin material, I was transfixed by his groin, I knew he was watching me and I heard his breathing change as I slowly undid his zip and belt. “I thought you were married?” I heard him whisper; “I am” I smiled gently loosening his trousers. I gently pulled the elastic forward on his boxers and gently but firmly put my hand inside, it was my turn to hesitate with my breathing as I put my hand around his now growing cock. I lifted it out clear of his boxers feeling it becoming firmer in my hands. It was just as I remembered, sensational. It was about seven inches long, thick and uncut and I slowly pulled his foreskin back to reveal his bulbous, bluey purple bell end. His cock hardened as a I gently pulled it, the blue vein becoming ever more pronounced. We both just watched me our breathing getting faster as I firmly manipulated his cock. I watched and squeezed harder as a little droplet of pre-cum appeared on his japs eye. I kissed the end of his cock, first a gentle delicate kiss that took this droplet on my lips making a delicate string of pre-cum between my lips and his bell end as I move my mouth away, and then a second kiss, a more open mouth kiss taking in much of his bell end as I did so, I squeezed his cock as I did so tasting more of him. The third kiss although intended to be a kiss was hardly one as Dave pushed forward and held my head. I felt his now solid cock fill my mouth. He held my head firmly as he pushed forward and gently rocked forward creating a fucking motion as his cock penetrated my soft lips deep into my warm mouth. I pulled his trousers and boxers further down and gently stroked his heavy balls with my nails. He pushed further into my mouth enjoying the sensations. (Guys like their balls scratched while they are having their cocks sucked!) I put my hands around his back and held his bum as he pushed forward into me. I started to feel him tense and his cock swell, I knew he was going to give me a mouthful, just unload his cum into my mouth, He held my hair so I couldn’t move, but I also held his bum not allowing him to remove his cock even if he had wanted to, which he obviously didn’t. I heard him cursing, he liked to talk dirty especially when he was close to cumming. He told me he was going to cum in my mouth and I was a dirty bitch. I loved hearing it and wanted to tell him to unload in my mouth but I couldn’t speak due to the sheer amount of cock in my mouth. Then I heard him grunt, saying I was nothing more than a slut wife and he came in large torrents deep in my throat, some of his cum squirted directly down my throat, the rest filled my mouth. I gagged but he held my head firm and I held his bum. The next minute seemed to last forever, his cock swelled, it was awesome as his cream filled my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed. I felt and tasted his hot cum as his cock just seemed to pump in my mouth for ages. I heard him telling me to" take it, just take it slut. Your dirty married whore mouth full of cum! Take it, that's all your mouth is good for...cum" I made sure I did take it. It seemed an age in my mouth but his cock eventually softened and stopped pumping his gorgeous load into my mouth. I swallowed and just sucked gently, I gently lifted my mouth off his now softening cock. He looked down and asked it was clean, I said yes his cock looked awesome and I was still transfixed by it I peeled his foreskin back and gave it a second suck, I rolled my tongue inside his foreskin and could feel the velvety texture of his bell end against the soft pliable fore skin. I knew any remaining cum would be found and eagerly taken by my searching tongue. I could all his cock in my mouth in his more flaccid state. I felt his balls on my chin as I sucked deep and squeezed his shaft and tasted the very last of his sperm on my tongue. I really love a cock that has just squirted!

He dressed and left, I was left to make sure there were no dribbles on my chin.

I picked up my phone and text my bastard husband. “Blow job, OK?”

He text back. “Really!!!!!” Fkn cool or what!” What a fucking wanker I thought, but we had awesome sex that night and now I have pretty much a free range at work to do as I want. Jane spends a lot of her time out the office as well!