25 Aug 2019

My agent called: “Hey brother”. “What’s up”? The Yanks want you again in March”. “What’s the deal? “2 weeks. 3 a day. New Orleans.”. “What’s the coin”? “$5000 plus expenses”. “What the fuck man. You know I can get that for one gig here”. “I know. But the promo would be worth it. Don’t you want a holiday”?

I love New Orleans. March is perfect. Early spring. Around 70 to 80 F and a little humid. Similar to Brisbane, in September. The town is no different to any other large International business center; until you enter the French Quarter. The quarter is like a different world. The houses are a completely different architecture. Historic. Once you cross Bourbon Street; it is as though you have traveled in time. I was staying in an old inn. The place had a musty smell to it. My room had a queen bed and an antique table and chair. That’s it. The bathroom was down the hall. The place was full.

The quarter operated 24/7. There were people shoulder to shoulder; littering the streets. Cars were as rare as hen’s teeth. There were live bands everywhere. You could literally stand in one spot and see 2 or 3 bands; on a street corner or out front of a hotel. Blues, Country, Rock, Jazz, Funk; practically any genre one could imagine. The central theme however, was live music. Always live. No backing tracks. No charts. No lyrics. All from the soul. The aspect I enjoyed most about playing here was the lug factor. I had to play from the heart. No reading. All improvised. Great exercise for my ear playing. I considered it a boot camp for jazz piano. New York is very different. But that is another story.

My first gig was at an outdoor eatery. The band leader played bone and sang. We had three 4-hour sessions; with an hour break between each. The first started at 10am. “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. We are honoured to have an esteemed friend today from down under on the piano. Please welcome Ade Parsons”. We hit the first set with “Honeysuckle Rose”. Dave got me to sing it. He liked to use me on vocals because of my Aussie accent.

A table not far from the band was paying attention to us. Four girls. They were all watching me. I have a unique look. It’s a hybrid of Viking, Bikie and Cowboy. I have a goatee. The sides of my head are clean shaven. I have a black leather studded wrist band. I wear skin tight jeans, open neck shirt, a brown leather jacket and heeled Cuban boots. The central theme is my brown Akubra Bushman’s hat. Although I am 53, I have the body of a 33-year-old; very gym fit, with wide shoulders and chest. My entire body is groomed. My day gig is Sales Engineering. So, I have the gift of the gab (As you can tell in my writing, by how hard I plug myself ... lol!!!). We finished the set with “Don’t get around much anymore”.

I like to have a few beers when I play. Nothing stronger. 14 hours is a long stretch. I was sitting at the bar with the bass player. “So, what’s been cooking man”? “Just playing here and doing my day gig”. “What’s your day gig”? “I’m an accountant in town”. "What Company"? "Does it matter? Are you really interested"? "Actually. Yes. I am". "OK. Price Waterhouse". Impressive. "Why do you play bass HERE"? "Why not? I need to play my music". That settled it. We were soul brothers. I got us another beer. One of the girls approached the bar. I watched her. Her mates had put her up to it. She was nervous. I liked that. She ordered 4 cocktails. She glanced at me quickly, then looked away. This was gold.

I had time. I waited for her to make her move. She glanced at me again; then took the tray of drinks and walked. Poor darling. I am a little over the top. I get that. I strolled over near their table. There was an old couple next to them. I engaged them. "Are you here long"? "No. Actually, only two nights. Are you really from Australia"? "Yes. Victoria. Have you heard of it"? "Oh yes. We have holidayed there. Melbourne is beautiful". We bantered. I sat on a chair from the girls table; but ignored them. I could feel them staring at me. The conversation finished as Dave motioned we were to start the next set. Oh well. Next time. I went to the stage.

Another awesome set. We were on fire. We finished with "C Jam Blues"; with me making a hot piano solo. "Give thanks Ladies and Gents. The piano is being blessed". Bless HIM; I thought, as I exited the stage to get another beer. Dave was a great guy. He was one reason I was here. I ordered a tall craft beer and sat. This time all four of them approached me. Safety in numbers I suppose. "Where are you from? Your accent is different". "Australia". Blank stares. "Down under". Still blank. "Crocodile Dundee". One of them lights up. "Oh yes. I remember that movie. He was from the desert. Where the crocodiles live". Oh my. My IQ was suffering. Not sure I wanted to do this now. I turned my back and focused on my beer. The one that commented on my accent approached me from the front. "Are you annoyed with us"? "No". "Then why did you turn away"? Fuck. I didn't even know her and she was already giving me the emotional grab. I decided to ignore this; but not my honesty. "Because, I'm working and I can't afford to get too involved....Your friend was right about Australia. The only thing I can add is many things will kill you". "What do you mean"? Not only are there crocodiles; we have 4 of the 7 most venomous snakes in the world. We have white pointer sharks off all the beaches. Blue ringed octopi. Sea wasp stingers. Funnel web, drop door and red back spiders. A sea shell (I forget it's name) that is the most venomous creature known to Biological Science and many more". A collective gasp. "How do you survive"? "It's not as bad as it sounds. You just have to know how to avoid them. Like not walking in the bush, in summer, in bare feet. It's no different to being careful in New York at certain times of the day". They understood this.

We hit the next set with gusto. The girls left. Oh well. Short and sweet. Plenty of fish in the sea. I wasn't really in the mood for that style of play anyway. I was enjoying the Jazz too much. "Ade. Did you bring your reeds"? "Of course". "Lets do 'Take 5' with you on Alto". Dave moved to the keyboard. I stood warming up my reed. Dave was no Liberace; but he got through it. I stayed on sax. We played 'Mood Indigo', 'Chelsea Bridge', 'Perdido', 'My Blue Heaven', 'Desafinado' and medleyed into 'Girl From Ipanema'; to complete the set. That was show number one, done and dusted. I had an hour to kill. It was a glorious day. Perfectly blue sky and not a breath of wind. I decided to go check out the quarter.

It was fucking busy. I found a hot modern Jazz band and sat down with a beer. I knew the drummer. He nodded to me. They took a break after that tune. Rob grabbed a beer and sat down. "Well, well, well. Ade Parsons. What's up man"? He high fived me. "Here, cracking out some trad man". "What time you done"? "12". "Me too. Let's get on the sauce. Where you at"? The Eatery". "I'll check you there at ten past". "Cool". We rambled about Jazz and what various musos were up to. "You know Ade; I saw James Morrison in Manhattan last month. That guy is a fucking freak". "I know. Even Miles says so". "Have you jammed with him"? "Yeah. A few times with Graeme Lyall. I felt like a school boy". "I bet". "I gigged with Bob Venier a few weeks ago. He's a bit of a freak too". "I've heard of him. Didn't he do the LRB Album. The trumpet solo in 'Reminiscing'"? "The one and only. The only other Jazz front man I have ever played with, who could work equally well in all 12 keys, was Wilbur Wild". "Who's he"? "Reeds player. Played TV for ever". "I'll look him up. Wow. I need to get down there". "I'll hook you up through my agent". The banter continued until he had to get back on stage. I returned to the Eatery for the next show.

- Sorry readers. I realise this is supposed to be a sex story. I'll get there soon... promise -

The second show went the same as the first. We played many of the same tunes; as the crowd turned over frequently. Dave was a bit lazy that way. He had been doing 3 shows a day, 6 days a week for over 30 years. At the next hour break, I ate some food. I sat with a charming couple from North Carolina. "Yes. We have visited Perth and Cairns. Loved them both. Where in Australia are you from"? "Country Victoria and also Melbourne". "What's it like there"? "What do you mean? The climate"? "Yes". "Exactly the same as California". "Oh, how lovely".

I finished my meal and went for a walk to let it settle. It was 7.30pm and getting dark. The place was lit up like a circus on opening night. If it was at all possible, it was even busier than before.

The last show was half way. It was 10.30pm. I was a little weary, after having sung 'Honey suck my hose' for the third time. Oh. As a side. We Jazz musos have a play on words for nearly every song. There is an hilarious story about Syd Vicious; who was doing a Jazz gig one day. He was about to sing a tune called 'I remember you'. He introduced the tune (This actually happened, live) as "I remember you - YOU CUNT". This still makes me smile after 25 years of telling the story. Another interesting story I was told by Ronny Sandilands (drummer); who played in Rene Gayer's band. Rene would partake in certain niceties between sets (use your imagination. It starts with 'C'). Whenever she sang 'Heading in the right direction'; afterwards, the boys would take a 30 minute break; because Rene would lay on the stage with her legs in the air and do herself; in front of everyone.

At 11pm, the girls turned up. They were visibly happy drunk. No inhibitions now. One of them approached me, mid-song and tried to sit on my knee. Dave shook his head. I whispered to her "Later honey". She obeyed and sat down again. They were all around mid thirties, dressed to the hilt and hot as hell. There were no guys in tow; which surprised me. At the next break, I decided to get something stronger. I had been pacing with 3/4 strength beer for hours. I got a triple rusty nail. One of the great things about 'All expenses', is the lack of restriction on what I can order at the bar.

I sat at the table with the girls. Two of them crowded me. Kissing my neck and feeling my thighs. Hmmm. Not sure I should be allowing this in public. The place was still full with patrons. There were no kids around. I decided to let it go. But I didn't return their affections. Not yet.

At 11.55pm; we did 'What a wonderful world'. I sang it in a Louis voice and wrapped up the night at midnight. Dave thanked the crowd, telling them we would be back promptly at 10am tomorrow. The first day is always a hard slog because I am still jet lagged. I was fucked. I needed sleep.

A slap on my shoulder. It was Rob. "How'd the gig go Ade"? "Good man. I'm fucked. Not sure I need a night on the sauce". "Bull shit. All the more reason". He handed me a triple bourbon. "Come on man. Down the hatch". Fuck it. I obeyed. An arm encircled my waist. It was Jasmine; one of the girls. "Well. Well. Who do we have here"? The other three approached.

[Jasmine] was tall; 5 10. Blonde and athletic. [Kate] was 5 4; also athletic. She had a kind face with Brunette, waist length hair. [Pat] was gorgeous. Red head. Porcelain features. [Trudy] was yet another enigma. Dark features. Latino. Thick lips. Dancer body. Rob was nearly coming in anticipation. He whispered to me: "How in the fuck did you pick up these honeys"? I ignored him. They hadn't shown him any Kudos yet. He was on his own, as far as I was concerned. I really wasn't in the mood. I had a headache. I was considering ditching them all. But, I knew it was only jet lag. I was here for a little over two weeks. So I had to re-acclimatize. May as well rock and roll with them and push through it.

I grabbed another rusty nail and got Jasmine on my knee. She was drinking champagne. She tongued my ear. Hmmm. Nice. I felt her left boob through her blouse. Oh, so firm. Her nipple stood up to my touch. She turned to me and pashed me; using her tongue to explore mine. Such a fresh taste. I started getting hard. She felt me. "Hmmm. Ade. You have a nice package there". "All yours honey". She grinned and hugged me. The others were sitting around the table saying nothing. Rob was sitting saying nothing. Fuck them. I'm done, nurse maiding. If they couldn't get their shit together; I wasn't going to worry about it.

"Let's go out". I led Jasmine by holding her hand. The others followed. Rob was striking out. I hung back. "Jazzy". "Yes Ade". "What is wrong with Rob"? "Nothing. He just hasn't made an effort". "Go ahead with the girls. I'll catch you". "Rob"? "Yes". "What's wrong? Why aren't you playing"? He looks forlorn. "I'm cool man". He wasn't. "Tell me". He pauses. "I don't know how to talk to girls". Oh... my ... fucking ... Here was an International standard drummer. I couldn't believe it. He wasn't gay. He wasn't even Bi. I composed myself. "Just treat them like they are mates; like me. Be honest. Be fun. Be truthful. Allow yourself to let your hair down a little. Does that make sense"? "I guess". "Try it and see". "OK".

We caught up with them. Rob gradually relaxed. I was proud of him. This was not easy for a 40 plus year old. He gravitated to Trudy, who welcomed him. In no time at all, they were holding hands. Awesome! We found a bar with a fantastic band. They were playing 80's disco covers. Two female front vocalists. Bass, drums, guitar, keys, sax. They all sang. The harmonies were fucking unbelievable. They did Earth, Wind and Fire - Fantasy. I cried, it was so good. Jazzy held me as I sobbed. She knew I was re-living something. I have a very high EQ. I was tired and lagged. I felt amazing. I always feel better after a good cry. We danced. We danced until 3am. By then, I was a walking zombie; I was so tired. "Ade. You need a pick me up". Thanks Rob. All I need mate. He hands me a full glass of sambuca. I downed it. Then another. The warmth flowed. I felt better, I grabbed Jazzy and pashed her. "Time to go home Ade. I want you, before you collapse". "OK. Lets go". I led them all back to my room; picking up supplies on the way.

"This place smells like shit". "Thanks. I call it home". We all collapsed on the bed laughing. I cracked open champagne, Sambuca, Scotch and a bunch of food. We partied on the bed. Kate has a go: "Can't play spin the bottle on a bed". "Why not"? "It won't spin". "Bull shit". I grabbed an empty bottle of champagne and spun it. It landed on Rob. "Get it off Rob". He took off his top. This continued... and continued ...

I was the only one left that wasn't naked. They couldn't get the bottle to land on me. "From now on, every time the bottle lands, you have to dare someone else". They liked that. The first spin landed on Pat. "I dare Ade to go down on me until I come". Jazz gave her a look that would have melted iron. I whispered "Are we going to do this or not"? She checked herself and smiled. I stood Pat up and removed the rest of my clothes. I embraced her, kissing her. I then laid her down and got her legs way behind her head to get a good look. Her skin was perfect. B cup firm boobs. A little red pubic hair, trimmed. Her pussy had a red tinge. She was very turned on. Her clit and lab were already engorged. I went down and looked after her. It only took 2 minutes for her to come twice.

The bottle was spun again. This time it landed on me. "I dare Jasmine to suck Rob's cock for 5 minutes". Jazz gives me the look. I stare her down. She complies. Rob stands. Jazz gets on a cushion. He is an average cock; about 5 1/2 inches. She goes for it. Trudy was looking panicked. I love the fact that jealousy can rear it's head so quickly. I sauntered over to her and put my arm around her. She relaxed a little. I kissed her cheek. She turned her head. I kissed her fully on the mouth. She responded. We pashed properly. She placed her arms around me. I placed my hands on her boobs and pinched her nipples. She started breathing audibly. "I want you now". I laid her back and spread her legs. She was thoroughly wet. My cock was metal hard. I penetrated her. She was tiny. I only got 3/4 in and I was hitting the back. I started to pump her. Kate entered. She rubbed my back as I fucked Trudy. I could feel her boobs touching me. She massaged my arse and balls. She used her tongue on my arse and spread me wide. This chick knew her stuff. I relaxed and let her go with it.

Jasmine had done with Rob. The 5 was up. He was still standing, hard as a rock and out on a limb. Jazz had joined us; giving me her pussy to eat. I had three of them. Pat was having her champagne, playing with herself, watching us; not even looking at Rob. Now's the time mate; I was thinking. You must act now, or you are history. I sent him mental energy. He responded and approached Pat; who welcomed him by spreading her legs and grabbing his cock. I relaxed and let the girls do their thing. I fell asleep.


No matter how tired or how late I go to bed, I always wake at dawn. The room smelt worse than ever. Cigarette smoke. Sex. Sweat. Body odour. I felt very much at home. I was buried in female. It took well over a minute to extract myself. Grunts and protests. There were going to be hangovers. I went for a piss. I didn't care that I was naked. I passed a girl in the corridor. "You look like you had a good night"? "Have a look in there". She looked through the door of my room. The bed had 5 naked bodies, sprawled and tied together, like new born kittens. "Hmmm. Might have to join you with my girl friend". "After breakfast". "Deal". We shook hands. I had my piss and went and got dressed. The streets were still busy, but nowhere near what they were earlier. No bands were playing. It was 6.20am. I found a cafe and ordered a quad shot Americano. After two of those and a few smokes, I started to feel human again. I decided I needed a decent walk.

It was going to be another beautiful day. I was looking forward to the gig; now that I felt normal again. . I don't usually eat until mid-afternoon. But I have a favourate in New Orleans. I ordered Beignets and strong black coffee. The place was jammed packed. I found a table with one spare chair. A couple were eating a bacon breakfast. "Mind if I sit"? "Go ahead. You an Aussie"? "Sure am". "Where from"? "Melbourne". "Never been. What's it like"? "It's been voted the most livable city in the world, more than once". They were from Dallas. We chatted about our respective homes as we consumed our food. I can never understand why Americans like their bacon so over-cooked. They literally fry the fuck out of it until there's no moisture left and the fat is all gone; leaving behind a charred cinder. The irony of this is their food in general, is loaded with fat and sugar.

When I returned to the room; the girls had left. Rob was laying on the bed with a Cheshire smile. "You look smug". "Thanks man. That was the best night I've ever had". A knock on the door. It was the girl from earlier and her friend. They were dressed in bath robes. Rob was still naked. I welcomed them. "This room stinks". "Good isn't it"? They laughed. I opened a window. "Pass me that bottle". Rob took a decent swig of Scotch. I don't drink in the mornings. He handed the bottle to the nearest girl. Her name was Marty. She was mid-twenties. A little over weight. She sat on the bed with Rob and necked the bottle; placing her hand on his thigh. His cock started to rise. The other girl; the one that I met earlier; watched me, waiting. I approached her, undoing her robe, which fell open. Her body was skinny with lovely B cup boobs that pointed skywards. Her pussy was perfectly waxed. I put her at late twenties. She pushed me onto the bed and commenced to take my trousers off. My cock was super hard. She blew me expertly. "Get on". She obeyed; climbing on in cowgirl. My cock slipped into her. She was lovely and tight. I gripped her arse cheeks and proceeded to fuck her like a machine. Her orgasms started just as quickly. We continued our fuck session in the shower. I liked her. She was from LA. A student of nursing.

The girls came to my gig. Rob was there as well as his didn't start until mid-afternoon. I felt fantastic. Such a beautiful day. This gave me more energy for playing. Dave noticed. "What's got into you"? "Life, man". He smiled. He knew. He'd been doing it himself for over 50 years. He was 72 and near retirement. "Can we do Golden Wedding? I feel like playing the Liquerice Stick". The drummer hit it. I warmed up my reed and banged it out. The crowd noticed the increase in energy. Some got up and danced. Rob nodded his appreciation. The girls were transfixed. I was loving it.

We finished the set with Benny Goodman's 'Memories of you'. It was the end of the first show; 2pm. I grabbed a beer and sat.

"Nice work Ade". Rob was about to head to his gig. "Lets go watch Rob". The girls agreed. We headed.

Rob's band was a modern Jazz band. This is different to what I was playing with Dave. It is more obtuse. More fluid. Less mainstream. The girls didn't like it much. "I like your band better". "Why". "You are happy. You want to make the crowd happy. Rob's band seem too serious". Jazzy had hit the nail on the head. I thought. Mainstream, swing Jazz is far better for entertaining in general. My old man had trained me in it from a very young age. He always said "Play what the crowd wants and you will never fail". Modern Jazz; which is more New York style; was self-indulgent, generally. Don't get me wrong. Horses for courses. There was a healthy market for it. It just wasn't my cup of tea. With the exception of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker; the jury was out; as far as I was concerned. Oh and maybe Gerry Mulligan and Dizzy Gillespie. OK. I am contradicting myself now .. lol.

We headed back to the Eatery for the next show. I had today and tomorrow, with Dave; then I was moving to a different band and venue. I loved working with Dave. I knew he wasn't going to be playing for much longer. So, I made the most of every moment. "Ade". "Yes". "What time do you finish"? "Midnight". "Really? Such a long day". "That's the gig babe. I'm used to it". "I don't think we can wait around that long". "Of course not. You go and have fun. If you want to see me again, you know where to find me". They left. I focused on my playing; enjoying every moment.


The next 12 days rolled along in much the same manner. I played with 5 different bands in 5 different venues. I met multitudes of lovely people. They were always interested in Australia. I loved telling them about it. I networked. I made dozens of new contacts. I had heaps of sex every night.

It was my last show. I was with a swing band at the 'Jazz Play House' on Bourbon Street. It was a seven piece. Bass, drums, guitar, keys, trumpet, sax and trombone. We were doing all the pre-war classics by Ellington, Basie, Goodman, Miller, Hampton and a plethora of others. The rhythm section swung like a fucking grand father clock. I was in my element. We did 'One O'Clock Jump'. This is a Basie classic. I love it! Because the Count was the master of gaps. Keeping things simple.

We had two sets to go, then it was midnight; stumps. I had a flight that next arvo to Dallas. Then Sydney. I was a little despondent. I had enjoyed myself. As usual; my agent had been bang-on correct. Oh, I bet of course, he made a fucking packet out of it! But he looks after me. I was sitting at the bar; having a Pena Colada. A couple sat down. He ordered champagne. A bottle of Dom. He was dressed in an expensive designer suit. It looked tailored. He had perfectly groomed features. Manicured fingers. My cock stirred. She was in a black cocktail dress, with black fishnets that stopped mid thigh. Everyone could see her garter. She had knee length white leather boots with heels. Her dress was very off the shoulder. She wore little make up. She didn't need it. Her hair was pitch black and flowing around her shoulders. Her skin was pearly white. My cock stirred even more.

They both looked at me. I was dressed in my usual garb. "You look different. Where are you from"? "Australia". "Where in Australia"? Melbourne". I have a business there. In Hawthorn". Fuck me! Small World. We chatted; until I had to play again.

They hung around. They had dinner. They applauded all my solos. There was a connection. By 11pm, we only had one set to go. They were still there. They were on their third bottle of Dom. It was my last break before completing a 2 week, 36 show stint. I got myself a bottle of Grange Hermitage 1978. I had to pay for it. "Do you like red"? He answers: "Of course. That looks interesting". "It just cost me two and a half grand. Want to share"? Her eyes nearly exited her head. I poured the three of us a glass. I ordered food. We enjoyed. "What do you do when you are not playing piano"? "I sell high Technology in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland". That got him interested. We did business. There were synergies.

"Where are you staying"? "In a smelly Inn about 10 minutes from here. I wouldn't take you there if you paid me". "That's OK. We are at the Sheridan in town". The date was confirmed. I knew at that point, they wanted to have me. Cool. I went and did the last set; a happy man.

He ordered a taxi and sat in front. I sat in the back with her. She was all over me. He was watching. The taxi driver was cool. He'd seen it all. We arrived at their hotel. Up to the room. Very plush. Massive. He opened a bottle of Cointreau. He put on Whitney Houston. We sat and enjoyed. No words were needed. BUT; I had to determine if he was bi. His poker face had not allowed me to discern in my usual manner. I knew he was a swinger, by the way he let his partner play with me in the taxi. But I wanted him too. Such a challenge. I was loving it.

"Do you mind if I do my exercises? I'm feeling stiff". I took off my boots, jacket and hat. I commenced to stretch and do core. I kept an eye on him. He was good. She was salivating. That didn't work. I sat again. I decided to just go with it. "Ade". "Yes". "Would you mind playing us a tune"? Sure. But where". They led me to a different room. It was like a parlor. There was a Yamaha G5 Grand in there. The gravity pulled me. I grabbed a coaster and put my drink down. I started with 'Misty' in Eb. I sang. Then I caught his eye. FANTASTIC. I was in! Music was what got his Libido going. No doubt, that was why they were here. I played and sang for over half an hour. He and I connected emotionally. I get very emotional when I do solo. I often cry in the middle of a tune; especially if it reminds me of my kids.

We returned to the lounge. He puts Mariah Carey on. She sits on my knee. "I want to watch you do those exercises again". I look at him. He nodded. I get up and take more clothes off. Now I'm down to shirt and jocks only. I do my shit. They watch. After 150 push ups, I collapse on the ground, out of breath. I feel hands on my back. More than two. I let them touch me. I turn over. My cock is getting hard and trying to escape from my jocks. He stands up and proceeds to undress. She does the same.

I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply. I can feel him exploring my cock. His mouth engages me. Guys give the best head. He was good. I worked her boobs. She had great boobs. Natural and firm. With hard dark nipples. I played with them. I could feel his mouth working my cock. I was getting harder and harder. I felt her pussy. She was sopping wet. I went down on her to taste. It was wonderful. I sucked her clitoris and tongued her. She started coming. I looked up into her eyes. That lovely look. He was still sucking me and had moved his fingers to my arse. "Do you have lube? Actually, I need a break". I separated myself from them and went to the bar. I poured another red wine and lit a smoke. I didn't care if they cared. I think I was over the whole thing. I needed to get home and chill. It was 4am. I had a flight at 2pm.

"What's wrong"? "I'm done with New Orleans". "Why"? "I've just done 12 days of 14 hour stints". "You signed up for it"? "Yes". I got his point. I was being childish. I buttoned my lip and sat down. She went and got a platter. He opened a bottle of Dom Benedictine. I was being seduced. I didn't care. It is not often I meet my match, or better. But he certainly was. "What's your background"? Born and bred in London. Cambridge education. Took over the family business at 28. Met Jules. We have been together ever since. You"? "Country up-bringing. Degree Engineer and Scientist. Been a muso all my life". "What about wives"? "The mother of my kids and I were together for 20 years. Since then, I've been sliding through life".

It was lovely to chat with him. It was impossible to discern his age. They would have to be forties; I guessed.

All that time, she had obediently remained silent, while we chatted. She handed the platter around. We enjoyed. "Ade"? "Yes". "I want you and Dean to do double penetration on me". Wow! Why don't you say what you really want woman? He nods. "Lets go to the bedroom".

They had an over-sized king bed. We got naked. I got on my back. She climbed aboard and mounted me. He positioned himself behind her and lubed her arse. He found her with his cock and entered. I could feel him on the other side of the wall of flesh between her pussy and arse. We fucked her with renewed energy. "OOoooohhhhhh". Her orgasms began. We increased the pace. I could feel her sponge filling. Yep. Sure enough. A huge squirt. This brought me on. The itch started. He reached down and felt my balls. This got him going. He and I climaxed at the same time; which caused her to squirt so hard; she lost control of her body. We had to hold her up.

I stayed with them all that night. We fucked. We partied. We talked. We did business. They were both lovely.

I still keep in touch with them to this day.