Written by south_aussie

5 Nov 2011

Hi all, just a quick recount of a last friday night..hope you enjoy

It was a beautiful warm night in Adelaide, so I though what the hell lets go for a drive and see what my voyueristic desires can find. I headed to the beach and stumbled across a lady and a man sitting on a bench each sucking on the nipple of a standing second lady. "This could be good" I thought, the lady at the centre of attention was moaning and rubbing heads and ebcouraging the suckers not to stop. I inched closer thinking should i join in. Deciding to hold back i watched and waited for a signal. Over the next few minutes all noticed me and acknowledged my presence but unfortunately i wasn't invitied to join in. That's ok it was still a hot and horny sight. Abruptly the lady being pleasured stepped back and anndounced she had to get up early and it was time to go. Expecting them all to leave i was suprised when the seated lady didn't preapre to leave. As the couple said their goodbyes i was even more suprised to hear the seated lady say goodbye in a deep manly voice - hell that she was a he (not that there is anything wrong with that :) ). After they had left I asked him/her if they had been there long, he said about 10 minutes but kissing, breast play was a far as it had gone. not a bad start to the night i thought.

Heading into the city i wonder which spot to try first - I opted for the riverbank. Parking and heading down onto the path I walked along it looking into the darkness to see what i could see and listening intentley for a grunt or moan. All of a sudden there they were only about 5m from the paths edge under a tree, picnic blanket laid out, laying face to face kissing and cuddling. Wanting to give them space and time to progress I walked on for about 5 minutes before returning. on approaching them i culd see her leg draped over his and his hips thurst with short hard movements. She must have been a silent girl beacuse i heard nothing escaping from her lips as i moved past. Glancing back as I walked I also saw her cute little ass exposed where her dress had ridden up and I also saw him looking at me and noticed that he had stopped thrusting. "They don't want an audience" I thought so returned to my car.

I then headed to one of Adelaide's many parklands and again walked the paths wondering what I might see. Just as i had decided that there was no one out playing I heard this gutteral moan of lust followed my "yes harder" repeatedly between grunts. Walking in the direction of the noise my eyes scanned the darkess looking for the source and there they were laying behind a tree not 3m from the edge of another path, both startk naked. The reason for the moaning was obvious, the guy was on slamming away at the lady missionary style. They were so engrossed in what they were doing they didnt notice me walk witin about 2m of them or if the did they didn't care. Pausing to watch i heard voices of people walking toward me on the path so moved off, thinking once these people go I will return. When I returned I was suprised and shocked. They had moved about 10m fom where they were and were still moving - the reason why - they had stopped fucking, she was on her hands and knees and he was fisting her from behind, and with the exertion of his fisting they were literally crawling aross the parklands. I leant on a nearby tree and watched, he saw me first and said "we've got an audience", "where" she said panicky before caving into her lust again. I cntinued watching for about 5 minutes before she saw me and then she clamped her legs shut and stopped him. She jumped up and ran back to get her clothes where he and I chatted, I offered to the other end of her to stop her crawling around but he declined. After some small talk we said our goodbyes and i wandered into the darkness but not to far. Within 5 minutes she was again nude and they were at it again, maybe finishing what i had interupted. From my vantage point i could clearly see them silhoutted by the lights behind them - a very nice display, so i though "fuck it there's no one around" and got my cock out and slowly stoked it to a wonderful climax.

With time marching on I thought it time to head home. Driving down North Tce my 4WD afforded me the luxury of looking down in to cars passing by on the drivers side. Pulling up at the lights at From Rd I looked down and there in the car next to me was a lovely dark haired lass with her head bobbing up and down in the drivers lap. Lights turned green and away they went obviously keen to get home and progress things further.

All in all not a bad night out.

PS If any of these expliots sound like they might have been you, please PM me I would love to repeat them again.