Written by Peter

15 Mar 2017

My wife was away with family and was not due back for some weeks yet it was Friday night after work and met some mates for a casual drink one of the guys was looking at some sex meet up site and found a lady looking for a few guys for hook up as her husband was away for the weekend there was five of us all married and all free for the night so we made contact with her and after a lot of chating decided to meet at a motel we booked a room and let the lady no where to go when we arrived and sent the room no she must have been already waiting as was very quickly at the door once all inside we made our introductions and it was then I realised she new my wife well but as we hugged she whispered in my ear don't worry it will be our secret she was about 35 and short 5'2 a little plump but still sexy we were all tall and av build Steve and Mike were already stopping off so the rest of us started rubbing up sue and slowly undressing her as she had come prepared in only a blouse and short skirt once she was naked Steve lay her on the bed and started to lick her pussy which was hairy but nicely trimmed and Mike then put his cock in her mouth as David And Richard and I got undressed we then assisted sucking her large nipples and feeling everywhere we took turns being sucked and licking pussy soon Richard entered her as she lay on the bed he pulled out before he came and we all did the same I went last and she was by then very wet and easily entered after fucking her for a while I suggested this cunt is sloppy enough for DP so David lay on the bed Sue mounted him and lent forward Mike then got behind and entered her they fucked together for a short time then both blue their loads Richard and Steve then did the same thing once they were doneSue was sucking them back to life I got behind her and entered a sloppy mess after pumping for a bit I pulled out and my cock was well lubed as I had never fuck anal before lined up and pushed in before Sue could stop me she was saying no but I was already in all the way I waited for her to settle then fucked her till I came inside we swapped and fucked most of the night and we all told Sue she was a top fuck nobody else nos but she and I still meet up about once every couple weeks and fuck each other even we both get plenty at home