3 Jul 2019

I was on a few sites. Some Raunchy, some normal. I wanted a relationship, but I needed to make sure she liked sex as much as me. I got contacted by this chick from one site. She looked good. She was very keen. Hmmm. in hindsite. Anyway. I jumped in.

I went to her place that Friday night. 9pm. She let me in. She was dressed in fishnet stocks and a top that showed everything. I had brought with me some grog, which we shared for a bit. In a very short time, she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Even though I am a horny guy, this was a little too fast; but I went with it.

We lay on her bed and embraced and kissed. Wow. Great kisser. I felt her body. Interesting mix. Hard legs, arms, but soft stomach. Boobs, not bad, but a bit loose. Lovely nipples. I was rock hard by this stage. I have generated a habit over the years of holding myself back to give her more time. So I focussed on her.

Going down, down, down, I found her pussy. I pushed her legs up over her shoulders so I could see her properly. She had a nice girl. About mid way between inner and outer. Her arse was a little bit prolapsed, which told me she was into anal. Perfect! My tongue and lips and mouth took over. I sucked her fucking clit for 10 minutes until she was three times the size. I got nothing from up top. No sound. Hmmmm. I'm thinking this chick has been around. Its gonna take more. So I started on her eurethral sponge with my three fingers. Slowly at first, but building. Still sucking that growing clit. Yep. Some movement. She started to squirm a little bit and I tasted some moisture starting. Another 10 minutes. Still nothing more. Wow. This chick was like leather.

So, I asked her if she had lube. She didn't. What the fuck! So I went out to my car and got my own lube. When I came back inside, I couldn't find her, so I sat, having a smoke and a drink. Not long later she appeared. She came over to me and rubbed against me like a cat. I liked that, but I also saw something different in her eyes. Not sure what that was so I ignored it. We stayed there in the kitchen for a bit. I rubbed her body up and down with lube. She loved that. I moved onto her arsehole. One finger at first. It went in very easily. Then two, then three. Then the other hand inside her pussy. I had her standing next to me, leaning against me, groaning, with 8 or my 10 fingers inside her two holes. Still no orgasm. So Im thinking I need to do more. Took her to the bedroom.

Laydown again. This time with the lube. Cover her with it. Start my fingers again. Get all five inside her fanny. Get three inside her arse. She leans back and puts her legs in the air. I push the fanny fingers and my wrist passes the point of no return. I put all five inside her arse and start working it. NOw I'm getting her closer. I move her into a better position and push both hands. The arse hand goes past the wrist and then I have both fists buried inside her. I then start to move them. She is now showing signs. I go harder. I go harder.

Suddenly she lets go. I get a huge squirt over my fanny hand. I pull him out and start rubbing her puss back and forth while still fisting her arse. She squirts and squirts and squirts. UNtil I am the one that pulls it up because my fucking hands and arms need a break!

There is more.