3 Jul 2019

After I got her back on her feet, we went back into the kitchen and had a smoke and another bourbin. She was unable to stand up, so she kind of sat and laid on me. There had still not been any conversation. I felt her body was still responding, so I kept it up with touching. I went back down to her pussy which was still wet, but she was asleep. My cock was so hard by this stage, I needed to do something. She was good, so I leant her over the table and slid my cock into her arse. She sucked me up right up to the balls. I started to fuck her, slowly at first, then harder, then harder again. She started to respond; like she had woken up. It takes me a bit to come. I need the girl to do at least something, but she was like a fucking sack of potatoes. I fucked her really hard for another 20 minutes until she came again. Then I put her to bed and went to sleep myself with full balls.

The next weekend, I went there again. She was brighter this time. During the week, something had come over me. I had not wanked at all. I still was loaded. It is wierd how these things work. Normally I will unload every day on my own. Anyway, we had a few drinks and back into it. This time she wanted to tie me up. She wanted me to douch my arse which I did. She tied me up and asked me if she could have her way. I gave her permission. She got me on my back with my legs way up and used her tongue on me. My cock, my balls, then down to my arse. She played there for a while then got the lube out. She then got her dildo out. I knew this because she told me. I couldnt see because I was blind folded. She tried to put the dildo in but it was too thick. I tried to tell her to start smaller, but I was gagged as well. That was when I pulled up. I am a muscly guy. Nothing can get in if I choose not. She gave up and untied me. The romance was lost.

Later, we got hot again on the couch. This time, I fucked her in vanilla and it turned me on big time. I got her on top on cowboy. She got very very wet and we fucked and fucked. I felt my orgasm coming and told her. This sent her off and when I finally blew in her, she was going off like the fireworks in Sydney at new years. That was good.

Then during the week after that the wierd shit started. We were talking on the phone on Tuesday night. I got sexy on the phone as we always did. She liked it as she always did. Ad so on. The next day, I started getting texts from her. "You were with another girl last night. Hope you had a great night...." . The texts went on and on. No response from me made any difference. I had been on my own that night thinking of her. Then the phone calls started. Abusive and uncontrolled. In the end, I had to hang up and then not answer. I felt confused. I had no idea what I had done wrong.

Then two days later I get "Are you coming over? xxx". What the fuck!!! At that stage, I should have seen the truth of it. But being who I am. I answered in the positive. So I went back.

Again, Im there. But she is not the same. She tells me about her neighbours nephew, who visitted the previous night. He is in some kind of trouble. But she wouldn't tell me more. So we have our drinks and I'm expecting we will head to the bedroom. Then a knock on the door. She lets him in. Its the nephew. A 28 year old, nicely built and so on. I like guys too, so Im cool at that stage. He comes in and starts talking... and talking... and talking... and she responds.... talking ... and talking .... and talking. ... so I go to the lounge and chill. Then there is silence. They have disappeared into her bedroom. I wait, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes..... then I'm thinking what I am doing there. I like 3s but they are ignoring me, so this is shit.. right?

Then they come out, back into the kitchen. I go back and get a drink. They are cool, like theres no change. I could tell they had not had sex because they were dressed exactly the same as before. What the fuck?! We had a bit of a party. I check him out. I find out he is straight. That is all good with me. Then they say they are heading out. But they don't involve me. Would it not be normal in that situation to all go together? But no. They went. They were gone for nearly an hour. The only reason I stayed was because I couldn't drive. When they got back, they were even stranger in their behaviour. We had drinks. We sang. All that. But they kept disappearing and coming back. When we got tired, she and I went to her bedroom. She had a sore back, so I gave her a massage. She kept calling him to come in and talk to her. Then her phone started. She got talking to other guys. It was clear how she was close to them. It became clear to me that she was a user of men. I'd read about people like her and she was clever and very attractive. I'm still kicking myself that I was so stupid.

When I told her I was leaving, she turned black. Very nasty. Because she had not gotten much out of me. Friends; please learn from my bad experience. This is a true story and it happened only last month. The girl in my profile is her and I cant remove it.