7 Jul 2016

Fucked & Creamed

After modelling some lacy lingerie outfits for my sexy husband, I gave in to sucking his thick cock and I sucked him off.

I hurried and cleaned myself up, as we had to go out. I had a date and I ate a Tic-tac to freshen my mouth so my husband’s cum would not be so noticable on my breath. I had told husband not to cum in my mouth as I like to be fresh for my dates, but he let me have it and pumped a thick excited load, as his sexy wife, I dutifully swallowed his warm creamy fluid.

I dressed quickly now and my husband backed our car out of our garage. The motel where I was to meet my date was not far too from our home and my husband and I arrived at the motel a little early. I lay out on the bed and relaxed, just a little, before my new date arrived. My date knocked on our door and my husband let him, he even led him to the bed, showing me off. My date smiled wickedly, he was obviously impressed with the view as I could actually see his erection hardening. I was impressed with him when he walked in too, he was very handsome and had a great body. He was doing some work training here for a couple weeks. He had a sincere smile and a sweet personality, so servicing his sexual needs was going to be a real pleasure for me.

I don’t often meet my dates before they actually fuck me, my husband sets me up, but some of my dates are not always as sexy or as sweet and this one was.

My husband smiled and sat back, he filmed and watched as my date got to know me and I felt my way around him. My date eventually sucked and fucked me, every which way but loose, finally hammering me, screwing me so hard, my head hung off the bed. He eventually unloaded the most massive, scalding delivery of cum into my pussy. I came and I came and I came! He collapsed and rolled off of my arse, but he turned me over and spread my legs wide, so my husband could see what a beautiful mess my date had planted into my belly, flooding my cunt.

I looked over and I could see my husband was obviously very happy with the whole show, his erection was so engorged! My husband dropped the camera and plunged into me, driving his cock to the hilt, he screwed me so deliciously, with his big cock, that I orgasmed two more times before he too, filled me with molten cum. I was exhausted, but I felt I had done well and hopefully my date and my husband, were happy men too. I held my hand under my pussy as I arose from the bed, leaking semen into my palm. Naughtily, in front of them, I licked my hand clean. I then searched and found my discarded and crumpled underwear, I was needing them to catch the leaking seminal flow. I got dressed and the boy's took me out for a round of Mohito's and a really nice dinner!

I hope I get another opportunity to entertain them both again, before our new friend heads back to Melbourne.

I really hope we do.