Written by captainhero

11 Mar 2012

Back some years ago now when I was young enough to still enjoy driving North I was returning home when I pulled into a roadside rest area needing to go to the toilet. Having been on the road a good 5 hours already it was late morning by the time I had arrived at the rest stop and with the fine late Summer weather, children played while their parents watched on. Parked away from the family sedans on the other side of the car park, I noticed two large trucks.

Walking across the park I soon reached the toilet block, undoing my the fly on my jeans as I entered. My appearance was obviously unexpected for as I turned the corner I came found one guy leaning against the hand basin while another crouched in front of him sucking his rigid cock.

Immediately the guy who had been crouching stood up as his friend tucked his still hard cock back into his shorts. Without speaking I turned away towards the urinal and proceeded to piss - awkwardly so since my own cock was beginning to harden at the thought of what I had just witnessed. I finished my business and stood still facing the urinal a moment longer as I contemplated what to do next, absently fondled my cock all the while.

Having not heard any footsteps I figured both guys were still in the toilet block with me. With my back turned to them still - or so I guessed - I began stroking my now very hard cock in earnest with one hand as I loosened my jeans with the other and reached in to free my balls. I continued wanking at the urinal and tugging on my balls for another minute or so and then taking a breath, turned around, not quite knowing what to expect.

Both guys were standing as they were when I first turned to piss. Smiling I continued to wank as they both watched. before too long the guy who had been being sucked took his cock back out of his shorts and without saying a word his friend once again crouched before him and took it deep in his mouth.

Aroused no end by the spectacle in front of me I began wanking myself firmer and faster, my increasingly heavy breathing the only outward sign of my impending orgasm. With a small grunt I spurted a good foot and a half in front of me onto the floor. A second spurt followed and a smaller third before the rest of my load began to run over my knuckles and drip at my feet. As I took a hankie out to wipe my hand the guy being sucked reached out took hold of the back of his friend's head and grunted as he came in his friend's mouth. Moving to stand up the friend turned to face me and opened his mouth to show me the load just deposited there, before closing it again to swallow. With a final smile I finished adjusting myself and walked back outside, my cum on the floor left as a reminder of what had happened. Still nobody said a word, but then I guess we didn't need to.