Written by 2naughtyladies

19 May 2010

He knocked at the front door and waited, his whole body throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

The door was opened by candy who was wearing a see through black negligee. She had a body to die for and long legs that went on and on and feet that were wearing 3 inch high stilettos. Her proud breasts were fully erect standing to attention.

In a very sexy voice she said "welcome to pleasure palace.My name is candy. Come on in."

As they walked in she slid her hand down his back and gave his arse a quick squeeze. He was led into the bedroom.

He was greeted by another vision of loveliness who was also wearing a see through negligee, her large breasts pushing at the material she was wearing. Paul could feel himself growing harder and harder as she glided towards him.

"hello my name is Zena" she said to him.

Both women slowly began to undress him their hands sliding over his body as they unclothed him.

Candy knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants her hands sliding down his inner thighs as she pulled his pants down.

Zena was kissing and licking his neck as she unbuttoned his shirt. Paul had no sooner stepped out of his pants when he felt candys tongue sliding up his inner thigh getting higher and higher. Paul was now totally naked and could feel his penis throbbing and felt like he was going to explode. Candy wrapped her lips around his cock and began to slide her mouth up and down his shaft. At first she did it slow and then began to build up the tempo. He was pushed back to the bed and told to lie down and enjoy what was going to happen.

Zena lay down next to him and took his cock in her hand and began to caress and stroke him. Candy gently parted Zena's legs and lay on the bed between Zena's widespread legs. Her tongue slid up her thigh and brushed over her pussy as she licked down the other leg. Paul positioned himself behind Candy and slid into her hot wet pussy as she licked Zena's pussy. Candys nose was stroking Zena's clit as she thrust her tongue in and out making Zena squirm and moan in delight.

All three moaned and groaned as they came together with pussys and cock throbbing as wave after wave of after shocks trembled through their bodies.

The Pleasure palace was definitely a place that Paul would be returning to again and again to be with the lovely Candy and Zena.