Written by hot time

11 Jan 2015

Sorry for the spelling and gamma. lesson don't use a mobile as auto correct is a bitch... ive fixed it up a bit

I pulled into the drive way there sat my sexy wife on the mail box. sSe was wearing a full length dress. But when i cuddled up to her, I noticed she wasn't wearing undies or a bra. Did you read the text i sent she said. John i is coming around to pick me up to show her his bike. But this was a story for the kids. I knew john was going to give Rose some of his hard cock but what made this so special it was her first one on one in 4years of fun we have had since we started to swing.

I had to go away to the shop to get a few things when they where away and got a call from Richard asking for us to come out. I said I'll have to get back to him. this will be the first time Richard and we have played. Then I got a call from Rose saying she's home. So I asked if she wonted to get more cock and as she was super horny she agreed to go to Richards.

So on picking her up to goto Richards she explained what happened with john. He drove her to a bridge just out of town, walked her down and under the Bridge he told he only wonted to feel and suck but he got too excited and had her dress off and pounded her pussy ..she asked him to come around the next day. as rose wonted more of johns body and mine.

On arriving at Richards place we had a drink as we sat on the lounge ,then we started rubbing my wife's legs and Brest, in no time we had her dress off and both Richard and myself where naked sucking Rose nipples and rubbing her clit .Richad suggested we move to his Bedroom well for the next HR we 69er she sucked cock as we played with her Pussy then richard lifted her legs and drove his cock Into her Pussy then. My turn I did the same nice and wet as Rose took Richard cock deep into her mouth ,then.back to touching pulling and Suckingm Richard fucked rose again as. I slaped my cock on roses nipple .Richard shot is load into rose then I hoped on Again pounding my Sexy wife. 5 times she's had a cock pounding her pussy in 4 hrs.

Richard aggressive to come. Around the next day for a. Mfmm roses first.

To be continued. ..