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Fun In A Park

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3 min
Published 10 years ago
My wife had been chatting to a younger guy online and he asked her whether we had ever been “dogging” which we had not but the thought really turned my wife on. He asked her whether we would like to meet somewhere and chat. We thought what the hell ! may as well go see what happens My wife dressed for the occasion and wore a very low cut top, short skirt and boots but no underwear. We arrived at the park a little early and I got out to stretch my legs when I look back to see my wife was sitting on the back seat with the door open and playing with her pussy which she had shaven. I went over and ran my hand between her legs and felt how hot & wet she was. She immediately unzipped my pants and pulled my semi hard cock out and started to suck slowly. I became rock hard quickly and could have shot a load down her throat but I became aware of a car pulling up. I pushed my hard cock back into my pants as the car stopped. A young guy mid 30’s got out and introduced himself. It was obvious that my wife was extremely hot and horny and it was not long after the introduction my wife invited him to join her in the back seat. The young guy unbuttoned her top past her very ample breasts and cupped them in his hands and started to suck on her erect nipples. With this I could see my wife spread her legs and the young man’s hand slipped slowly up to her wet pussy. He look at me and said you are a very lucky man having such a hot wife. She was getting every excited and started to unzip his pants and before long she had his big thick cock in her hands. She continued to stroke his cock as he French kissed and manipulated her clit. They both got out of the car where the young guy pushed my wife to her knees so she could take willingly his thick cock in her mouth. She suck hard and lick his balls and by this time I was rock hard and she was pulling me . For a while we stood there and let her alternate between cocks sucking and licking. Eventually the young guy said I am going to fuck her and with this she bent over and he push his cock in, held her by the hips and pumped. I presented my wife with my cock to suck as the younger guy fucked her hard. She was moaning and whimpering but this was being muffled by the sucking of my cock. I was going to cum and I said to the young guy that it was my turn and I was going to fill her. We swapped around and I slid my cock into my wife wet opened pussy and it was not long before I shoot a full load of cum deep into her very wet cunt. I was spent but this seemed to excite the younger guy even more as he spread my wife legs as wide as he could and licked her cum fill pussy clean. My wife had never experienced this and she had an intense orgasm as her licked her clean. He then proceeded to fuck her again, all the time saying god your wife has a hot tight cunt and soooo wet. With sweat pouring off them both the young guy finally shot his load all over my wife. My wife slept extremely well that night but was horny for days after and is looking forward to another meeting with a stranger.

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