Written by goatieguy

10 Apr 2014

My Fuck buddy , and I had spoken about 3somes ,and I said yer why not she knew I had a few with my ex ,mfm Mff ,mmf ,and she knew I had some bi experience ,but didn't know to what extent ,

Well one Saturday nite she called and said I'm so horny please come over ,I'd only had one drink at that stage,said give me an hour , ,when I arrived I knocked and went in and Connie was sitting on the lounge , and her 25 yr old niebour , Gavin was sitting there ,,,Connie said put your drinks in the fridge ,and I headed to the kitchen ,as I put my drinks in the fridge Connie appeared , sorry he came over ,10 mins ago , I told him you were coming ,,giving him the hint ,I'd known Gavin awhile as I'd met him a few times before at Connie's ,

As we returned to the lounge Connie said I'm going to change back soon , as I spoke to Gavin ,I said ,,,I'm getting lucky tonight ,,and he said with out fear "wish I was " maybe Connie would let you watch ,,,,,and he said really ,,

I said just ask her ,

As Connie returned in her robe ,and sat down ,Gavin looked at her and so u getting lucky tonight and she said ,yes I am ,not phased as Gavin never held back on anything ,,,

Gavin then blurted out can I watch. ,,,Connie being a bit of a performer said why not ,,may as well join in , and to our surprise he said ok ,,,

And Connie said to well get your clothes off and show us what you've got ,as he stood eagerly and removed his shirt ,his smooth chest had us both looking , he then pulled his tracksuit pants down ,looking at his boxer briefs his cock looked huge ,

Then Connie said Gavin before you go any further Rob is bi , he then looked at me and said that's ok I've always wanted to try that ,,,,,as his hands took the elastic and pulled his boxer's down as Connie and I stared ,,his cock about 8" long not to thick ,shaved bare , hung down ,his semi erect cock looked awesome ,

As Connie now sitting on the edge of the lounge took his hand and pulled him towards her ,as he stood in front of her she took his cock and started sucking him ,,,as I watched ,both him and I were getting hard ,,as I stood and removed all my clothing ,I moved behind him letting my hard cock rest on his arse cheeks ,and placed my hands on his shoulders ,,he then reached around taking hold of my cock stroking slowly , as we listened to Connie slurping on his perfect cock ,

After a few mins I wanted to taste this guys cock as I moved and sat beside Connie ,as she pulled her head back I moved in making her let me have a go , as I felt his cock on my tongue ,I wanted to see if I could take it deep, as I slowly took him in I held his arse and pulled him closer ,getting closer ,but I couldnt take him I continued sucking ,as much as I could ,,,then Connie stood and took our hands ,stopping me from sucking ,,she lead us to her room .

As Connie laid Gavin in the centre of her bed ,she went in from the side and started sucking him again ,and I came in from the foot of the bed ,,,,I parted his legs and started sucking his balls ,,,as we did this his his breath deepened ,,and Connie and I sucked harder ,,,,I moved up and Connie and I sucked him togeather taking a few strokes each ,,,before to long he was cuming as we both shared his cum , we sucked him dry , as his cock went limp ,,Connie lay on her back and I moved on to her as my cock entered her Gavin lay beside us and watched as my cock entered her ,,my rythum built as I was now giving her my cock ,harder she begged and our bodies slapped against each other , Connie turned her head looking at Gavin ,,then at his cock ,,, the best of youth ,,,,he was hard again and softly stroking his cock ,,,

Connie was impressed as she reached under her pillow and pulled out s tube of lube ,and handed it to him ,as he lubed up he look and Connie ,and said ,,,WHO , and she replied me ,as she whispered in my ear ,let him Fuck me ,,then in a few mins you do him ,,,,,

As he layon her she let out a huge sigh as his cock hit deep into her Pussy ,,as he pumped slowly I knew she was loving it as I squeezed some lube into his arse crack ,then softly my hands grasped his arse as he kept Fucking her ,as my hands slid over his hole he paused liking the feeling of it , slowly I put pressure onto it slipping my thumb into his arse ,,,,with a loud sigh he said ohh yes as I put pressure on to keep him Fucking Connie ,,,

Feeling his hole relaxing ,I pulled my thumb out and moved in parting his legs , he stopped for a moment as I gently pushed my cock in ,,,,then pausing ,slowly withdrawing ,and going deep again as I slowly pumped him it was pushing him into Connie ,,as I fucked his arse it was getting the three of us off ,,,Connie then began moaning ,and saying hard as my thrusts now slapping his arse ,,,

I felt his arse clasp my cock I knew he was cuming and the throbbing of his cock had Connie Cumming ,,,this in turn had me cum ,,,,as our last few thrusts slowed ,we rolled to the side ,Connie saying you like that guys ,,,,

As we stood ,Gavin said that was awesome ,,and Connie said ,,the night's not over yet ,,and his grin went from ear to ear