Written by gccougarandcub

11 Feb 2014

When he told me he wasn't available he became ohhh so my type! After two weeks of texting we meet at a local pub. I arrived before him and could see him shifting uneasily side to side. So much cuter than I remembered in his suit straight form work. Within minutes the 'pissing' competition between us was on and he was ready to book the hotel room.

The night arrived and I chose a simple black dress and killer heels but I couldn't wait for him to undo the bows on my tie side lingerie... like a present slowly being unwrapped.

I arrived at the hotel fashionably late with nibbles and wine... it wasn't long before we were on the bed. An amazing sensual kisser with his hands roaming all over my body slowly slipping into my knickers. He got a surprise when he felt my clit ring but that didn't stop him from rubbing me till I came all over his hand. I returned the favour rubbing his hard cock and sucking his swollen knob... licking the tip and tasting his cum... just as a pre tease...

Time for a shower to get ready to head out.. Watching him soap himself in the shower through the louvres.. Which I find out later that he had positioned for the best show!

We head out to a bar for a drink and are finally asked to TAME it down in the strip club or leave! We chose to leave!

Back in the hotel room its on... I can't remember the exact details of every which way we fucked but I do love that after we fell asleep I can remember him gently waking me over and over and slipping it in from behind... so wet with cum it slipped in effortlessly. Gently rocking back and forward till we orgasmed again...

He has the most amazing staying power we fucked at least 8 times that night..

I know my pussy was so swollen that morning that there was no way his cock would have made it in again!

My turn to shower and be watched through the louvres...

Time to get ready for work he asks me to do up his cuff links whilst I'm halfway through pulling up my stockings...

We kiss each other goodbye and I think I'll never see him again... How wrong I was!