Written by nathanialnmary

27 Aug 2012

I've recently taken a new position that entails me having to travel for 1-3 weeks at a stretch far from home. This is new for me and has been leaving me more than a little bit horny. Nate and I have a deal. We're free to play alone as long as its with the same gender the rest we do together. I've been traveling to some predominately Muslim countries lately and the opportunity for some playtime has just not presented itself. That is until this past week in Dubai! Dubai has a reputation as a bit of an anything goes playground in the Middle East and in my experience it's warranted. Unfortunately for me this is mostly a bunch of rich Arab men thinking that their wealth entitles them to anything they desire. Well when it comes to this honeypot that just isn't the case!

So I'm sitting in the Juna Lounge at the Burj al Arab by myself having a smooth single malt scotch and enjoying a delightful Cuban cigarrillo. I'd put on my "don't fuck with me" face on and had been so far left alone. I'm facing the entrance and in walks this amazing looking woman. My insides immediately melted and my pussy went absolutely wet. She's easily 5 foot 10 in her bare feet but she's wearing the most amazing heels that lift her well over the 6 foot mark. Her legs are so amazingly long and slender with the tone that can only belong to a dancer. She's wearing a red silk dress that literally hugging her slender body. She's obviously braless with her small breasts sporting the most perfect hard tipped nipples that are stretching against the silk. As my gaze continues up her body I see a long slender neck, her jawline that is slender angling into the most beautiful full pouting lips, a narrow nose, two beautiful deep dark brown eyes, raven hair that is like a lions mane and those eyes, they're staring right back into mine! Her mouth curls into a smile and she heads straight for my table. WIthout a word she pulls out the chair next to mine and her body seems to just melt into it. Allo she says je suis Gabrielle, parle vous Francais? The only french I have ever had I took in year 7 & 8 so I reply shaking my head, Un peu. Ah she says in english, you are an American! I smile and say well technically I'm now an Aussie too. She smiles taking my hand into hers, excellent! Do you mind if I sit with you? These Arab men can be such a pain sometimes. I tell her not at all I could really use some female company. Her eyebrow arches ever so slightly as she looks at me and say "oh?". I smile back and tell her how I've been traveling and have been oh so lonely lately. She leans closer, takes the cigarillo from from my hand, takes a draw on it and blows a perfect smoke ring. What are you drinking she asks? Lagavullin 16 year old single malt I tell her. Her eyebrows lift again, mon cheri that is an exquisite scotch you have very good taste! I must have some. We signal the bar tender to bring another round and we sit back to relax. As we enjoy our scotch and the cigarillos we talk about life, men, traveling all the while an unbelievable sexual intensity is building inside of at least me. Suddenly I feel her bare foot sliding up the inside of my leg. Stroking up and down my calf to my knee. I could feel my juices really starting to flow. Her eyes never left mine as she pulled her leg away, leaned in toward me, letting her hand slide up my thigh as she whispered in my ear, shall we go to my suite or yours? My mind was in an absolute whirlwind but I smile at her mischievously and say "mine, I have a surprise for you." Her eyebrow arches again as if to say "really?" I sign for the bill and we head for the lift walking hand in hand like a couple of school girls. When we enter the lift and I insert my room card to go to my floor she pushes me against the wall smothering my mouth with hers. I taste her sweetness mixed with the smokiness of the cigarillos and the smokey peat of the scotch. Her hand pulls one of my breasts from my dress and her mouth latches to the nipple suckling it like a baby. Her other hand lifts the hem of my dress to find my wet bare pussy. I know that security is getting this all on tape and hope they are enjoying themselves. I feel her slip three fingers into my pussy pumping quickly in and out as I cum quickly gushing and leaving a small puddle on the floor. "mon dieu" she whispers I've never had that happen before! I pull her mouth back to mine as we arrive at my floor and say just wait.

We quickly exit the lift and and walk down the hall to my door. I fumble with the key card as her hands wrap back around me from behind pinching my nipples. We enter my Suite and Gabrielle was immediately drawn to the panoramic view of the coast and the water from the windows. She walked to the windows and was silhouetted there. I grabbed my lap top and sent Nate a message to log on to watch my fun. He logged quickly on and I introduced Gabrielle to him and asked her if she minded if Nate watched us as we enjoyed ourselves. She pulled me toward her and kissed me deeply and said she would like that. "Maybe we can teach him something new!" I dropped to my knees lifting her dress to find her beautiful pussy in front of me. A tuft of hair above, full puffy lips extruded from her labia. She lifted a leg over my shoulder and I found her clit. It was as large as the tip of my pinky! I sucked it between my lips letting the tip of my tongue swirl around it as I slipped two fingers into her. Working my fingers up against her g-spot I continued to suck at her clit. I felt her pushing herself against my face as her hands grabbed my hair pulling me into her. I felt like my face was going to be swallowed by this beautiful womans pussy. I felt her body began to tremble as she began whispering unintelligibly in french. She ground her pussy against me quicker and quicker, I felt her g-spot engorge itself against my fingers as I continued to work them in and out of her pussy. Suddenly I felt her stiffen and a flood of sweet juices pour into my mouth, across my face and down the front of my dress. I was aware of her moans and continued to work my fingers and tongue as her leg wrapped around my head, her hands gripped my hair as another orgasm crashed through her body and her pussy erupted yet again with another massive squirt. She let loose with a primal scream and collapsed to the floor pulling me down with her. I climbed up her body to find her with her hair spread around her head, a smile on her face. She took my face in her hand and licked her own juices from my cheeks. "MON DIEU! That was the most intense orgasms I've ever had!" I looked into this amazing creatures eyes and told her, "the fun for tonight is just beginning." Nate told me over the computer to have a fun time but he had to get going for the day, get the kids ready for school and off to work. For Gabrielle and me the night was just beginning......