Written by Ralph_1

12 Oct 2013

Just a note, all these stories of mine are fact NOT fiction, I have a wealth of photos all in order on an album, of almost all of our encounters, so sit back and enjoy just as I did.

We kept in contact with Shane for a period of time, but lost him once we moved to another location. So if by chance you read this Shane, you'll know who you are, send me a msg.

We had Shane over for a threesome a few months after the last meeting with phill, all went well, and to plan, Judy got another good fucking from a larger cock then my own, and that is always good to watch. We were more comfortable with Shane the second time around, and he too was more familiar with us or Judy I should say. He wasted no time getting down and eating out her love tunnel, they both got themselfs into a 69 and sucked for ages, meanwhile I was still taking a few shots, until Judy wanted me to hurry up and join in. We both came a couple of times that night, once each into her mouth, and again up her box.. I told Shane I was going to arrange for another fella to come along the next time, and he was all for it too.

Anyhow after the ad Judy & I placed a while back, we were still getting dribs & drabs of replys coming in the post, some people must have come across an older issue and sent I'm a reply. One of the replys we received was from a younger lad, when I say younger, at the time I was 31 & Judy 28, Shane on the other hand was about 34. This other reply was from a younger guy about 24, from the description and a far away photo Judy thought she might know who he may be, she had an idea that he may have been a friend of her younger brother. His letter said the same as most, not getting enough at home, mrs doesn't understand me, ect. To cut a long storey short I said I would give him a call and sound him out, he seemed fine, and after asking him a few questions he turned out to be an old friend of Jude's brother. Told him I would chat the mrs and get back to him, Judy was a little shocked that it was who she had thought it was, as she knew his wife, not real well, but knew her. We tossed it about and agreed to give him a ride so to speak. Judy knew that he couldn't say too much as I was him that wrote to us, a bit of a catch 22.

I rang Peter, and gave him the motel were we would be at Gepps Cross, we were more comfortable by now with all this stuff now, we knew Shane, and Peter was also known to Judy, so we felt we didn't need to meet first in a pub. So we arrived at the motel about an hour before the time we set to make sure everything was in order. We had a couple of drinks that we brought along just to losen up, and around 7-30pm there was a knock at the door, it was Shane,we greeted him just like an old friend by now, he sat down and chatted, asked who else was coming, meanwhile I brought along one of our photo albums of the last few meeting, most had Shane in them, and he was impressed. We gave him a few photos for him to keep to remember us by, or Judy I should say. Then came a second knock, and it was Peter, we introduced ourselfs, Shane and I welcomed him, and when Judy came out of the bathroom he was a little shocked, as we never told him that Judy might know him. Anyway we sat him down gave him a drink and I pushed the photo album in front of him to flick through, after seeing pictures of Judy being spit roasted, fucked hard and sucking cock he settled in.

Judy started the ball rolling by saying shall we get started boys, she removed her top, skirt & panties just leaving on her black bra suspenders & stockings. Shane wasted no time slipping out of his clothes, Peter after seeing everyone nude soon joined in. While Judy was just adjusting her suspender belt, Shane had moved up on the bed in front of her, while Peter moved up behind her, Peter started rubbing his cock on Judy's bum cheeks, as his confidence grew along with his cock. Judy lent forward and took Shane's cock straight into her wanting mouth , Peter started playing with her pussy, licking at it and poking in a finger. Judy looked a real picture, sucking on a older mans cock, while having a younger man sucking at her pussy. While Judy was sucking on Shane Peter poked in a couple more fingers, while still having a lick of her clit. Judy had only been sucking on Shane for about 5 miniutes when Peter changed his position, he got up behind Judy, rubbed her pussy slit with his knob and started pushing it home, Peter was a big lad 6 ft with a large size cock too, but he couldn't wait to get it up his mates older sister. He started fucking her with some energy, driving it in rather hard, while Judy pushed back into him, all this going on and she still kept a germ grip on Shane's big cock. Then Peter pulled out and put his mouth back over Judy's love hole, sucking again for a bit, then he wanted her over on her back. As everyone changed positions again, Judy on her back, Shane leaning over from one side pushing he cock back into her waiting mouth, Peter was up her again, fucking hard, then pulling out and rubbing his cock over her wet pussy lips, and then back in her again. He stoped for awhile and started removing one of her stocking from her left leg, then continued fucking her again now pulling at her bra trying to get her titties out. He released her titties then laid on her in the missionary position and was pounding her again. He was like a kid in the lolly shop, wanted everything at once.

He pulled out again and got to one side of Judy, Shane at the other side, both boys on there knees and Judy In between taking turns sucking one then the others cock, while she sucked one she would pull the other, this went on foe a little while before Peter wanted her on top of him in a 69 position so he could get at her snatch again, she looked fantastic taking in this younger guys cock while he sucked on her box, he pulled her cheeks well apart so he could run his fingers over her tight little bum hole. Then another position change, back on her knees in the doddy position, her mouth back over Shane's cock and Peter pounding away from behind again. Up to now all Shane had gotten was some head from Judy, while Peter had fucked her 2 or 3 times, sucked her pussy a few times and had gotten some head too, Peter was running the show.by the looks of it, I was still taking photos as all this was happening, I was great seeing this younger guy doing whatever he wanted to my dear wife. Then the boys swapped over positions again, this time in favour of Shane, he got to dip his wick into Judy for the dirt time in over an hour of this session, he fucked her for about t miniutes while Judy was enjoying peters young cock, Shane pulled out so he could taste her juices, and got done to a good pussy licken. While he was licking at her pussy he started inserting a finger or two, then three. I enjoy watching a man playing with my wife, seeing a stranger finger fuck her also is a sight to see. Then Shane span her around into the doggy position and banged her hard for awhile, meantime she has peter's between her lips again, as Shane fucks into her she gets pushed onto peters cock, forcing in deeper into her mouth. Ten or so miniutes of this and Peter wants Judy on top of him, riding his cock. She climbs aboard and is now in control herself, lifting herself up and pushing back Down hard, she keeps this going for a bit then Shane lies down next to them, Judy leans over to take Shane back into her mouth, meanwhile peters cock comes away and he lays down the other side. Judy is now kneeling between them taking it in turns sucking there cocks, then she breaks lose and climbs up onto Shane and grabs his stiff cock and inserts it into her love hole, she then gives Shane a good ride while Peter stands up on the bed and pushes his cock back into her face. While Judy is riding Shane she is sucking peters young cock, Peter pulls away every now and again and wanks his cock into her face, then back into her mouth, then he flinches grabs Judy's head from the back and forces as muck cock as he can into her mouth, moans and floods her mouth so much that poor Judy cannot swallow fast enough, a small amount drips out and onto Shane's chest, who is right below the action as Judy is still well mounted on Shane's big cock. Once Peter has pulled away from Judy's mouth, she leans over to lick the dribble from Shane's chest. Shane then span Judy over into the missionary position on her back licks at her pussy for a second or two, and then plants his cock for the run home, he pumped and pumped my lass and after about ten miniutes started filling her hole with his love juice, after he was spent he lay there awhile licking ang sucking Judy's neck. Once the broke apart we had a break for a spell & drink. By now it was well past midnight and Peter had to make tracks back home to his wife, once Peter had left Shane said he still had a bit more in his tank so the pair started cuddling again, Judy made for his cock for a last goodbye suck, once Shane was back hard as a rock Judy got on all fours for him to give her a good seeing to, Judy has always liked it from behind, she always feels a bit bigger that way. The pair of them were at it 10-15 miniutes when Shane said he was almost ready to cum again, he asked if he could cum on Judy's face and in her mouth again, as his wife has never let him come on her face or in her mouth, Judy said sure whatever you want, remember I'm here as the slut tonight, to use and abuse. With that he pulled out turned her over and started wanking his cock onto her face, he squirted some on her face and the rest into her mouth, Judy then grabbed his cock and milked every last drop out into her mouth.

After that Shane departed for home back to his waiting wife I bet, and I got into bed with my wet sloppy wife and gave her another serve, before we drifted off to sleep, next morning we woke up fucked some more, Judy was a little sore, then headed back to the country.

We had another meeting with Shane some months later, this time a little different as Shane had never seen a woman make herself cum, Judy said she would make this fantasy happen for him.

Until next time.