Written by Ralph_1

12 Oct 2013

This is a bit of a continuation of the last storey.

A couple of weeks after letting Steve have a go with Judy my wife, that being the first time I had ever seen another man use judy for his own pleasure. We were sitting around late one Saturday afternoon and I suggested we should go back around to Steve's for another play, Judy was up for it so we showered and went over to Steve's. This time Steve felt more comfortable about the whole thing, and within the hour was shagging her like an old pro, we both took turns with one of us fucking her pussy while the other was fucking her mouth. This went on for about one an a half hours till we were both spent, had another drink and called it a night. Weeks later we got together again, we went out to a movie and then back to our place in Modbury, and got back down to a bit more fucking & sucking. Granted Steve did enjoy fucking my wife, but he didn't get into it like me, he wasn't as adventurous, and just fucked her like he was out for a Sunday drive in the country. So that was the last time we involved Steve in our sex play.

Weeks went by and I was longing to see Judy being fucked good and proper, so I decided to put an ad in one of the local South Australian sex mags. We placed in a ad & a picture of Judy, one that showed her body, but that wasn't going to show all her face to easy, we didn't want our friends to catch us out. We asked for a man to join us at a motel for a night of fucking & sucking, we were blown away by the amount of replays we received, some with photos of there heads and others showing there cocks, we looked long and hard to find someone we both agreed with. As I said we had so many it was hard to pick a candidate, I asked Judy how she felt about getting in a couple of fellas instead of the one, I said at least that way I could take a few photos, and just sit back and watch the show, and be there if anything got out of hand, to my surprise she agreed with me, so we started looking again. One of the replys was from a couple of guys both friends of each other, I was keen on getting in these two as I thought that knowing each other might add to the night, both would be trying to out do the other, and give Jude a good serve of cock, but I later thought that I may also back fire on me being our first time they could try to take advantage.

So back to the replys, I found one I liked, his game was Phill, his letter made mention to doing this kind of thing before, and being as we were new to this thought it could help thing move smoothly. Phill described himself as tall, reasonably looking and a eight inch cock, there was also a photo of him and we both agreed on him. The second one was called Shane, he also made mention of doing this before, and that he was also married, and wasn't getting much at home. He also included a photo and was easy on the eye, he described himself as medium build and 7-8 inch cock.

We settled on these two guys, and I got about giving both of them a call to chat a little and just sound them out, they both were happy to of been selected & were just as happy give it a go. Phill & Shane had never met before, so I figured we were all on the same ground.

I had selected the Glynde hotel for our meet, as they also had rooms there if all was fine with each other, so the time was arranged for a 7pm meet.

The day of the meeting both Jude and I had butterfly's, we were very nervous about the whole thing, but decided to see it out, we had a couple of beers while we were getting dressed for the evening for a little courage. Judy looked great, in her black skirt & netted top, almost see through, under that she wore a lace G-string cosit type bra, spenders & stockings, she looked like a horny little slut. To describe Judy back then, she was a great looking lass, average size, and had been keeping fit at the gym & bike riding, she had great tits, and a tight little pussy on her, she did turn a few heads whenever we were out. She was no super model granted, but not too many guys would of said no to getting a leg over her.

So we drove to the Glynde hotel and were there about ten to seven, looked at each other for courage, kissed and made our way into the lounge bar, ordered a drink and sat down at a table, trying to remember what these guys looked like again, as we had only seen a small photo of each. As one chap came in the door, we looked at each other and said looks like Shane, we were right, he spotted us straight away, I think we were the only couple there at the time. He went to get a drink and then joined us at the table, he was easy to talk too as we chatted, every time the door opened we looked to see if it might be the other bloke, then in he came, tall and not to bad a looking chap, as chaps go. I nodded over to him and he also got himself a drink and joined us at the table. The two guys introduced them selfs and we all got a little more comfortable with each other.

We chatted for a while longer, and all had another drink each, we all were happy with each other and spoke about what we had in mind, and a few boundaries. Judy & I had already booked a room days before, as we are both from the country and if it didn't work out we still had a room for the night. So we decided to move up to the room and continue our night of dirty sex we had all planned, forgot to mention that prior to going into the lounge bar, we had already checked into the room we had pre booked.

So once up in the room we settled in, and got ourselfs another drink, we all got a bit more comfortable and within on time flat i looked over and phill had found himself a nice spot on the bed, with his back up against the headboard he had removed his pants & undies already, he sat there stroking a large stiff cock, it was a sight to see as he asked Judy over to his side. Judy moved over to where he was and sat on the bed next to him, leaned over and took his large cock into her hand and began stroking it up and down. Phill then placed his hand around her shoulders and eased her head over towards his cock, in one motion Judy just went with it and put her mouth over phill's large knob, and then slowly took that big cock into her mouth, what a sight to see. As Judy sat next to phill sucking on his cock, Shane then moved over and started rubbing his hands up Jude's legs to her pussy, he then leaned over and started licking & sucking at her pussy through her panties, and then pulled them to one side to expose her wet little snatch. I might add that Judy gets very wet just sucking cock, it is something she just loved doing, she would get so wet at times that her pussy would drip juice.

He continued licking at her wetness while inserting one of his fingers just in a little, while she got well into sucking on phill's big cock.

Meanwhile while watching the show I had gotten out my SLR camera and started taking a few shots, while I write this storey I have over 100 pictures of this night to fall back on, and have had many a good wank over these, and other pictures I have of my beloved wife taking strange cock.

Anyhow after about ten miniutes the boys changed places, Shane had remove all his clothing and exposed just as large a cock as what phill possessed, Shane stood by the bed and Judy took him into her mouth just as she had done to Shane. While Judy worked on Shane's cock phill had moved himself around on the bed to enable himself to easy access of her wet pussy, phill continued where Shane had left off by inserting a finger and licking at her wetness. Another 10-15 miniutes later and they swapped places once again, this time all three of them were on the bed, Judy on her knees sucking on phill's cock, even with her hand around it at the base, there still looked to be a lot more cock there for her to suck on, Shane had take his place again lapping at her pussy, she still had her G-string on just pulled to one side so that the boys could get to her wet hole. It seamed like she was sucking for ages until I saw phill tighten up and brace himself, he had grabbed her right arm and with his right arm he positioned his hand up behind Judy's head. He started to make a slight noise as he emptied his cock into Judy waiting mouth, Judy sucked at double time to keep it all going down her throat without gagging, by the time she had released phill's cock from her mouth, not one drop of cum could be seen, she had taken the lot and swallowed it down like a good girl should. She continued licking and sucking on phill's cock of a miniute or two before turning herself towards Shane. By this time Shane has positioned himself on his knees leaning back so Judy could get acccess to his cock. All this time I am watching in disbelief as my wife takes these two slightly older men one at a time into her mouth, and I continue taking photos of all the action.

While Judy was working on Shane's cock phill had repositioned himself to get some more acccess to her pussy again. He fingers and licks at her again for another ten or so miniutes, then Judy starts picking up the pace abit as she can feel Shane start to clench her body a little harder, then he too releases his thick load into her waiting mouth, just as she had don to phill just miniutes earlier. I could see Judy's throat working hard to swallow his big load, and she didn't remove her mouth again until the last drop was in her belly. She finished by sucking him until he started losing his stiffness, she was red and a bit flushed by all the hard work and I told her she looked so sexy with another mans large cock hanging out of her mouth.

We all took a breather for a while, and had another drink & talked about what just happened, both the men said that she was great at sucking cock, and that most girls won't swallow, Judy commented that she loved the feeling of a cock exploding into her mouth, and swallowing just came natural.

So after a break of about half hour the trio started to take up there positions, this time Judy was laying between the two men while they played with her titties & pussy. Shane then moved down the bed a bit and started to remove Judy's G-string so he could get better acccess of het moist wet pussy, Jude slid herself down a wee bit to so she could take phill's now stiff cock again into her wanting mouth, by this time Shane was well and truly tucking into her pussy, Judy reached and grabbed Shane's hair and I could tell Judy was just about to cum for the first time herself, and into Shane's mouth. Once phill was extra stiff & hard he moved Judy around so she could give Shane another good sucking. While she took Shane into her mouth phill had repositioned him self behind her, she was by now up on her knees, her pussy was so wet I could see some dripping onto the sheet, and some down her leg, phill tickled her pussy a couple of times before moving himself right up behind her, he positioned he large knob up against the wet hole and then slowly pushed it into her, I was surprised just how easy it went in, Judy didn't even skip a beat while still sucking Shane.

When I say surprised, I mean Judy has always had a nice tight little cunt, well tight on my cock anyway, and I wasn't blessed with large cock eather, matter of fact my cock is between 4/12 & 5 inches, so each of these men has a cock twice my size. By never the less I have alway made Judy cum once or twice every time we fuck, so that's good enough for me. But I have always wanted to see my girl enjoy a large cock or two.

Anyhow phill pushed that large cock in and out like a large piston working an engine, he gripped Judy's hips tight as he started to pick up his pace, the harder he pushed into her the more he pushed her into Shane's lap and her face down onto his cock. He kept up this pace for what seemed like ages, I kept snapping away with my camera, and watching with delight these two men spit roasting my sexy wife. As phill's cock came right out with only the knob still in, it looked so shinie with her juices all over it, and then with such force he would push it back till his balls slapped against her, and then again and again, with such force my wife's cunt was being penetrated by the biggest cock she had had up until this night. She looked quite the little tart taking these 2 large cocks on both ends. Shane then motioned over to phill that he wanted shot now, so they both swapped sides, phill pushed his pussy soaked cock into Judy's mouth, while Shane took aim from the rear, Shane grabbed Judy's arse cheeks pulled them apart slightly, put his cock up against her cunt and pushed it all the way home. It was starting to get fast and hard now both pounding into her from different sides, and Judy the meat in the sandwich, or slut on the spit. They pounded away for a good while, Judy taking all they could give with out any protest. They both repositioned her on her back now and phill straddled her shoulders with his cock push right up against her lips, Shane took his position her pussy, legs spread wide and holding her thighs back pushed back into her wet gaping hole, he fucked her for all he was worth while she had phill's cock banging against the back of her throat. She looked like she was in a very awkward position, the only bit she could move was one arm and her head, bobbing in up and down phill's cock, she looked from time to time to be almost choking on phill's big cock. Meanwhile Shane was slamming away like a man possessed, his speed picked up some more as his arse cheeks tightened up and I could tell he was just about to unload into Judy's red puffy pussy, he let out a grunt as he filled her up, he kept his cock there while he got his breath back, and Judy wriggled her right hand free so she could feel Shane's cock as it slowly started slipping out, she rubbed at its's wetnessas both there juices were intermingled. As Shane pulled himself free, phill slid down and pushed his cock into her now cum bucket cunt, he took her in the missionary position and gave her a good seeing too as well, I could hear her cunt squelching with all that wet and slop as he kissed her neck, he was pounding away hard, so hard it was making quite a racket, I thought to my self that if the manager of the hotel saw the other to men come into our room with us and now hearing the noise, he would sure think Jude was being gangbanged.

After about 5 miniutes phill too started to explode into my sexy wife, he pumped away at her until he lay spent over her chest, then both he and Judy looked over to me and smiled, Judy had the biggest smile I had seen for a while. I got a great photo of that smile, knowing that phill's cock was slowly shrinking inside her, that smile is priceless.

Within twenty miniutes of phill filling up Judy's love hole, both the men dressed, said there good byes and left, it was about 1am now, and with the small break after Judy had blown both the men, and between the fucking, going by the time my sexy wife had been taking cock for at least 4/12 hours, no wonder she looked sore down there.

I had Judy back to myself, she was so red and puffy down there, and a wee bit of the lads cum was starting to dribble out, I wasted no time climbing aboard and just using her as a way of releasing all that cum that had been building up watching her being fucked by 2 strange men. I fucked her for 5-10 miniutes enjoying the wetness the men left behind for me, I don't think I could touch the sides of her love tunnel after all that pounding, but it felt good just being in there. After that night, we lost contact with phill, but kept in contact with Shane, since that night Shane has fucked my sweet wife on another 5 visits. We have since lost contact with him too due to moving house, so if you read this Shane send me a message.

Next I will write about another might with Shane and another guy Peter, he was a lot younger then us and very keen.