21 Jul 2020

I previously wrote about how my partner, Jen and I, began to get interested in group sex. It was certainly a journey that we realised one day had taken us to a completely different space in our sex life.

Jen was a year younger than me, short blond hair, 5’1”, size 8, great legs, a cute bum I could fit into my hand and a tummy with the slightest, sexiest bulge (that fitted into my other hand!). She had a small amount of blond hair over her pussy with shaved lips and bikini line and although her tits were tiny, her nipples were super sensitive.

We began to experience sex involving others, almost by accident when we fucked at a ball with Jen wearing a ball gown, in view of others, yet without it being obvious. One of the ways another was involved was that my boss was there and Jen had given him her panties to give to me (see last story for details). That was surprising as we hadn’t discussed it in any way beforehand. This carried on the next morning when the boss watched from the shadows while we fucked on the sofa bed, both Jen and I knowing he was there but without acknowledging him. The eroticism was not who was watching us but that someone was and, getting off to it.

Discussing the night as we drove home next day, both of us agreed that being watched by Den that morning, knowing he knew what we were doing at the ball the night before and actually fucking at the ball in public, was a massive turn on. My cock started to grow as we talked about it and Jen began rubbing it through my jeans as we drove. I asked her about giving Den her panties to pass to me. She said it was a spur of the moment decision that she thought I’d like. I did like it and slipped my hand up her miniskirt to rub her pussy through her panties as we drove home.

We were both so worked up by the time we arrived home that I just bent Jen over the kitchen bench and fucked her there and then. She was so wet that I slipped in easily and although I didn’t last long, Jen orgasmed with me.

Our sex life, although previously really good, we fucked every day at least once, now began to go to another level. The frequency didn’t change much but the intensity did, big time. We would fuck where we could be seen, deliberately. More than once we fucked in the kitchen or lounge room with the curtains open.

A few weeks after the ball, Den, the boss came to stay for a week. He was working in the regional office I was based at and I’d invited him to stay so he could hang out with us in the evenings. The days were professional and completely work oriented; the evenings were relaxed with Den supplying the drinks and me cooking. When we turned in, Jen and I would fuck each night, as usual. The first night, I closed the door and, knowing someone was in the room next door, listening to us, undressed and stood behind Jen, kissing her neck and playing with her sensitive nipples. My cock was rubbing the small of her back and I reached down with one hand and began to rub a finger up and down her wet pussy. As she got wetter, I turned her around and laid her on her back on the bed with her feet on the floor.

I started to lick up the inside of her legs and thighs as she took over playing with her nipples and pussy. We had discovered the joys of Jen playing with herself whilst I licked her pussy. She was usually quite vocal when we did this. I licked her pussy while she played with her clit, my tongue licking her fingers and around them while she thrashed about on the bed. It wasn’t long before Jen orgasmed in my mouth (quicker than she usually did) and so I pulled her up the bed, turned her around so that we were in a 69 position with her on top.

I started to run my tongue in circles around the base of her clit while I slid a finger inside her pussy. She was sucking on the head of my cock and wanking my shaft. She was so wet and I could feel my cum building up. We both came together again with such intensity I think we both saw stars! Jen spat my cum out onto my cock and very gently wanked and licked me hard again. When I’d recovered enough, she slid across me, straddled my cock and lowered herself down onto it. She was so slick with her juices that my cock slid easily into her tight pussy. When I was fully inside her, she began to move in small circles , grinding my cock into her. I reached up and played with her nipples again before pulling her down so I could nibble on them.

Jen came again, all over my cock and I got her bent over the end of the bed and slid my cock up her Pussy doggie Style and, hanging onto her hips, pounded her hard. Jen was screaming “fuck me, fuck me” over and over until I pumped my second load deep into her.

Nothing was said the next evening as we chatted and socialised with Den but we knew he had heard us. We also knew that we were turned on more than normal because he had. That night was more or less a repeat of the previous night, although Jen came in slightly after me and left the door slightly open, looking at me and winking. She also Didn't take her panties off, or let me do it either. As she rode my cock again With her panties pulled to the side, I could make out the shadowy figure of Den outside the bedroom door watching us fuck. This happened each night, until Jen asked if I wanted to take things further.

Part of me wanted Den to join us and part of me didn’t, so I erred on the side of caution and went with my gut and told Jen, no. Knowing Den was watching and getting off on us fucking was one thing but inviting him in was another. Jen breathed a sigh of relief and thanked me. She said she would have done it if I’d wanted to but it didn’t feel right, especially as Den’s partner was not there and she and Jen got on well. We both agreed that putting other people’s relationships at risk was not worth it, even if it made ours better. Jen surprised me then by saying that she’d rather it was a stranger that joined in.

That last night, we fucked for most of the night, the door open, Jen letting me take her panties off at some point and Den outside the door, wanking as he watched us. We both discovered the next morning that we were imagining a stranger was watching and began to think more seriously about making it happen.

In the event, it didn’t happen as we’d planned, exactly, but it was a whole load of fun. We never did anything like it with Den again, although he and we did stay at each other’s places again. We loved being watched and both of us anticipated including another person, preferably a male, into our sex life.

If you’d be interested in reading what happened next, please let me know.