15 Jul 2016

A new lover, he grunted, finally pushed over the edge by the way I had been riding him, slowly and purposefully, squeezing my pussy, tight, around his fat shaft, waiting for him build up a heavy load. He couldn’t see my face from this position, I allowed myself a sweet smile of triumph. He didn’t realise, but I could feel some of his warm pre-seed escaping his orgasm and wetting my slick walls and I ground down onto him, just a little harder.

“Gonna cum!” He cried out.

His warning came, just as my own orgasm was about to crest, so violently in my loins. I raised myself up, I was about to pull my pussy off his dangerously rigid cock. But at the last second I hesitated. I knew sliding down that long beautiful shaft, just one more time, would push me over my orgasmic edge, into what was shaping up to be one of the hottest orgasms of my life. In the back of my mind, I secretly knew that feeling him deliver his creamy seed into me, at the same moment, would only make my pending orgasm even better. In that sweet second of hesitation, my need for this intense pleasure took over, and I rose tall and fully impaled myself on his engorged cock. He groaned in surprise, but he was far too gone to pull me off his cock, and he splashed my insides, a flood, a creamy warm overwhelming sensation, as thick pulsing male seed filled my pussy, completing my sexual needs. My mind exploded with writhing pleasure. A small part of me screamed that I was being fucked like a complete tart, here in this parking garage, but truthfully, I just didn’t care, I was actually savoring the wanton, delirious sensation, of his long beautiful cock, delivering hot thick semen, right up into my cervix, Yessssss, baby, fill’me up, fill me up! I squealed...

As I recovered from my mind and pussy being blown, I extracted myself from his softening fantastic cock. I wiped my pussy flood, from my well fucked, puffy, pussy lips, using my crumpled knickers, then pulled them on to preserve the savoury delivery inside. My horny husband will be so impressed, I can not wait to take home my sticky present.