Written by Jonnyrichards

8 Jul 2015

So, I heard about aarows on a different site and looked it up and it got me thinking and I was getting very horny thinking about what might find there

Anyway at the time I was out in Sydney with the lads and at the end of the night a few of got separated so I thought fuck it I'm keen for some action so I got to aarows and stripped off and went to the steam room strolled around the floors watched someone get gang banged which was hectic! I've never played with a dude before let alone seen gay action I didn't take part but what an eye opener! Anyway I kept looking around and went back to the steam room and there was a couple but I didn't know how to approach them and the nerves kicked in ( I've had couples and threesomes before but this felt different) But I plucked up the courage and sparked a convo we chatted for a bit and then we went into a private room, walking past all these dudes and they must have been thinking "look at this lucky dude" my heart was pounding! Anyway they started to play and I was hard straight away, he invited me over and said "u wanna fuck her raw?" I said hell yes! Started sliding in and out of her pussy And it didn't take long i couldnt contain myself "I'm gunna cum" he said "good! Cum in her!"

I sank my cock deep and let go! I pulled out and he began to play in my hot sticky load he ate it and put his cock in it, she cleaned me while he was playing with her and soon I was ready for round two ( I reload quickly) I started fucking her again while he spread her lips and played with her clit and then we swapped a few times between her hot mouth and pussy

I was in her mouth and felt my balls tighten "where do u want my cum?" He said "on her pussy" so while he was in her (he was on top) I went around behind them both and blow all over her pussy and on his cock and balls " mmmmm. That's warm" "u like that young cum?" And she moaned, we played a bit longer but I had to go wish I grabbed their number that night was a kinky and an eye opener