Written by Hanginlow2

9 Oct 2015

I met my best friend in high school, we did everything together and were inseparable for several years as mates, good blokey mates! We played football together, clubbed together told each other about our conquests and referred to each other as brothers. What would happen 20 years later would have shocked me if you said it was gonna happen years before!

A few years after school had ended we remained friends catching up as often as we could. Life got busy I found a wife and had a couple of children which fulfilled everything I needed! Fred had a few serious girlfriends but never got married! One night at my place my wife had put my baby son to bed, and gone to bed herself. Fred and I stayed up watching the footy and downing a few beers. After the footy being three parts pissed we put some porn on. Whilst watching a threesome scene I offered my beautiful wife up to Fred to see if she was keen but to my surprise it was he that wasn't keen. He said he would but didn't want it to risk our friendship so declined.

Fast forward fifteen years and in one of our casual conversation that we regularly had Fred mentioned my offer all those years ago and if the wife was keen he would love to join us. As it had been a massive fantasy for a long time I was keen to make it happen but as you would have it the wife didn't share my enthusiasm! She wanted a threesome, that I knew already, she just didn't want one with someone we knew!

So Fred and I shared stories and photos and talked of fantasies all the time in hope we could make it happen one day! Luck not being on our side his partner wouldn't even consider the thought so it was just to remain a dream.

Fred often commented that the main part of his fantasy with my wife was to taste her. He wanted to pleasure her as much as he could tasting and eating her love juices. He even expressed the interest in cleaning my man hood of her juices just to get the taste. To my surprise the thought of it really turned me on and I found myself fantasizing more about my best mate sucking my cock than I did the threesome itself. I had an internal battle with myself wether to keep my thoughts to myself or to share them with my mate or even my wife.

One morning I was out on the road doing sales calls when I got a call from Fred. As usual he was horny as hell and rang me to talk about our fantasies. He told me he had the day off and his girlfriend was at work and he had been watching porn all morning, wanking and fantasizing about our threesome. I told Fred that I had had a great fuck that morning with my wife so it was a good day! Nothing like starting the day with sex! As our session went for a fair while I was running late for work so left with out a shower. I told Fred this and to my shock he was so excited to hear that my wife's juices were still on me cock and balls. He asked how close to his house I was as he really wanted to taste her. To my own shock I blurted out i am only five mins away if your serious. That he was. I flew around his place with a raging hard on, trying to control my thoughts. This is a best mate of 20 years, that I hadn't even seen him naked because he was so shy he showered in his jocks at footy! Heart pounding I went through his front door to see him on his lounge in track suit pants watching porn on his big screen tv! He nervously said that he had been wanking all morning and had cum three times thinking about having my cock in his mouth! As I stood in front of him I said you sure you want to try this and without any hesitation he was on his knees in front of me undoing my belt and pants! As they hit the floor I'll never forget the grin on his face and the comment he made "I knew you were big but not this big hard" he took my cock into his mouth and sucked away like he had been dreaming of the moment forever. It was good real good. All my inhibitions out the window I really enjoyed having my best friend enjoy my cock like there was no tomorrow! Not long into his sucking I had to stop him as I was going to blow my load way to early. I stepped out of my cloths and stood but naked, proud in front of my best mate. I told Fred to lose the pants as I wanted to see his cock. He wasn't that keen but I insisted that he had to lose his inhibitions and share the moment. Fred did and I came to understand why he showered with jocks on. He wasn't that blessed down there but I assured him it's how he used it that mattered and that I wanted to suck his cock for him. He sat back on the lounge and I proceeded to suck his semi limp cock.

Was a new sensation that I was enjoying as I was able to get his ever growing cock and both his balls into my mouth all at once. I sucked and licked and pulled for a few minutes. Fred was enjoying himself by the moans that were coming from him. He stopped me and proceeded to go back to sucking my cock and licking my balls. I keep myself fully shaved as that's how my wife likes and Fred definitely liked this as well several times stopping to say how good my wife's dry juices tasted and how much he loved sucking balls and having my manhood in his hands. Something that I noticed that he pulled my cock in a different manner than I did and enjoyed it. We went back and forth several times before I couldn't hold on anymore and blew my load whilst Fred was wanking me and sucking my balls, all over my chest. To my surprise Fred saw some on my nipple and said I tasted your wife now I'll taste you and proceeded to suck my cum off my nipple. I cleaned the rest up with a towel and decided I had to return the favor. After sucking pulling and licking for a further five minutes I couldn't get Fred to cum. We put it down to the amount of times he had cum already that day. I cleaned up got dressed and gave Fred a hand shake our usual good bye and left very happy about the experience and satisfied.

Over the next couple of days we chatted about what had happened and both agreed we loved it and were gonna make it happen again. Unfortunately three days latter I lost my best mate to a fatal car accident but still have our lifetime of memories including our special moment on that day.

I'm yet to find someone else to try my secret love for cock and for fill my fantasy of having a bloke suck me dry so he can have my cock and balls in his mouth like I did with Fred. RIP good mate.