Written by Coastal22

13 Aug 2019

The National Park nude-beach trail revealed its typical inhabitants; Black cockatoos, fairy wrens, boisterous rosellas, wallaby, goanna, the odd surfer and a few lonesome old creepers heading back to wherever they come from. Slipping off my kicks on the home stretch with the tumbling surf whispering, my toes in the sand felt good. The sun filtering through the canopy of bloodwood, scribbly gums and paperbark was high overhead, but by no means was it scorching. Pausing on the beach proper, three deep breaths, taking in the magnificent geography flanked by rocky headlands. Entering a natural amphitheatre of enormous tree fringed sand dunes as old as time.

Giving the beach a once over, some regulars became apparent. You can tell who's who by a familiar gait, posture, hat or body language. Nothing enticing at the southern corner. A few clothed patrons north. No-one in-between. Catching a glimpse of what appeared to be slightly greenish long blonde hair lashing porcelain skin, piqued my interest. Popping up again, along with a brunette head the third time. I sauntered toward the duo tucked away close to one of the semi-secret play spots. With each step my cock filled with blood and my heart rate bumped up a notch.

Jettisoning my clothes and belongings behind the tree-line, a fit man with a good tan made a bee-line for the late teens. He flicked me a look and a nod toward the sky, showing me his chin, as if to say 'ha, beat you to it'. Disturbing the brunette from reading a thick novel, the green hair girl from applying sunscreen to supple skin that I doubted had rarely - if ever - seen full sun. Hand gestures exchanged, tied up her long mane, turned her back and shoulders to the man, he rubbed lotion all over. The brunette, with perfect pert tits and a sporty bod put her long shirt and hat on, not so much as acknowledging his existence. Three men gravitated to my vantage point, a few strides away from the girls. My long, thick, cut prick had swollen so much it looked like it was going to explode. The girl with dyed green hair stood, singled me out, making way. Mr Good Tan shadowed the gorgeous young creature, silently. "Hi', she said. "Hey", I replied. The creepers mumbled, lost for words at the sight beholding us. "I need to pee" locking her blue eyes on my cock. "Come in here", I offered with a smile.

On her haunches, she gently touched my aching dick. It looked like she was about to speak into a giant 70's microphone in her petite manicured hands. The older men encircled us, stroking sad soft cocks, with Mr Good Tan by her side, exploring her taught body. Thumping my hard cock with a fist excited her into swallowing the top third of my shaft, unable to take another inch. "Call your friend over". "She's reading don't worry about her", she said. "Your friend reads books, Honey, but they'll write books about you one day", I quipped. The beautiful teenager swooned, becoming firmer with her grip, on her knees leaning forward, with one hand still tight on my big cock. Mr Good Tan fingered her wet pussy fast from behind, her eyes rolling back ever-so-slightly as she moaned.

Pushing her hand and mouth away, I lay down, the little darling straddling me, hovering just above my skin. "Piss on me", I ordered. Come streamed down her shoulders as the old men blew then vanished back into the bushes one-by-one. The green haired gal mindlessly gyrated against the tip of my cock, as she took Mr GT in her mouth. He squirted into her hair and face while a warm golden trickle ran down my belly and hips. Thrusting in and out of her, she came, breathless, her c cup tits jiggling like warm plates of Aeroplane jelly.

Brunette clapped a couple of times, unbeknownst to us she was playing voyeur. "Laura, you slut!" she said, arms crossed, stamping her foot. "Do you come here often", Laura stammered, still in the rapturous aftershock of orgasm, licking my cock and balls. "Sure, honey, all the time, but I'm extra glad I came today". A jet of my thick cum made contact with her cheek and then chest. "Fuck!" went the brunette, taking her friend by the hand, marching her off toward the water's edge. I strolled toward the two cleaning off in the small surf. "Thank you", she said, so genuine and politely. "A pleasure. Maybe I'll see you again sometime soon. You too", directing my response toward the scintillating stroppy brunette. They moved back to their gear and packed up. Mr Good Tan edged closer, grinning from ear to ear.

"That was hot!" he said. "All about the timing", I replied. "Mate, never seen that before", said Mr GT. "What's a little pee between strangers?", talking out the back of my head, setting my sights on a trio of handsome mature women on their daily circuit. The three ladies unashamedly taking in the spectacle of a plump swinging dick that'd just been put through its paces. I looked over my shoulder to catch the alpha lady checking out my backside, lowering her oversize sunglasses, with the tip of her tongue touching the top of her red lips. I turned on my heel and followed for a while, enjoying the giggles and look-backs 'till I caught up with the group. "Perfect day for a walk through the National park, ladies", I remarked. "Oh, it is absolutely beautiful", replied the busty alpha, her smiling eyes on my great, big, cut, cock.