13 Nov 2019

I was driving through town one day and spotted a woman crossing the road in front of me, dressed in a very alluring fashion, so I slowed as I approached and wound down my window to chat to her. I asked if she was looking for sex, and she replied sure, that she was new to town and looking to make new friends. I told her to hop in and we drove to a nearby park where there was a small building with security lighting around it on the edge of the road, screened from nearby houses by dense shrub plantings. We saw this as a great opportunity to enjoy sex outdoors, and parked and walked to the lit area beside the building. She sat up on the edge of a retaining wall and lay back into the garden bed, whilst I fingered her and amazingly she came quickly. Then she jumped off the wall and crouched in front of me and gave me an amazing blowjob, with me cumming quickly too all over the paved area next to the building. We then spotted a nearby park bench in a darker location and walked there and stripped, sitting with her on my lap facing me on the bench. We fucked long and slow, kissing madly as we did so. It was an amazing first meet for a new person in town and I got to know her well over coming months. She was into BDSM and liked to be tied up, so I learnt some knots and tied her big tits up numerous times. She also had a sex swing which I had never used before, but soon learnt their advantages. She said it was like flying and being fucked at the same time, and made a range of different sex positions much easier. I still see her from time to time, dropping her a line when I get horny and need her to help me out.