Written by Director

13 Aug 2013

My wife (Judy) and I have a close group of married friends and we are all of similar age. We all have kids. Most of the kids are older and have moved away from home. We have holidayed together many times. Well there has always been some flirting amongst us and the odd joke with the sexual innuendo particularly between the men. There are four couples - Judy and myself (Tony), Paul and Lisa, Wendy and Mark and Lyndelle and Wayne.

Well we were all at Paul and Lisa's place one night having a BBQ and really getting into the booze. I've often spotted some of the guys eyeing each other's wives and I myself have often fantasised about Lisa, Wendy and Lyndelle, especially Lyndelle as she has quite a good body. All of us have put on some weight over the years but Lyndelle is quite in proportion with great hips and arse. the most unusual thing however is that Lyndelle is blind. I'm not sure why, but I'm attracted to her, not because she's blind but can't put my finger on it. I know all the guys have often perved on my wife Judy. Judy is about 5" 2' and has unbelievable lushes tits and a great arse as well. I love fucking my wife doggy style, grabbing those arse cheeks and really banging her. I must admit too that I have often fantasised about the guys banging Judy.

Well we all had all finished eating and were having dessert when Paul (the joker) made some joke and the subject got on to swapping. Lyndelle and Wendy were deep in some sort of conversation so didn't hear us having a laugh. Judy and Lisa were basically telling us guys that we were a bunch of sexual deviates. Well, Wayne then takes his car keys out of his pocket and tosses them into the half empty chip bowl sitting on the table. Whoaaaa, everyone starts roaring with laughter. I then toss my car keys in the bowl and immediately Paul grabs my keys and says, "well I'm set for the night"...more laughter and a stern "no way" from my wive Judy. Mark then grabs his keys and tosses them in the bowl and I then say to Paul, "you can't grab a key if you don't put your keys in". Well Paul then goes off scurrying to find his keys and emerges from his bedroom and tosses his keys to me to put them in the bowl. By now, all the girls are aware of what's happening with Wendy explaining to Lyndelle what's happening. To my surprise, Lyndelle asks "who's got me?" We knew she was joking but I knew which key to grab and went straight for Wayne's key. I then proclaimed to Lyndelle that she was with me.

I went to Lyndelle and gave her a hug and she accepted me. I just then stood there but left my arm around her shoulder. Judy then walks over to Paul who is now sitting down and says, "you might not be able to handle me you know" and proceeds to sit on his lap. Mark then says to Lisa that she is with him and tells his wife Wendy that she is with Wayne. Well Judy who is a bit plastered now plants a kiss right on Paul's lips and again a big whoaaaa erupts. I was a bit shocked and a bit turned on at the same time. Wayne then leads his wife Lyndelle to another room and I thought okay that's it, they are going home. Well they just returned and Wayne led Lyndelle back to me and then walked over to Wendy.

Well there is an odd silence and there's a little kissing going on but I have not done anything yet. I chirped up and said ok, hang on everyone. Is this happening...more silence, then "why not" from Paul and to my surprise from Lyndelle and Wayne. Ok I said, shouldn't there be ground rules or something? Lisa said that she was up to it but suggested that we just be with our own partners. The silence seemed to be agreement so we moved back to our own partners. We moved into Paul and Lisa's rumpus room. They had a big home and they had the biggest "L" shaped lounge you will ever see. Well we all moved there and sat on the lounge with Paul and Lisa sitting on the floor. We were all clothed but started kissing our wives. I could see that Paul had already started to undress his wife Lisa. I pulled Judy towards me so that I could see what was going on around us. Wayne and Lyndelle were in a passionate kiss and I could see Wayne's hands had already pulled Lyndelle's breasts out of her black bra. Wendy who is quite plain looking had a nice arse and I was hoping to see all the girls naked as soon as possible. I couldn't believe it but before I knew it there were a few moans from the girls, which girls, I don't know. Well I wasted no time and quickly pulled Judy's top over her head and snapped off her bra. I got up and started to pull her jeans off. I could see that all the guys were having a great look at Judy's tits.

I then took off all my clothes and sat back on the lounge and grabbed Judy by the hips and motioned her so that she was straddled over my cock. I did this so I could still have a good look around. I saw that Paul was on his back and Lisa was giving him a good blow job. OMG what a great arse Lisa had. Lisa was about 5"8' and had what I thought was a rather straight up and down body but she had a fantastic arse. Well I was constantly drawn to look at Lyndelle and I wanted her. Before I knew it I was hard as and I was already inside Judy. Oh, I didn't want to blow my load so tried to concentrate on not doing so. Then to my surprise, Paul just stood up and walked over to my direction and just grabbed Judy off me. In one motion, Judy went from straddling me to being wrapped around Paul's (who was standing up) waist. Oh I knew exactly what both wanted and was so turned on to see it. Paul's cock slipped straight into Judy and she was moaning.

This left Lisa to come to me and without a word knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. She was good at sucking. I think the reason why people like fucking other people's partner is because we all fuck and suck differently. Paul was now laying on the floor again and Judy was riding him. Wayne and Lyndelle were quiet but they were now fucking missionary style. Wendy and Mark moved over to their direction and I could see that Mark and Wendy were now massaging Lyndelle's tits and great tits they were. Wayne had lifted himself off from his wife and he then said to Lyndelle that Mark wanted a turn and before she could say anything, Mark had started to insert his cock into Lyndelle. I was a bit jealous. Wendy was now sucking Wayne. The wife swap was now complete and we were now fucking someone else's partner. I placed a finger under Lisa's chin and moved it towards me so that she was now looking at me. I just said hop on and she got up and straddled me. Oh man, she had a great arse and I just grabbed while she fucked me. Before I could stop I blew my load inside her and she kept on riding me I think because she wanted to cum as well. I had to try my best and remain hard and had to raise my hips so that I was meeting her thrusts as best as I could and yes...she tensed up and I knew I had helped her cum too. We just remained in the same position and kissed. It was great and so different to kissing my wife.

It was a few minutes when Judy let out a moan and tensed up as she normally did when she had cum too. Paul was a machine and kept on banging my wife. Judy just leant forward and let Paul pound her pussy while she was on top. I think that this was an invitation for Wayne who went to Judy, pulled her off Paul and grabbed her from behind and started to insert his cock into her. Watching Wayne now fuck my wife doggy style made me hard again and I moved over to Lyndelle. Lisa came along with me and partnered with Mark. I leant over to Lyndelle and whispered to her "it's me Tony". I felt weird having to say that because Lyndelle was blind and had no idea who was fucking her. I must admit this was a bit of a turn on. I grabbed Lyndelle and turned her around and inserted my cock straight into her pussy. OMG this was the most erotic fuck of my life! Lyndelle's tits were just hanging there, she had a bit of a jelly belly (Lyndelle was the oldest of the group) but here arse was round and firm. I just started fucking her slowly but picked up the pace. I loved watching her tits sway back and forth as I banged her.

As we continued to fuck Lyndelle, first doggy style, then missionary then had her hop on top of me to ride me while I caressed her pouty tits. I had an awesome time fucking Lyndelle. By this time, I looked around and could not believe what I was seeing. Paul, Wayne and Mark taking turns to gangbang my wife. She was on her back on the lounge, with her legs up in the air with Paul jsut going to town with my wife. He stopped and Wayne had his turn, then Mark. Her pussy was full of cum and they were having a great time. Lisa and Wendy were in a 69'er and I was with Lyndelle. I asked the guys if I could have a turn banging my own wife and they said yeah in unison, then moved over so that I could bang my own wife. Well I was horny as and came quite quickly.

Well we all stayed the night at Paul and Lisa's home. Wayne and Lyndelle had to go home but not before I had the opportunity to eat Lyndelle's pussy and to fuck her again. I ended up fucking Lisa once more before she and Paul went to bed in their room. I could hear them fucking all night. This left Judy and I as well as Wayne and Wendy in the rumpus. Paul got up in the middle of the night and asked me if I wanted to fuck Lisa. I didn't need another invitation and went into their room and fucked Lisa all night. I knew that Paul would be fucking Judy till dawn.

Well that was certainly an unbelievable night. We have all continued to swing with each other and have done so on four occasions now. We have discussed inviting a new couple to join us - Tony (another Tony) and Melissa. The girls all think that the new Tony is a hunk and I think they all want to try him out once or twice! Well, while I always had a thing for Lyndelle (and always will), it turns out that Lisa and I and Paul and my wife Judy have a thing going. We have often swapped between the four of us. Paul comes over to my place sometimes and I go to their place when each husband is not at home and we get to fuck each other's wife. We have a good understanding and it works for us. Lisa certainly has a great arse we have developed a certain role-play after learning of one of Lisa's fantasies. We would arrange a time of day where I would walk into their home and find Lisa in the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of black high heels. Lisa is already 5"8' without heel so is 6"4' with them on. I'm 5"7'. We don't say a word to each other. I just walk up to her from behind and cover her eyes. i would then drop my hands to massage her tits from behind. I would then lead her to the dining room, where there is a tube of KY on the dining room table. I would then drop my pants and rub the KY on my cock and proceed to fuck her up the arse few times, blow my load and just walk out. Sometime, I just fuck her at the kitchen sink. Lisa is great fuck!