Written by Markie63

8 Mar 2012

Hi recently went to the glory hole in Vic park swingers....first time...was really nervous but plucked up the courage and went in ...sat there waiting then I heard the next booths door opening my heart started to race ..gawd what have I got myself into I thought , Next thing the video starts on the other side ...and a big uncircumcised cock is slid through the hole i was so excited and nervous woow my first time i get a big cock...yum well I I got straight into it, I gagged a bit at first But soon got into the swing of it ..he took so long to come guess I need practise...(made me realise just how much woman put up with and put them selves out for us) then finally when my mouth was getting tired and dry suddenly my mouth was more wet I took that cock out to get my breath and some come spurted out onto my arm I quickly put it back into my mouth and finished him off ..that wetness in my mouth was his jizz I realized ...but thing was I really enjoyed it loved the taste only regret was he did not come more...I never got hard throughout the session but was so horny ...would have loved to have stayed and sucked some more ....I think I might be a come vampire.... ; ) I seem to have an insatiable desire for it...