Written by Jimblow

28 Nov 2013

A couple of years ago, I was sort of convinced my marriage was getting to the point of no sex no happiness. After a very fruitful first few years with dares and public sex, which we had a ball, I gave up trying to get it from her. Even a hand job was difficult.

A first had my suspicions about the way she acted with a married guy up the road. We met them down at the park kicking a ball. We'll she really connected with this guy, whilst it was nothing knew( she was a flirt) it seemed just a little bit more than that. We went to a party with friends in the street and he kept looking over our way of which my wife would smile back. After several hours of partying, drinking, I noticed she was uncrossing her legs in his direction. He just kept staring. Well this was pissing me off, so I kept drinking. I didn't want her to know I could see what was going on. It was well after midnight when I got up to take a leak. The same time he went outside obviously to do the same. I decided to look out the window of the toilet to see what he was doing and I noticed my wife was out there in the dark talking to him while he was having a leak. By the time I finished, she was back in side and we went home. She carried on about how drunk I was. Two weeks later I went on a shooting trip. I rang home on the second night and there was no answer. I thought nothing of it until I came home 3 days later. For some reason she wanted a root. Well I nearly fell over with shock, but I wasn't going to complain. While we were having sex she asked me to fuck her lying on top. Missionary was never in our fuck sessions, as she always loved doggy. It was while I was fucking her, she said I love seeing your cock go in and out. Then she started squeezing my nipples. This felt good, but it was weird. She went on to say a friend told her guys love it. She even nibbled my nipples.

I knew no friend told her this.

I decided that if anything was going on it must be happening in my bed. There was also new pieces of underwear in her drawer plus tissues were under the bed.

I went down to the electronic store and purchased a voice activated recorder of which I set up in our room. I hid the main part under the chest of drawers with the Mike at the back behind the lamp shade. For three days all I heard recorded was the phone ringing. It was very sensitive. I came home on friday night and bingo, there it was. I heard every bit of their steamy fuck session. I could hear him telling her to suck his cock and he was no doubt licking her pussy by her moans. I then heard her say I want you to fuck me hard. It was then I heard her say " your nipples are like rocks" he told her to bite them, I knew she got the idea from him. Well they're fuck session only went on for about 15 minutes. He must have fun in her because I heard her say " get me some tissues, it pouring out of my pussy". I was really pissed off, but by the same token, rather turned on. To think my wife was getting fucked by the guy up the road and he was shooting in her.

I think this is happening at least once a week. I have heard several of their sessions on my recorder. Has our sex life improved ~ not one iota. However, I often pull my cock listening to their conversations. I will confront her about this soon and see how she explains this. I will keep you posted.