9 Nov 2019

When I was a young adult a friend we knew started her own hairdressing salon nearby to where we lived, so I decided that I should give them my business and went there for a while to get my hair cut. Once she was alone with just me and no other customers, and during cutting my hair I realised my elbow was nestled right into her groin, and it did not seem like an accident. She was blocking the view into her shop with her body so I knew no one could see in and see what we were doing, so dropped my arm off the chair and slid it slowly up the inside of her leg. She gave no shocked response to my action, in fact she responded with moans and groans and pressed herself closer to me in the chair. I used my thumb to rub across her pubic area, and realised she was wearing no panties. My thumb knuckle kneaded into her pussy lips until they were saturated, then I extended my thumb and used it to penetrate her. She moaned and shuddered. I used my other hand to pull away the hairdressers apron over me to reveal my bulging groin, and fumbling with urgency I unzipped my fly and extracted my cock so it could fully expand. She gawked with delight at the huge throbbing member I had released, and reached for it to wank me off. We then rose and retreated to the rear section of the shop where we had privacy to continue our enjoyment of each other. I sat her up on a workbench in the rear of the shop and standing penetrated her and fucked her slowly to many climaxes.