Written by gigglynurse

5 Jul 2011

We had mostly met with couples to enjoy our swinging but from time to time we would seek out the company of a younger single guy to join us and help pleasure her as only two guys could. As it turned out we had met with this one guy and while he was ok for the deed he was so shy as to be really hard work for both of us and as soon as he came ked, “what happens now ?” as if it was all over, yet all she wanted to do was continue down the road of a good long night of hard fucking.

So a few nights later we were out again for a meet to see how a new guy would stack up. This guy was also fairly new and a bit of a novice to the three some scene; a risk with younger guys we have found but he was keen and clean. Anyway after one drink and a chat she looked at us both and announced “as soon as he finishes that drink we are going home, would you like to join us ?” to the guy who eagerly nodded his acceptance and we all headed for the door.

Once inside the house the heating was turned up and I quickly set up the massage table, warmed oil and fixed us a drink as she got into a robe and asked us to join her and give her a rub down on the table. A matter of minutes was all it took for her to loose the remainder of her clothing as she squirmed under the hands of the two of us running up and down her body and getting increasingly closer to her nipples and twat. “how come I am the only one naked she asked ?’ and demanded we all loose at least the bulk of our own clothes as by now fingers had found that rubbing the magic button between her legs was as good as massaging her feet and toes in regard to getting a response.

I decided to take the opportunity to excuse myself and duck off to the toilet and must have been gone all of 60 seconds to arrive back and find she had rolled onto her tummy and had this guys cock firmly down her throat, sucking as hard as she could and he had his fingers deep inside her now very squishy cunt, causing all kinds of moaning to escape around the sides of his cock. She reached out a hand and grabbed my cock and began giving it a rub and I managed to splash a bit of massage oil on it to increase the slip as I used my hands to massage the cheeks of her arse as I know she likes as well. Over the next five or ten minutes we moved over her body pouring oil liberally on her and rubbing every where from the tips of her toes, up her calves, thighs, back and shoulders but returning frequently to her butt to squeeze and rub as well as dive our hands deep inside her wet pussy and occasionally tease the little brown puckered arsehole which was inviting the attention.

Between gasps and gags she begged “wont somebody put a condom on and fuck me please?” so we both looked at each other and I signalled he should go first as he quickly tore open the pack and rolled a cover on and I swung her over and off the edge of the table so her feet were on the floor on his side so she was able to now suck on my cock which she eagerly did. He grasped each butt cheek and slowly eased his fully erect and rock hard cock into her and in a few short thrusts had it buried to the hilt and as she began to feel the size of his full nine inches she started to loose concentration on sucking my cock. Her head dropped to the table top as her hands still tried to rub my cock but the gradual increase in pace at her cunt was having the desired effect and I could tell she was on her way to a good fucking and a great orgasm.

As she adjusted to the size and got comfortable (she is pretty small and normally has trouble with big cocks) she began to slam her arse back into him to meet his thrusts and I could tell by the way her grunts were coming that so was she as she began to mutter over and over “hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah” in ever increasing volume in response to the fact that finally here was a good, hard cock and it was doing its job unlike so many of the guys we had met. This continued for a while until she had come a few times and then she commented that her legs were getting a bit tired and could we go to the bedroom so she might get a bit more comfortable.

A quick break let everyone have a drink, smoke and recharge before seeing us in the bedroom with two hard cocks and a very wet and eager cunt wanting more action so I decided it was my turn as she was now kneeling giving him a good old sucking in between fitting a new condom so I slipped my cock into her puss from behind causing her to yelp in surprise. We fucked like this for a while before she asked if she could put a condom on our guest and sit on top of him please? I readily agreed as I love watching her in action and sat back so I could watch her arse from behind and the view of his slippery cock slide easily up into her lovely little twat as she rose up and then slammed down in an ever increasing rhythmic fury. Gently I reached out and began to massage the cheeks of her arse in the spot I know brings her pleasure and was immediately rewarded with a groan of pleasure and her rhythm changed as she sat down all the way, as hard and deep as she could on this guys cock and I could see her pussy clenching in orgasm as she fell forward onto his chest as he in turn tried to ram his cock even further into her.

This was too good a chance to pass up I thought, here she was face down on his chest with her arms around him and he had his arms around her and she was impaled by this hard cock so there was no where for her to move so I slipped first one then two fingers into her very slippery arse hole and began to work them in and out. A moment of hesitation at first and she tried to turn but was held as he kissed her and drove his cock hard into her cunt causing her to relax and spread her hips even wider so as to give me a clear view of the cream running out of her pussy and making both her and him so wet and slippery. Quickly I rolled another condom on myself and moved to line my erection up with her now slightly relaxed but still puckered brown hole and gently eased the tip into her arse.

A flinch and a jerk went through her body but as she had a cock so deeply inside her already it just sent more pleasure signals to her overloaded puss and she began to unconsciously move her bum back to meet me and relax her arse. I slowly let the tip of my cock part her bum and slide inside at her pace until she found it was nearly all the way in and she was relaxing around it. As this happened she began to rock back against me and the guy underneath was thrusting up as she moved and we began to get into a rhythm to the point she began to ask us, “fuck me harder, harder, harder, please”.

I began to really pound into her arse, sliding nearly all the way out before slamming all the way in and hearing the slap of her cheeks as our skin met, I love her butt and riding it is the most wonderful sight and feeling. The guy underneath was beginning to tense up and I sensed he was getting ready to blow and I could feel his cock swell slightly when all of a sudden she began to orgasm herself. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” she began screaming out as her orgasm began and I could feel her twat and arse contracting as she came and then the feeling of him coming and pumping as hard and deep as he could inside her. Her whole body was convulsing as she tried to get each cock further inside her as she came, the sight, sounds and feel of it all taking me to the point where I too began to pump my load deep inside her tight little arse and grunt as I came.

It had been a great evening and as we all relaxed, tissues passed around and sheepish grins exchanged we all lay back against the pillows and caught our breath. A glance at the clock told me it had been less than three hours since we had met this young guy at the pub until now where we all lay pretty stuffed. We had coffees and drinks, and slowly made ourselves respectable as he had to leave and I was very keen to get her all to myself for the remainder of the night. I remember when we made it to bed her cunt was so wet, it was literally oozing and inviting further penetration over the course of the night and I woke at one stage to have her sitting astride my sleeping hard on and riding it to her own finish until I caught her at the line myself.

We spoke about how good it had been, but at that stage neither of us realised what our next meeting a week away would bring.