27 Sep 2016

I open the door for you and you slide into the passenger seat, instinctively, you pull your skirt down so your smooth pussy isn't exposed. I laugh and tell you that you needn't worry about that slut and to start playing. As i get into the drivers seat, you slip a finger down and gently rub your clit. I turn the toy on and enjoy the look on your face as your eyes close and you concentrate on your clit.

I pull out into traffic and you close your legs as we overtake a truck, the driver looks down at you and i tell you to open your legs for him to see. You do as your told and i can see how wet you are. I tell you to pull out a tit for him to see and once again, you do as your told......."Your going to be a good little slut today aren't you?" You look at me and bite your lip and nod as an orgasm flows through you.

Eventually we leave the truck driver and get to the train station. I turn the toy off so you can walk normally. We sit down and wait for the train to arrive. You try to act all lady like, knowing there's going to be lots of people fucking you today, but your just too damn horny. You open your legs slightly and give a young guy on the opposite side of the station a flash of pussy. You grin as he gazes at your soaking slit......just enough time and the train turns up.

We get onto the train and you wave at him as we find a quiet seat towards the back of the train.

"Would you have fucked him?" I ask....you simply nod.

We set ourselves up in one of those double seats, with my back to the wall and facing you and everybody in the carriage. I turn the toy back on and use my feet to push your legs open, I pull out my phone and make a lovely little video of you playing with your clit and soaked pussy while the people behind you have no idea of what your doing. Your first train orgasm doesn't take you long. You grimace as you try to stop yourself from crying out in pleasure.

It's an express train, so there's only 2-3 stops, at the first stop, a guy gets on the train and sits in a seat over from us. The look of panic in your eyes is awesome. You know I've invited people to have you, you know I've told people we're going to be on a train, and you know there's going to be people who will try to find us on the trains. Is this guy one of them? You wriggle in your seat as I deliberately turn the toy inside you to a faster speed and once again I use my feet to open your legs and show this guys your pussy. Your look of panic relaxes to one of pleasure as you realise he's going to be joining us later.

You let yourself go and another orgasm rips through you, wow....I pity the person who's going to sit in your seat once we get off the train, your soaked.

Eventually we get to the Valley station. All 3 of us get up, you give the guy a playful squeeze on the cock and ask if we'll see him later, he nods and we depart the train and go our separate ways. He heads straight for the cinema and we head up for our lunch reservations I've made. As soon as we're seated, you excuse yourself to the bathroom and remove the remote toy from your soaked pussy. We sit down to our lunch and discuss how the day is going so far......you just grin and grab my hand and slide it down to your soaked pussy......"does this answer your question?"

Hmm....lunch isnt going to last long..........

To Be Continued.......