24 Apr 2016

In my mid-20s I went to uni after a few years in the workforce. Naturally, university life was full of academic and other delights. It was amazing how much fun could be had even though I was on the bones of my arse as I struggled to put myself through my degree.

Summer holidays involved picking up as much paid work as possible. For my first summer break I did a couple of months’ work mowing lawns, doing landscape gardening and maintenance. The guy who owned the business had bought it so he could be his own boss, but was a lazy sod at heart. This meant that although I was supposed to be his offsider, he’d often find any excuse to skive off and leave the hard work to me in the summer heat. The weather was bloody hot, the hours pretty much dawn to dusk and the money not that great, but I did get very fit, very quickly. My slight beer gut from the uni pub disappeared and I soon toned up. Despite always slip, slop slapping I was sporting what was once described as a ‘healthy tan.’ There were also other benefits.

Our customers were a real mix of people. Most were polite but treated me as the hired help. Others I never saw. I did their gardens while they were at work and then collected the fee they’d left in the letterbox. Then there were the little old ladies who loved to chat and would bring me cold drinks – God love ‘em. And then there were the arseholes who wanted their knee-high grass turned into a bowling green for a pittance.

One particular customer I remember very fondly however. Her name was Jan, a working mum in her early 40s. I first did her yard on a hot Saturday afternoon. It was a large suburban block in an upmarket semi-rural suburb on the outskirts of town. It had an in-ground swimming pool in a secluded corner of the garden. We mowed the grass, trimmed the edges and removed some garden rubbish. The boss and I mainly dealt with Jan’s husband, while Jan dealt with a couple of young teenage kids and some chores. It seemed as if they’d not long moved in. To be honest, I didn’t really pay too much attention until she brought us both a large glass of lemonade before we left.

As my days at uni were spent ogling pretty young things, I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at Jan if I’d passed her in the street – more fool me. Jan was about 5’3” with short dirty blond hair. Her face was pretty rather than strikingly beautiful and proudly bore a few faint laughter lines.

Jan’s yard became a regular job, with the lawn cut every fortnight that summer. It was a good gig, which I’d normally do on a week day morning. Sometimes Jan would be rushing about, getting kids off to school and herself to work, in which case I’d normally get a cheeky smile and a quick chat. I started to notice Jan a little more as the figure-hugging suits she wore to work showed off her large breasts and curvy arse, with shapely calves showing below conservative knee-length skirts.

If Jan knew the lawn would be done that day there would be a small esky on the back veranda with a couple of cool drinks and often a slice of cake or a few biscuits. Cash for the job and a short thank-you note would be under the esky. No wonder she was fast becoming my favourite customer.

One scorching January day I got to Jan’s late morning after two dirty, hard jobs. I was filthy and drenched in sweat. It had already been a hard day and it wasn’t even noon. The boss was skiving off more than usual with the hot weather and I was on my own again – some nonsense about seeing his accountant.

I got to it. After having done the edges and mowed the front yard and half of the back, I went to grab the cold drink I knew would be waiting for me.

Sitting on the step to the veranda I quenched my thirst, pocketed the cash and glanced at the thank you note. This note was a little different. As well as the usual thanks, Jan had written that she was only working a half-day and that if I was still about when she got home she’d give me some lunch. Immediately, my imagination went into overdrive, but I decided that it was probably no more than a friendly gesture. I looked at my watch. It was just after noon… no need to rush finishing the backyard I decided.

About ten minutes later I was emptying the catcher when I looked up to see Jan coming up the side path waving to me. I hadn’t heard her arrive over the din of the mower. As usual, Jan was dressed smartly for the office but was it just me or was this outfit a little less conservative than normal? The skirt of her grey suit was cut well above the knee, giving me a good view of Jan’s shapely legs leading to her black high heels. Even in the heat she still wore her suit coat over a clingy white top that showed a daring amount of cleavage.

I walked towards the veranda and Jan said breezily: ‘Hi, Fuck it’s hot. You must be fucked you poor darling… let me get you a cold beer.’

I must have blushed at hearing her swear. Jan disappeared into the house leaving me wondering whether she liked to fuck as much as she liked saying the word. Soon she returned with two crownies but minus the suit coat, revealing that the white top was a very tight boob tube that showed off her tanned arms, shoulders and lovely breasts.

I thanked Jan and as we gulped down our first cold mouthfuls I tried not to notice her magnificent tits. Fuck, they must have been E cups at least and seemed to want to burst out of her boob tube. It was plain that she was not wearing a bra. I wondered briefly if this was how she’d gone to work or whether she’d just slipped off her bra for my benefit while she was inside.

‘Just you today?’ Jan asked.

‘Yes, I’m afraid so.’

‘Oh, you should be very afraid,’ she replied with a wry smile. ‘Take a seat and I’ll fix us some lunch.’

‘I’m a bit dirty,’ I said as I looked at the expensive outdoor furniture on the veranda.

‘Oh, I like dirty!’ replied Jan, and I nearly chocked on my beer. ‘There’s an outdoor shower by the pool if you want to fix yourself up.’

Feeling Jan’s eyes on me I took my beer and headed off to the pool. Jan made no attempt to conceal that she was ogling me. As a young man who normally did the ogling, this was a strange feeling - both confronting and exciting.

My mind was racing and my cock rock hard. There was no doubt Jan was coming on to me. What if her husband came home? What if my boss found out? Fuck him!

Having taken off my work shirt and Blundstones I was washing the dirt and grass from my legs when I heard the pool gate swing open. Jan was standing in her high heels at the pool gate still wearing her white boob tube but the skirt was gone. Neither was she wearing any panties. I couldn’t take my eyes off her trimmed triangle of dirty blonde pubic hair.

‘You’re right, you are filthy,’ said Jan as she kicked off her shoes.

Suddenly Jan’s body was pressed hard against mine, our mouths finding each other’s. Jan’s tongue was thrusting into my mouth with a passion I hadn’t expected… there was nothing gentle or loving in the way she kissed me - just raw, carnal desire.

Our bodies were entwined beneath the gush of the shower. My left hand was groping Jan’s impressive breasts through the wet cloth of her boob tube. My right was placed firmly in the small of her back drawing her pelvis willingly to mine.

The shower was drenching us both. As I pressed my hand into the small of her back I could feel cool water rushing over it and down Jan’s arse cheeks. My fingers followed the flow of the water… at first kneading Jan’s round buttocks, then my fingers started to explore the crack of her arse. As my fingers played with Jan’s arsehole her whole body seemed to quiver.

Jan was still kissing me like there was no tomorrow. Her fingers were rubbing the front of my wet shorts and driving my cock wild. Now her mouth broke away from mine and she stepped back. She was dripping wet, her boob tube almost translucent, clinging to her gorgeous E-cups…. Jan’s nipples were hard against the sopping wet cloth. No surprise there, but what did surprise and delight me was the sight of what were the biggest areolas I’d ever seen. They were almost the size of saucers. I couldn’t wait to get that boob tube off and really get to see and taste them.

Jan dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. Taking my cock in her hands she stroked it gently before wrapping her lips around the head and proceeding to deep throat my cock. Jan’s fingers fondled my balls and stroked my perineum. I suddenly realised that Jan had sucked a lot of cock in her time. This wasn’t some buttoned-downed suburban housewife who’d finally let loose. Jan was a woman who knew how to handle a cock.

As if to prove her prowess, Jan sucked my nob and licked my balls until I was on the cusp of cumming. Sensing that I was about to blow Jan stood up, pressed her body against mine and kissed me.

Turning off the outdoor shower Jan kissed my neck and whispered: ‘Your turn to return the favour.’ Taking my hand she led me over to a sun lounge, which she laid herself down on. Jan began to stroke her pussy. Her legs were wide apart affording me a beautiful view of her cunt.

I stood back for a few seconds, watching this beautiful woman, clad only in a translucent wet boob tube pleasure herself, her fingers playing with her clit and rubbing up and down her labia. For a second, I thought Jan would cum without me, and then she panted: ‘What are you waiting for? Cat got your tongue?’

I didn’t need to be told twice. I dropped to my knees at the foot of the sun lounge. I placed a hand on each of Jan’s knees and pushed them further apart. Jan’s pussy lips smiled back up at me beneath the neat wet triangle of pubic hair. I practically lunged between her thighs, burying my head in Jan’s snatch. As Jan’s wet pubes tickled my nose, my tongue got its first taste of her moist cunt. I lapped at Jan’s twat for several minutes, sucking on her engorged clit, before gently inserting a single finger. God, she was wet!

I inserted a second finger, continuing to nibble on Jan’s clit. Then remembering how Jan had responded when I’d played with her arse under the shower, I put my hands under her thighs and rocked them back so that I could now see Jan’s puckered arsehole. Diving back in, I ran my tongue down the open gash of Jan’s pussy, along her perineum until my tongue was circling her arsehole. Jan moaned loudly and I briefly wondered whether the neighbours were home. As I rimmed Jan’s arsehole she began to finger her clit again. The harder my tongue probed, the more vigorously Jan’s fingers worked her pussy. Jan’s moaning got louder and faster.

Her arse cheeks tensed hard as her body quivered on the cusp of an orgasm. I darted my tongue hard into her arsehole and Jan screamed ‘fuck!’ as she came.

Jan was breathing hard, sucking in air as she lay back on the lounge. I slowly licked her pussy, feeling Jan’s body occasionally squirm as she let her orgasm wash over her.

Jan grabbed my hair, pulling me up to her mouth, kissing me hard, no doubt tasting her own delicious juices. ‘Fuck me,’ she moaned as she fondled my cock and steered it toward her welcoming pussy. As we kissed, Jan rubbed the head of my cock vigorously against her clit. Suddenly, I was inside her. My throbbing cock revelled in the wet warmth of Jan’s pussy. I was now thrusting hard, my hands clawing at Jan’s sopping-wet boob tube. I pulled my mouth away from Jan’s long enough to pull her boob tube up over her head. I stopped fucking Jan so furiously as I finally got to savour the full grandeur of her boobs. Even so many years later I can clearly remember how lovely they looked wobbling in the sun as I fucked her. My hands explored the full magnificence of those wonderful tits, lifting one, then the other to my mouth, licking those huge areola, my tongue circling Jan’s hard nipples. As I bit gently on one bullet-like nipple I felt Jan’s cunt tighten around my cock, the muscles in the walls of her pussy milking my cock as she came again. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was about to cum too. A slight panic washed over me at the thought of pumping another man’s wife full of my own hot cum. I pulled out just as the first squirts of jizz shot from my cock. Globs of cum fell on Jan’s soft little belly and in the neat patch of pubic hair above her gapping pussy lips.

I collapsed in Jan’s arms and felt the warm stickiness of my cum ooze between our bodies.

After a few minutes we washed our naked bodies under the garden shower before skinny-dipping in the pool. We kissed and cuddled in the pool as Jan told me she and her husband had been swingers for a few years. They’d recently bought this house partly because of the parties they could hold in the private pool area on weekends when they could get rid of the kids. It turned out that for a couple of weeks she’d been telling her husband about her fantasies involving the mower man, and her husband encouraged her to realize her fantasy.

All too soon it was time for me to towel off and get dressed. I still had a few jobs to get to. As I kissed a naked Jan goodbye on her back steps she asked me to do her lawns the same time in a fortnight and whispered in my ear that I could fuck her arse then.

I cut Jan’s lawn another three or four times that summer before I gave up lawn mowing and returned to uni. Each time Jan would come home from work and, except for once when my boss frustratingly came along, we would fuck like crazy. We stayed in touch after I went back to uni, with Jan and her husband introducing me to my first mfm and dp. I was even invited to a couple of their parties. Jan, her husband and their friends gave me a much better education then I ever got from attending lectures.