Written by tommy10

26 Mar 2011

I've taken up kayaking as a way to unwind from work, unlike my other high octane activities the idea is to cruise the harbour, fish and just take it easy. Over the last few weeks i have discovered several beautiful beaches which i quite regularly drop in to for a quick skinny dip before setting back off.

Two weeks ago i launched from Balmoral beach setting out to an old lighthouse across the channel, on approaching i noticed a little beach so went to explore. Unlike the other beaches this was exposed to the swell and on approaching a wave flipped me over and embarrassed me in front of five nude couples sprawled along the beach. Hoping no one noticed i dragged the kayak up onto the beach and began to strip off for a quick swim. Once in the water i scanned the beach and was surprised, no single males, i thought i better keep my distance and just be cool, not to invade their space. It wasn't long before a middle age couple entered the water and swam within talking range, the lady approached and enquired about the kayak saying they had been interested in getting one, we talked for a while before they wondered back up the beach again.

Half an hour latter,laying on my towel next to the kayak a shadow stood over me, i looked up to see this absolutely beautiful women standing naked at my feet. I looked up to see the sun shining between her slightly parted legs, a twitch down below warned me of a oncoming erection which may have been a problem considering i was nude. I quickly sat up only to be confronted by a lovely set of milky white breasts with the hardest nipples i'd every seen, no choice now had to quickly reach for a towel hoping to god she didn't notice my rising cock. She was quite interested in the kayak and sat next to me asking questions. I had trouble focusing on what she was saying as her legs were spread out in the sand and all i could see was her soft shaven pussy facing toward me, she said something and because i wasn't listening i said pardon which brought her closer,leaning forward with a gentle sway of her breasts.

She suddenly out of the blue said come on lets have a swim and run naked down to the water, i took three deep breathes and followed, my cock half erect and bouncing of my thighs. Diving in as fast as possible, we stood waist deep chatting in the clear water and to my surprise she mentioned that she could see my hard cock through the water. I apologized but she just stared at me with these amazing blue eyes, lent forward and lightly grasped my cock in her hand. Knowing she was with her partner i felt a little uneasy until she asked me to touch her pussy, i slid my hand down her inner thigh whilst she parted her legs, my finger entered her and she gave a small gasp as i began moving it in and out.

more to come