18 Mar 2016

I wanted my man to wake up and find himself hard in my mouth; I quietly moved down the bed as he slept, put my mouth around the head of his familiar thick cock. I slowly started to softly suck his tasty sexy cock into my mouth. My hand moved to his balls; they were so soft, so smooth; I loved having them in my mouth. Hmmm, maybe, I would have to do that for him after.

He stirred. And as he did the sensual blood flow started moving into his soft cock and he started to swell in my mouth. I moved onto my knees in order to get more of him into my throat. It was always a challenge to fit all of him into my mouth. I moved my mouth wetly up and down on his now solid erection. He was awake; I knew he was, a soft moan passed from his lips.

"Don't stop baby," he murmured. I was definitely not about to; I wanted, no needed, to taste his sweet cum. I loved that erotic sensation as a creamy thick flow pulses warm from a cock and covers my tongue..

My soft tongue was drawing circles around the head of his cock, my fingers expertly working under his balls near his arse. Softly rubbing back and forth, I knew he loved it but would never admit (I had read about it in a women’s mag and was happy it had the effect on him they promised!)

His balls loved to be tasted, loved to be gently sucked, loved to be in my mouth. I firmly gripped his thick erect cock and started moving my hand up and down followed by my mouth swallowing as deeply as my expanding throat allowed. I worked my sexual oral magic as he seemed to get even harder; my warm saliva making his length wetter and wetter, allowing my hands to slide smoothly along his cock, as I now sucked for all I was worth. I could tell he was going to orgasm soon, I could tell by his heavy breathing that he was so, so very close.

"Come up here," he begged. He wanted to fuck me...

No baby, I murmured. I was not releasing his swollen cock from my lips. I wanted to taste his delicious cum, I wanted him to push hard against the back of my throat as he orgasmed and came, I wanted to taste his luscious delivery.

His back arched, his hard cock driving to the back of my throat, his delicious, hot cum, now being perfectly delivered to me. He was spurting thick and strong, a flood of cum, down my throat; I swallowed, and swallowed, I continued to suck him until it started to tickle him. I ended sucking softly on the head of his cock, allowing me to swallow the last drops of his warm sweetness, relishing the power of my lips on my man.

I licked my salty lips before moving back up beside him. We kissed, sharing the flavour of his seed for a moment, before I again nestled back down into his strong arms, my head on his manly chest, I pressed his hand to my soft breast and we fell back to sleep.