Written by AnonymousSlutWife

22 Aug 2017

L visited from up North. Like many visiting the city he's working towards a new and more prosperous life....lucky for me he's also working my holes.

We have coffee near my office in the afternoon, so when I head to his hotel after work I'm technically not breaking my rule of fucking on the first date.

We chat and smoke on the balcony. L is easy to talk to, and I could talk for Australia were it a sport. I have a glass of wine to relax before getting on my knees, already drooling from both ends and eager to get better acquainted with his cock.

It's thick and long and before long a puddle of drool is in front of me as I strain to take it all. I wonder how often hotel staff clean that up?

Stripping me nude L pushes me bodily onto the bed, and buries himself balls deep in my aching, dripping cunt. He's too big for me and I whimper but I want it, and while I never really become accustomed to the forcible stabs to my cervix I learn to love the pain.

L wraps his hands around my throat, squeezing as he forces me still harder down onto the steel girder he calls a cock. I am half conscious, squirting and panting for more.

We've talked enough for him to know me so it isn't long until he jams his meat into my arsehole with only my own lust as lube. My eyes roll back into my head as I feel his cock bottom out deep in my guts.

I have little option but to roll with it as he ravages my holes, but I do not care.

Leaping up he takes advantage of my position with my head over the edge of the bed to use my throat again. Eagerly I suck my own arse off his cock as he plunges himself into my gullet.

My throat is open, open, open and I can't breathe but I don't care. He's pleased with how far I've swallowed him, and that's all that matters. I gag and choke and do my best to show how much I want his cock. He smacks my cunt hard and I buck and arch and clench my throat on his cock.

There's sleep but mostly it's the kind of long night where I'm really just waiting to be used again.

I hope he comes to visit again soon.