Written by juangariano

17 Dec 2012

Helen was a stocky woman of about 35, with broad hips, a full figure and a well muscled body. She had black straight hair cut in a page-boy style and usually got round in shorts, tee shirt and bare feet, so that I could frequently admired her muscular legs and see her breasts moving under her tee shirt, unsupported by any bra. She had clear green eyes and heavy brows, and I found her very attractive.

She came to live with us with her six year old son, having separated, with relief, from the chap she called the "sperm donor" . She needed to stay on our block in the bush outside a country town for three weeks while she found a house. The day after she arrived the rest of my family and her boy drove off for a few hours in town and I was left with Helen. We had a cup of coffee at the old kitchen table and talked of this and that and though I tried to look into her eyes as I spoke, I could not help dropping my gaze to her breasts. I could see the small bumps where the nipple pushed out the fabric. They seemed to be much more erect than before and I started to lengthen. I lost interest in the conversation then and needed very much to go out and relieve myself of that pressure, but then Helen ran her tongue over her full lips and said she was going to have a shower. I nodded. An idea had just come to me.

I watched her go, my heart beating at the sight of her broad hips swinging out the door of the kitchen. Then I heard the shower start and walked quickly around to back of the house. We were completely surrounded by bush out here and I dropped my trousers and underpants, stepped out of my thongs and slid behind a large bush that blocked part of the bathroom window, where I would be reasonably safe from sight, though I was now too far gone to care about her seeing me. We had no curtain on the shower and as I watched Helen soaping those big tits I saw that already her nipples were standing out like small thumbs from the big brown aureoles. I was already stiff and spat on my hand and began pumping. Then, as I sped up, she began to soap her crutch and, to my delight, to masturbate herself, head thrown back under the streaming water, back arched, grunting in pleasure. Even as I shot my load against the wall of the house she shuddered, gave a long moan and came and I sank down to the ground.

The next day I could still not stop thinking of her and when everyone was busy and the kids were at school, I offered to show her the pine grove, a stand of some ten trees we had planted ourselves, now big enough to make a little scented room of green with thick pine needles on the floor. We arrived and I allowed her to go first. As she padded along ahead of me I itched to reach out and touch her buttocks, but held back. We stood for a while, talking awkwardly, then she sat down on the pine needles.

"Mmmm," she said. "Like a big mattress." She smiled up at me and patted the ground. "Have a seat," she said. I sat and stroked her arm, slowly. "You have a very hairy arm," I said. "It's a real turn on." She smiled impishly at me. "Want to see the rest?" Before I could reply she whipped off her tee shirt. Her breasts hung there, sagging down a little, moving with her breathing, which had speeded up. I reached over and began rolling one of the nipples in my fingers. It became even more engorged and Helen flushed. "Now the other," she said, and I did so. Suddenly she pushed my hand away and I thought she had decided to call it a day, but she began unbuttoning my shirt instead. Once she had it off, she smiled in satisfaction.

"There. We're equal!"

She leant over and put a hand on my growing bulge. She frowned. "Perhaps we should have a look at that” she said gravely. She helped me off with my shorts and thongs and stood and slipped out of her own shorts. Now we were both quite naked and I gazed with desire at her thick black bush, my tool bobbing out in front of me, its tip an angry red, the hole in the end gaping and wet. Helen stepped up and squeezed that organ, gave a ragged little sigh, then she got on all fours and laid the clothing out on the ground as bedding, presenting her bum to me as I stood. I began to pump myself at the sight of her thick pisslips, red and swollen and wet. Then I knelt behind her and grabbed her, lay over her broad back, hefted her tits, moving my rod between her legs, slipping the tip along that wet love slit. Suddenly she slipped from my grasp, twisted and pulled me down onto her ample belly. We kissed, our tongues entwining and I felt down and found her hole and began playing with it, making it even more slippery, feeling the little nub and flicking it with my finger and making her love juices flow even more copiously.

"Come on," she grunted. "Let's fuck." She spread her knees as I sank down between them and guided my shaft into her very ready hole. There was a little resistance then I sank full into her.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Just fuck me hard!" and as I began pumping in and out she grunted in time to my thrusts. I suddenly looked full into her eyes and as I did so I rammed into her one last glorious time, tightening by buttocks and spurted my load deep into her heavy woman’s love hole as she bucked up against me and cried out in climax.

We lay forf a while, locked in each other’s arms, then slowly fell back, looking up at the sky through the pines and fondled each other idly, as Helen explained that she had seen me the day before outside the bathroom, masturbating to her naked body.

"Half expected it, the way your were looking at me in the kitchen," she said with a smile. "Really turned me on too to bring myself off to an audience." But after a while she sat up and leant over my rod, still at half mast.

"Let's go another round," she said and drooled spit on my knob, then began pumping me till I has hard again. She sucked me with her strong lips for a while and when I was ready to explode, she pulled away. I groaned in frustration but she quickly got on all fours and presented herself to me like an animal in heat, and after running my swollen tip up and down her cunt for a while, I rammed into her. This time we took longer as I poked her and hefted and tweaked those big melons. She came twice before I finally filled her.

We spent an interesting three weeks then, daily visiting parts of the block, but finally it was time to go. Since then however I have left home, moved to the big smoke and live not far from Helen. We meet at least once a week and fuck our brains out.