Written by birmygirl

12 Apr 2013

My male friend recently separated from his long time wife and he has having difficulty coping with everything - work, kids, housework. So I thought I would call in and offer to help if needed. He was busy washing up the evening dishes, the kids were in bed asleep. We quickly finished the dishes, then had to do some washing. We started talking about sex, I thought it would be a good distraction for him. I was getting horny and so was he but that friend to friend with benefits had never been crossed before. We had flirted in the past, but never done anything more. Well that changed pretty quickly. We were talking about different positions, he liked doggy, I like being on top, I loved having my nipples sucked - that type of things. I said that I had never been fucked over the bonnet of a car and he jokingly said well there's a car lets try it. He pulled me closer and he could feel I was horny, he slowly kissed me exploring my mouth with his tongue and I responded with my tongue and lips kissing him like we were long lost lovers.I could feel my pussy getting wet. His hands started exploring my body and I was enjoying it too much, my nipples were hard and erect. I quickly slipped my panties off and I unzipped his jeans to reveal a very hard cock. We smiled at each other and laughed. He lead me to his car, pressed me against the bonnet, spread my legs and started kissing my legs up into my thighs and then my pussy, the whole time he was watching me. His fingers were rubbing my clit and slowly entered my pussy. I was so wet, his mouth was soft and gentle as he licked my pussy and then kissing me, it tasted so good. I begged him to fuck me and so he did. His hard cock entered me and filled me, his cock was 9" of pure bliss. We fucked for about two hours he came over the stomach, he licked it off and kissed me, I told him the loved the taste of cum. We were both still horny, we got into the back seat of the car and I gave him oral until he came again. I wanted more but had to go and I asked him next time you need help with the laundry please call me. He is now a friend with benefits and we have had many fun nights doing the housework.