Written by pandaeyes_hubby

20 Jun 2011

Her First Surprise, pandaeyes_hubby

We had driven from Brisbane to Toowoomba on a cold and chilly August night. Pandaeyes was nervous. She knew from phone conversations I had, that the friend whom we were dropping in on fancied her. She also knew that given my nature, I was going to encourage him, (not that he needed much prompting). No promises had been made. In fact, had his flat mate been home I would not be writing this story now.

Although she and I had been involved with each other for about 6 months, I had never shared her with anybody. We had talked about this sort of thing and had done a little bit of light exhibitionism, flashing truckers through the car window, but that was the extent of our adventures. Needless to say, she wasn't quite sure about going through with what we had planned, to be truthful, she had never even met him before tonight.

I had suggested that I would talk to him alone first, to test the waters and if he was agreeable and in the mood, I would take her into the bedroom where we were to spend the night, tie her arms to the sides of the bed and blindfold her. Her blindfold, sexy red teddy and crutch-less knickers were all she would be wearing. I would then tease her mercilessly. After bringing her to the edge of orgasm, I would let our friend in. I would have the radio or cassette player loud enough so that she could not hear any accidental noises we may have made. This was just in case for some unknown reason he didn't want to participate, she would still have the thrill of not being sure exactly what was happening.

What she didn't know was that I had spoken to him on the phone and had something else planned as well..... It was a long trip, only about one and a half hours, but it seemed to take forever, We were both quite horny with the anticipation and I had kept her fires burning by stroking her inner thigh and pussy through her skin tight pants as we drove. Needless to say we were both quite sweaty when we got there....

When we arrived, he met us at the door . I was relieved to see that she was quite taken by his boyish good looks. So far so good. He offered us a cup of hot coffee which we both downed quickly. I asked if it was ok if we took a shower to freshen up before retiring to bed. He showed us to the bathroom and closed the door behind us. We both jumped in.... Pandaeyes didn't realize this was the part of the plan we had put together without her knowledge.

She loves to stand in the shower with the hot water running on her chest. I snuggled in behind her and let her feel my hard cock between her legs. She moaned and opened them slightly to give me access.. Just before i entered her I said 'Shit babe, he hasn't given us any towels'.... (Part two of our plan)... 'Stay here just like that', (she was facing away from the door) .. 'Ill go get some right now and be right back'.. she moaned in disappointment and told me to hurry.

I exited the bathroom and closed the door behind me. There he was, standing naked ready to take my place. I made as if he was still in the kitchen and called for some towels, waited for about ten seconds and reopened the door... good she was still facing the other way. We both entered the bathroom and he stepped into the shower behind her. Thank goodness she didn't turn around. He snuggled up behind her, where thirty seconds ago I had stood, and just as she had done previously, she parted her legs to allow me, (him) access.

He is slightly thicker but not as long as me, it was when he entered her she realized it wasn't me..... she shuddered in orgasm immediately.. He put his hands on her hips and started pumping, Her legs started to buckle as the second orgasm hit straight after the first. Leaning forward to steady herself against the wall, she pushed back hard against him as he came deep inside her. this triggered her third orgasm in the space of about one minute.

She straightened up and It was then that i moved into the shower in front of her she looked at me with a devilish grin and a sparkle in her eyes. Surprise I said as I rubbed my aching cock against her clit. I was that excited that I also came immediately. She grabbed my throbbing cock and said ' I hope your still going to tie me to the bed'. But that's another story. .

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