20 Nov 2016

I got a message from Jen saying I had to stop in at her place on my way home from work. Initially I thought I was being roped into moving some furniture or some heavy lifting type thing. When I got there, the front light was on and I knocked on the door. Lucy opened the door wearing a t-shirt and trackies. I told her I was reporting as instructed and that she needed something.

She let me in and made me a coffee, we participated in some small talk and she let mention it was her birthday that day, she had finally turned 18. I honestly thought she was in her early to mid 20's. She told me she had a fantasy of fucking another guy and that Luke, her bf was the only man she had ever been with. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I furiously texted Jen to see if there was another motive to my being there. She sent me a picture back with Lukes cock in her mouth and told me to have fun.

That was all the prompting I needed. When Lucy came back from the bathroom, I moved in. She was only a little thing and I picked her up and kissed her deeply, she instinctively wrapped her legs around me and ground her hot little pussy against me. I placed her on the bathroom vanity as we both pulled each others clothes off. She only had her trackies and t-shirt on and I devoured her succulent nipples. She undress me and pulled my rock hard cock from my pants and seemed to savour holding it in her hands.

We got the shower running and I picked her up again, she was so damn wet, I slid straight inside her, she grunted as my full length hit home inside her. I pushed her up against the wall of the shower and asked her if she was sure. You know that look when a pretty face bites her bottom lip and just nods, her eyes full of lust and approval. She braced one leg against the wall and hung onto my neck with both hands. I supported the rest of her weight with both hands and just drove it home......hard and deep, the water splashing onto us, we turned it up as hot as we both could handle.

Lucy was so damn excited it didn't take her long to cum, she raised her hips to match my thrusts blow for blow, within a few minutes, her pussy clamped down on my cock as it pistoned into her slippery pussy and she let out a wail that stirred me to the point of almost filling her pussy with hot cum. She begged me to stop and she moved onto her knees in front of me. I was already at the point of just about cumming, but she had a talent with her mouth and hands that just took a few short strokes and she had me jetting shot after shot of hot sticky cum into her mouth. She was a good girl and swallowed the lot. After washing her mouth and gargling with some shower water, she kissed me deep and suggested we move to the bedroom.

I don't think we even bothered drying off and just wandered to their bedroom. She lay back and opened her legs and told me to make her cum with my face. She was turned on and pulled a toy out which she slid effortlessly up her ass. I got to work and was rewarded with a nice orgasm that resulted in her juices running from her pussy to her ass. I positioned myself and teased her clit with the head of my cock. I gently eased inside her and she pulled her knees up around her ears. Ohh the joys of youth, being flexible enough to manuvour into positions some of wouldn't even contemplate. She looked at me and told me to fuck her.....and fuck her hard. I did just that, she was so moveable, every position I moved her into she completed with ease. She wanted fucking and she wanted it bad. I fucked her in nearly every way I could.

We came so many times, each time I would pull out and she'd swallow it or aim it at her tits. The last time, we had fucked for a while and I could feel a huge orgasm building. I told her I was going to cum and she should open her mouth, she said no and told me to fill her pussy. She got her phone ready and gave me instructions to video me pulling my cock from her well fucked and filled with cum pussy. I yelled as I slammed in deep and pumped her wet slit full of my seed, a few more spams and I felt myself withering inside her. I got her phone and videoed the mixture of our cum dribbling from her wet pussy.

She seemed very pleased with my video efforts and rewarded me by sucking me clean. We both hit the shower again and this time managed to get through it without fucking each other. Once out, she showed me her phone, she had sent the video to Luke and he had sent one back of the same thing with Jen. I gave Lucy a kiss and headed out the door, as I'm sure Luke did with Jen. I think we passed each other in the short 5 minute drive between houses.

Once I got home, Jen fucked the living shit out of me. I got told to fuck her ass and fuck it good, which is strange for Jen as she has to be in the right mood for anal. But it was probably some of the best sex Jen and I have had in a long damn time.

We now have an open arrangement with Luke and Lucy, and quite often borrow each others husband or wife for a night of fun. I think we'll be good friends for a while.