Written by erotica3

30 Mar 2012

Travelling for work allows me the great pleasure of catching up with exciting online friends,

who have found a place in my mind and sexual dreams for a long time,

so when i finally got opportunity for a lightning visit to Melbourne, I was hoping that he would feel as excited as my wet puss.

i only had two day and when i told my fuckmaster that i was hitting town , he was stiff instantly .

so i get to town and call him...............he is out of town ..WTF?

i gotta tell you i was devastated ,so i went and occupied myself with some retail therapy ,buying a super sexy lowcut black dress a black corset and red underwear.

apologies arrived and i was not happy with excuses.

finally i received the call that he was coming -a little relief on my part.after all the incredibly dirty and horny messages we had exchanged over the yrs . i arranged a little privacy for us and waited dressed in my new dress and underwear..

he knocked on the door and i answered .His eyes drank in my form, his hands touched my silhouette and danced up and down my body , or lips and tongues met,we entwined our bodies together , and passionately kissed for minutes.

we stopped and said hello to each other and kissed again.

i lead him to the sofa and sat him down , walking to the other side of the room , music was playing and i seductively danced for him as i stripped to reveal my massive tits spilling out of my corset , and my red underwear , which i bent over to show him how wet i was ...i crawled over to him.he was squirming in his chair ,i could see his cock was wanting for me and i unleashed his massive cock to my very eager tongue and lips ..he sighed !!!!!!!!!!!! he body shock and he smiled from the moments of bliss i could read upon his face .

i devoured him, i couldn't wait to have a little of his precum drip from his shaft, my fuckmaster was erect and wanting it , and finally i was here and i was wet , needy and ready to pleasure him.

he hadn't had his cocked sucked for a looong time , so he was moaning with extreme delight, and as i looked at him with my baby blue eyes , he knew i was ready to be his cumslut,id been waiting to long.

we made our way to the bedroom and i pushed him onto the bed while i massaged my e cups and my cunt standing away from him...we had masturbated with each other online so much ,it was such a turn on to be in the same room and look each other in the face , he sprang from the bed and pinned me to the door...his finers rubbed over my wetness,he dropped to his knees and started lappy at my needy cucnt,i could feel myself push down on his face , his fingers and tongue ,worked my hole and my clit was pulsating , i moaned and rode his face ...i straddled his face and gave over to his incredible mouth upon my pussy, i shuddered with climax and smeared my juice all over his face ..he stood up and i licked his face and kissed him..his cock entered me finally, i had waited so long to feel him, to taste and to see him on me ,in me..ohhhhh yeah , he threw me onto the bed and spread my legs wide ,"I've been waiting to fuck you my cumslut"."And ive been waiting to long for you fuckmaster ".he thrust into me ,swang me around and threw me upon the bed.

my legs were spread out wide and he buryed his face into my snatch once more." you taste like honey " he said and i quivered at his words.

i wanted him now, we fucked like animals on heat for 2 hours ,

and we played out a few fantasies that we had share online over the time ,

we recorded me enjoying his hard cock and him telling me how great i am at giving blow jobs.

i finished him off by blowing his shaft and drinking down his beautiful seed .he was tasty, and i cant wait till the day when we can taste each other once again.x