Written by sarahunt4you

1 Nov 2012

And there I was… home alone after my hubby had to leave on a business trip. Or his “mission impossible” as he liked to call them. As I was relaxing on the couch the doorbell rang. Opening the door I found one of my friends standing there crying. Inviting her in she dropped on the couch and started pouring her heart out. She had a blazing row with her boyfriend and couldn’t take anymore. After a while she started calming down.

“It’s a bit quiet here” she said. Explaining that my hubby would be gone for a few days she decided it was the perfect time to have some fun. As I was in no mood to hit the town I managed to persuade her to stay at home. But only after she insisted she cooks something nice to eat.

While she raided the fridge looking for something to cook I told her I would get her bedroom ready so she could stay overnight and give her boyfriend some breathing space.

Coming back downstairs she had turned on the music and was having fun cooking. Joining her and laughing and joking we soon had some nice food on the table.

Tidying up after dinner she thanked me for taking her mind of her sorrows and gave me a kiss. Except that instead of kissing me on the cheeks she kissed me on my lips. I still don’t know if she intended it that way but I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Looking at each other we kissed again. Pulling back she apologized but for some reason it sounded rather feeble. “I don’t mind” I replied, than slowly started to kiss her neck and down her front. Undoing her buttons I carried on kissing her soft skin around her ample breasts. I had always thought her a beautiful woman and had often wondered how she would feel. I could feel her nipples hardening through her bra and I couldn’t resist biting them gently through the fabric.

By now she had started to undo her bra and was almost pushing her breast into my face. Sucking her nipples hard now she moaned out loud. Teasing her breast I started to undo her jeans. Eager now to see how she would taste I pushed her against the kitchen sink. Going down I pulled her panties aside and sliding my fingers in her cunt I could feel she was rather wet.

Spreading her legs I let my tongue slide over her cunt and inside tasting her wetness…. when suddenly the kitchen door opened…

Standing there was my hubby staring at us. “The plane has been cancelled at the last minute” he mumbled. "But please don’t let me stop you”.

Walking into the kitchen he sat down at the kitchen table. Looking at my friend she smiled and said “well you heard him… don’t stop”

Licking her cunt harder she started to push her hips into my face. “Faster” she whispered.

As I was licking her I could she my hubby undoing his trousers and playing with his throbbing manhood.

I could feel I was soaking wet and seeing his cock only made me wetter. My friend was near exploding when I stopped licking her.

Getting up I moved her to the couch and started to take of my clothes whilst kissing my friend, letting her taste her own wetness on my mouth. Bending down again I carried on sucking her cunt. I then felt my hubby behind me spreading my legs, letting his cock slide inside effortlessly.

Pushing his cock deep inside me I could feel his excitement.

My friend was moaning loudly by now and licking her faster she came hard.

As my hubby started to push faster, my friend than started to lick my cunt and his cock, driving us mad with excitement and ready to explode.

Collapsing on the couch my friend remarked that maybe it was time she went home and make up with her boyfriend. We told her the offer of the spare bed stood any time she wanted….