4 Oct 2017

I have been living and working in Aussie for the last 8 years and now I have started to travel back to Nz for work regularly.

On one of my recent trips back to my home town I met a couple (Jack & Sally) that I haven't seen in around 10 years, we had a quick chat is the street and then I was ask if I would like to come around to their place for dinner and catch up that night.

I arrived at their place around 6.30 with a couple of bottles of wine to have with our wonderful dinner that Sally had cooked, after a great dinner and some stimulating conversation and a few more bottles of wine Sally lets it slip that she has had a thing for me for a number of years and that she would fantasise about me when she was making love to Jack.

Sally is an amazingly beautiful blonde woman with a body that would bring most men to their knees and a women who I have had a secret crush on since the first time I laid eyes on her.

Well now you can imagine the images that was going through my mind by hearing what Sally was telling me and all of a sudden I was starting to get very horny. Jack turns to me and says that Sally has wanted to fuck me ever since we first met some 15 years go, I was stunned I didn't know what to say or what to do, I looked at Jack and see him wink at Sally and then the next think I know is that Sally walks over to me and whispers in me ear that Jack says that She has a leave pass tonight and I can do anything I want with her as long as Jack can sit and watch, I had a instant hard on as I to have been wanting to fuck Sally for a number of years.

Sally gave me a kiss on the lips and toke me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom, I started ripping Sally's cloths of and I started kissing my way down her neck to her beautiful size C breasts, when i started licking and sucking her hard nipples and she let out a little moan, I then worked my way down to the most perfectly shaved wet pussy, I gave it a little kiss and started to slowly lick around her wet lips, by this time Sally had unsized my pants and was start to suck on my hard cock, she give an amazing blowjob by the way, I then moved on on her very wet pussy she let out a moan when I started to lick her clit and all of a sudden she become even wetter I worked my finger into her pussy and started to massage her G spot and the moans were getting louder, I moved my thumb down and started to rim her ass, that sent her to the moon as her started to orgasm and Sally was saying fuck me fuck me , I pull up and put her legs over my head and started rubbing the head of my cock around her wet pussy, that made her cum even harder, I slowly inched into her very tight pussy with Sally screaming fuck me, I had for gotten that Jack was in the room watching and as I stood up to fuck Sally I saw Jack stroking on the chair in the corner of the room, as I got deeper into Sally's wet pussy I said to Jack to come on over and join in the fun, Jack walked over and put his cock into Sally's mouth, a minute later Jack was cumming all over Sally face, Sally started to scream and then she started to buck wildly, I pulled out of her pussy Sally started to squirt all over me, when she had finished I started to fuck her again I lasted about 30 seconds before I shot my load deep into her pussy witch started her squirting again, what and awesome experience and that I will never forget and what a home coming.

I have seen Sally a couple of times since our dinner date and she still has a smile as we talk about it, hopefully we can repeat it some day.