Written by pushitin99

23 Apr 2012

It begins at the end of our Honeymoon, we spent two glorious weeks in Tahiti and flew home with bags and bottles duty free in hand. My new wife, Michelle, petite, playful, sparkling giggling wiggling ball of sex encassed in blonde hair, sparkling hazel eyes and sunkist skin from tropical sunsets in Tahiti said, "LET'S CALL M.J.(Mary Jane) OVER-I GOTTA TELL HER ALL ABOUT IT!" So we dial 6# and in minutes they are agreeing to our night starting with drinks. When the girls got to the end of the second round of Jim Beam they were in high flirt mode. I didn't stand a chance. Her friend has black (jet black) hair, green eyes and a body like a greek goddess,she was giving me a look that didn't sit well with the growing lump in my trousers or the burning concscience starting at my left hand ring finger! They worked out that the closer they sat, the more uncomfortable I looked, . As the night wore out I thought, 'Well, flirts, Im F#%kD if Im gunna wait for you guys to get your arses into bed, Im jet lagged and going to bed!' - but I actually said "Im tired and worn out, Im going to bed!" and left them to it. I went and showered, dried amd returned to say goodnight but found them both eating each others pussies like they had never been fed! Dont get me wrong, these two have had LOTs of sex in proximity to each other when sharing boys having fun growing up, and had spent nights watching porn and masterbating themselves when younger but nothing this close.

So here I was, new husband, clean and well relaxd seeing his new wife eating her friend out like a trooper. They both stopped and looked at me when they realised I was there, smiled and said "Why don't you join us?" So what do you think? I waited and said to them "Come then and show me who's your Daddy!" They laughed and untangled themselves and came over, on hands and knees, to suck my already hardening cock. MJ won the race and my wife wrapped her mouth around my bare balls. They slurped and swapped juices along the length of my stiff cock, their tongues lashing it and my pre-cum oozing until they had created a monster! We were nearer the hall so I told them to move through to the bedroom "Lets GO!" They giggled and ran as I slapped their butts along, my wife jumping onto the bed and MJ a fraction of a second behind. I sauntered in closing the door and the two girls were already at it. I looked for the nearest opening and my new bride wins by location. With ease, familiarity and lots of licking from MJ my cock parked in mommys garage! As it slid in and out MJ licked and slurped and when I pulled it out and put it in her mouth, she deep-throat gagged on my cock. We changed to allow MJ to be stabbed and pounded by my throbbing cock. My wife with legs open pulling her freinds head into her Tahitian waxed and oiled pussy, ooing and aahhing at every lick and nibble while I banged at her freinds pussy from behind, her moans muffled and distorted by eating Michelles swollen pussy and clit, was really loving her home-coming.

We carried on until sunrise, 7 or 9 hours later to which I announced "Its late, I love you my darling but I gotta sleep or else I turn to dust!" They both looked at me like they were drunk and smiled and nodded, I gave each a deep slow kiss and rolled over to sleep.

When I awoke my wife was cooking me breakfast and MJ was still looking like she had come off a photo shoot complete with the smile, we all chuckled and settled in for a long dirty weekend, which is another story.