Written by Lost Soul

8 Oct 2012

I was 19 at the time prime of my life just picked to represent my country in rugby union . I fell very ill and was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever a shock and a fight I very nearly lost . After 8 weeks in hospital 6 of them bed ridden and at one stage having the last rights I started to get a bit better. In this time I did not masturbate as I was too sick to do so and no chance of sex well at least I thought. First time I was able to shower on my own I was led to to the bathroom by a very horny looking nurse. This nurse was about 5ft 9 and very attractive around 35 and wore skin tight nurses uniforms and always flirted with me and the other patients . It felt so good to be able to shower myself and been able to stand up without pain . I don't even remember her name she waited for me in the bathroom and locked the door . Next she asked if I needed a hand to wash my back at first I said no I am ok thanks . The she said you sure I went silent thinking if she touches me I am going to crack one . Bugger it I said only if you want to she said just got to get my wellies and apron on . It was a disabled shower with a large hand rail she slipped in behind me and reached for the soap. I could feel the rubber apron she had on touch my body .She began to wash my back and asked me how a 19 yr old goes 8 weeks without sex . I was lost for words next she asked if I had masturbated during my stay . I said hardly in a room full of geriatrics in a heart ward . Her hands moved down to my arse cheeks I felt my cock hardening and soon had an erection she was yet to see. Can you put your arms up she said as I did she reached around and washed my face then my chest moved down to my stomach and next I felt the wash cloth touch my hard cock . She chuckled and said it is ok your 19 and been cooped up in here for 2 months just relax . she then asked me to turn around as I did I was shocked to see all she was wearing was the wellies and a short rubber apron with a shower cap the apron just covered here pussy . Massaging my chest she said if I don't tell anyone will you ? if you do I will deny it. I reached for her face and began kissing her first slowly then like a madman she reached for my cock and began stroking it and rubbing my balls. I put my hand between her legs and it felt so good and tore of her rubber apron. All she now had on were here knee length wellies and a shower cap . She lent back as I fumbled with her pussy and now began sucking here not so small breasts . I was ravenous and I knew I was not going to last long . She moved around me and sat on the chair In the shower and devoured my hard cock with long strokes . I could not stand it and said stand up and spun her around and pushed here head down . She hung onto the rail in the shower and spread her legs wide . No time for thinking about condoms I was past that point I slipped my cock into her warm tight pussy . It felt so good and began thrusting into her . She kept saying over and over fuck me fuck me I was trying to muffle her as she got louder and louder after what seemed 10 minutes more likely 3 I pulled out . As she turned her head I swung her around and unloaded 8 weeks of cum over the side of her face . She grabbed what was not washed of by the shower and eagerly ate it . I nearly fainted as I felt so drained and it was such a relief . Very calmly she got out of the shower and cleaned her self down dried of and got dressed without saying a word . I sat on the chair it was short but so very intense my illness had taken its toll but man did I enjoy that shower . I got out dressed and she bought a wheel chair in as I was as weak as a kitten . All she said was do you feel better with a smile I said yes yes I do thank you . That was it she wheeled me back to my bed like it had not happened . I never saw her again after that as that as it turned out was her last day before leaving for the UK to work . A few days later I was discharged and even at 19 I never told a soul for quite a few years . Funny enough I ended up marrying a beautiful medical professional who looked similar to the nurse in the shower . That as it has turned out was not such a good idea another story for another day .