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27 May 2020

Hot day at Maslins Beach

Went to Maslins on a hot sunny day and eneded up having the hottest experience with a guy in the water


5 minute read

It was a hot sunny day in the middle of the week in Feb 2020 and i was feeling a bit horny so i took a few hours off and went down to Maslins Beach in Adelaide for a bit of nude sun and a bit of a look. I got there and stripped off to that amazing feeling of being naked amongst other naked people. The beach looked amazing , water was perfectly calm and there were quite a few people around. I went for a walk up and down the beach to see what delightful sights were around. Its a nude beach up to a point then a 'normal' clothed beach half way up the northern end with a big sign telling you that you may encounter naked bathers beyond. Ive been there a few times when people sit just the other side to check out the sights too afraid to go across and join them, but most people on the nude side dont mind a casual eye on them. Sometimes the view from the nude side to the clothed side can be hot too! At the northern end there were some nice sights, a few guys with nice hard cocks casually stroking them and a couple of early 20's women who still had bottoms on when i walked up, then by the time id had a swim and turned around they had taken them off to get some sun on 2 of the sexiest bald pussies and perfectly shaped tits ive seen there. They were happy keeping to themselves so i continued on and just had a respectful glance and admired their smooth pussies discretely. Most people who go to Maslins know that the cliff end or southern is where anything can and very often does happen! Ive seen many hot sights there and had some hot fun there in the past but that might be another story.... I went right down to the end to see if there were any interesting sites that day and go for another swim. There was a woman on the rocks sunning herself quite obviously happy to be on her own, a few guys around in the water but none of them caught my eye, yet.... There was a boat anchored just off the beach and a couple were clearly having a bit of fun on board and jumping in the water, only to get back on board and all you could see was the odd foot in the air so they were having a great time! It was then that i was wading in the water and a guy was about waist deep casually stroking his cock which was about 7" and a good thickness. Im tall and have a nice thick cock also about 7" which gets lots of comments, and im bi too so when he started a bit of conversation about the couple on the boat and complimented me on my cock, it was getting pretty hard by now and i was starting to get really turned on at what might come. He came over to me and i nodded so he took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. His cock was also rock hard by now so i did the same thing to him facing him. We drifted a bit further into the water and he rubbed our cocks together which was turning me on in a big way. There were a few people watching from a distance but we were so turned on we didnt care! We were watching the couple in the boat and we could see that she was sucking him off, but we continued on and I laid back in the water and floated with my legs either side of his so he could wank both our cocks together, which looked so hot. He was telling me all these stories about how he has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend and the sex they get up to, which had me even more turned on! He started rubbing his cock a bit lower on my balls too then i felt his knob rubbing on my asshole.... It felt amazing, then without a word and a gentle push he slipped the head inside my ass. Ive had anal before but never bare back and he knew what he was doing. He asked if i minded and i told him definitely not!! He pumped me for a bit then took it out and turned around and backed on to mine. He took a minute to get it in but once he did he pushed right back on me. We were fucking away in the water, swapping who fucked who for the next while until he asked me if id cum inside him. My heart was pounding at the excitement and i was too scared to let him cum inside me so i said sure, held his hips and fucked him hard until i shot a huge load up his ass. It felt amazing to drain my balls deep inside him and he groaned in pleasure as i filled him up. The sight of my cum oozing out of his ass as i pulled out was so hot..... We thanked each other, exchanged a bit of chat then went on our way. It tuned me on walking past other guys who were watching us in the water as i made my way home very satisfied. Needless to say, when the weather warms up again ill have to take more trips down to Maslins!

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