2 Mar 2017

We had met after the long chat of what we would do to each other of course describing that we would blow each others mind and of course repeat this and have sex again as we all say this in the hope it happens.

Exchanging pictures and working out what we would do to pleasure one another the usual stuff. It wasn't till we met and pulled beside one another in our cars. I hopped into hers and we started driving. Finding a nice spot we could not resist. The sexual tension was bursting at the seams. As I began fondling her large breasts with the nipples so erect they were s mouthful as the right size I needed. She already had my zip undone belt loose and began to take my already hard cock into her mouth. My lord can she could do no wrong and began to pleasure my cock in all forms. I had to pull back already having two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. By this stage I had to feel her wetness. So without waiting any further for the suspense I slid it into her tight but nice fitting wet pussy. She new it felt right feeling every corner we just moved together till I blew my whole load into that warm tight hole. Knowing this was not enough my cock slide into her mouth and she began to work her magic with tongue and all. Before I new it I has blown a third time. Best feeling I've had in a while and it would be the beginning of many more to cum.