Written by happy hub

27 Feb 2013

Some years ago we attended swingers parties and I especially loved seeing my wife fucked and played with.this hadn't happened for about 12 years(kids), She still has a great athletic body and a pussy to die for.

One weekend recently we were visiting a mutual friend and after a lovely day out the three of us decided to hop into his hot tub. Plenty of good conversation and a few drinks ,wife doesn't drink,. Many things discussed sex not really one of the items.

It soon became time for bed and I was really looking forward to a good night with the wife. Dave our friend,stopped to fit the cover over the pool as we headed inside. My wife in bikini with towel wrapped around led down the hall to were our room was on the right, to my surprise she continued past our doorway and spoke to her but she continued to the end door,Dave's bedroom, opened the door and went inside, I Followed without a word spoken. She proceeded to dry herself of and remove her bikini then lay naked ,legs spread facing the now closed door with me sitting beside her.

A few minutes later Dave entered the room to his disbelief without much said he striped and joined her for for plenty of petting and a good long hard fuck. I fucked her after Dave finished. What A memorable nigh was had by all three. I had no idea what she had in mind as she went down that hallway.