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Hot Wife

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Published 10 years ago
We had been out to dinner with a group of people, ate too much and definitely drank too much. We had decided to spend the night at Mike and Joanne’s place rather than get a taxi. Besides, we were still in party mode and wanted to keep going! Brad was a friend of Mikes and he had decided to continue on with us. We soon had the music turned up and the drinks were going down easy. Joanne couldn’t handle any more and slipped upstairs and passed out. I wasn’t doing much better and kept dozing off. My wife, Sue, nudged me and suggested I hit the sack. The guest room was right next to the lounge where the three of them partied on. I had a shower and was just about to put my head down when I heard Sue giggling. I quietly peaked around the wall just in time to see Mike and Brad attempt to do a body shot off Sue’s stomach. Sue was lying back on the huge lounge and was wearing a full length skirt and blouse. The skirt had been lowered and the top lifted slightly. I watched Mike pour a shot of Baileys onto Sue’s stomach and Brad eagerly licked it off her. Brad then offered the same service to Mike. Mike’s hands seemed to be all over Sue. He had unbuttoned a few of her buttons and Sue had feebly tried to stop him. He soon had all the buttons loose and Sue’s blouse fell open exposing her beautiful breasts. Brad trickled a little of the Baileys over each nipple and they both sucked at her tits until her nipples were peaking. My cock was getting hard watching these two guys fondle my wife. Mike continued sucking her nipples. Sue’s hands were caressing the back of his head as he sucked her tits. Brad was now working his hands under her skirt. Sue moaned as he reached her pussy. Brad pushed her skirt up to reveal she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I could see his fingers slipping in and out of her obviously wet pussy. Brad soon replaced his fingers with his tongue, spreading her legs wide so that he could enjoy more access. Mike was unzipping his pants and had his hard cock poking at her mouth. Sue took his cock and flicked at it with her tongue before eagerly swallowing the length of it as deep as she could manage. Brad dropped his pants to reveal a huge 10 or 11 inch, rock hard cock. He positioned his cock against Sue’s pussy and began to ease it inside her. Sue gasped as she realised how big Brad was. Slowly his cock sank deeper and deeper until his balls slapped against her arse. He began to pump her pussy in long, slow strokes, speeding up every now and again. Sue was bucking wildly, trying to suck Mike while maintaining Brad’s cock inside her. I was still peaking around the door, my cock in hand and unbelievably horny watching my wife fuck these two guys. Brad’s balls were tightening and his breathing became louder. His back arched and he started filling Sue’s pussy with his cum. Brad suggested to Mike that they swap places. Sue licked the last cum from Brad’s softening cock while Mike slammed into her pussy. Mike didn’t last long and was soon cuming inside Sue. I could make out her glistening pussy lips. Both guys had big smiles as they disappeared to bed leaving Sue naked on the lounge. I gestured to her to come to bed. She seemed a little shocked and asked me what I had seen. When I told her that I hadn’t missed a thing she smiled and told me she hadn’t yet cum and that maybe I should remedy that. I didn’t need to be asked twice! Sue pushed me onto the bed and mounted my face. She spread her swollen pussy and two loads of cum slid into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed everything and licked her pussy until nothing else leaked out. Sue moved down and mounted my hard cock which I rammed into her. She kissed me deeply as I pounded her pussy, slamming my balls against her arse. Sue started moaning and orgasmed as hard as I have ever felt her. Her pussy squeezed tightly around my cock and I shot my load inside her. Sue slumped next to on the bed and asked me to lick her pussy clean again. I ate my cum from inside her, licking her very swollen pussy lips until she couldn’t take any more. She orgasmed again and then very quickly fell asleep. The next day we left before anyone else woke up. Sue felt a little weird but I still get horny thinking about that night.

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