Written by bob

11 Aug 2013

I red about Perth not being active on this web site, and how no one wants to play for real. Well, this is my story to prove you wrong.

We found this guy on swingers heaven two years ago, and ever since, we have a lots of fun with him. Andy is 49, a true gentleman, wonderful lover and he knows what he wants in his life. My wife Anna is beautiful lady for her 42 years, short black hair, big round tits, lovely legs, and beautiful ass to die for. We had a gay to screw her before, but for some reason it didn't work well. The guy wanted to have her on his own without me being there, and that was something that two of us didn't like. He was camera shy too, and we like to take a lot of photos when we play.

With Andy it was all different story, very experienced, not camera shy, and ready to tease and please. It all started with few emails, and on our very first meeting, my wife sucked his cock on the back seat of our car. not long after that, they were screwing each other regularly with me taking photos and sometimes joining in. But all of the games were in the car or in in the car parks alone the beach somewhere, and this time we decided to do it in a hotel room. I told my lovely wife that I will be taking photos and movies, as that was a unique opportunity for a nice full set. She will play with Andy on their own, and of course she didn't mind.

We checked in the hotel early. As my lovely wife stepped out of our car in this very short dress, black stockings and red high heels , I caught Andy checking on her arse, and then staring on her large perky tits almost popping out of her dress as she walked upstairs. I could see that he couldn't wait to suck her nipples and to stick his fingers inside already wet pussy. She couldn't wait either, her nipples were rock hard before we got to the room.

I was waiting for this moment for a long time. I had two cameras, one for the short movies, a the other one for the photos. As I said, all of their previous encounters were in the car n dark car parks, and I couldn't see much, let alone to take some quality photos.

We got into the room, shared a glass of nice red wine, and before I was able o set my equipment, my wife sat on Andy's lap and started to kiss him with a passion. I just managed to set up my second camera on a tripod, when I noticed Andy's hand going from my wife's knee to the end of her stocking, and then further up to the edge of her nickers. In no time his finger was in her wet pussy, and they were still kissing. My wife pulled her left tit out of her dress and teased him by touching his face with her hard nipple. He grabbed it and swallowed half of her tit sucking it so loud that I could hear it. She spread her legs wide open as she rubbed her ass against his cock which as still in his pants.

He stacked his second finger in her pussy and she started to move like she was riding his cock.

Then she stood up, kneeled in front of him, and in time his hard cock was in her mouth. I knew she can suck, but this time she asked him to fuck her mouth, instead. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pushed his cock harder and harder into her mouth. I've got some photos where she's got his whole cock inside her mouth, and her lips reached his balls. Then she pulled it out and went on to lick his balls. I could see his cock propping up as she licked him, and for a second I thought he was about to blow his load.

My wife noticed that too, and she gave him a break by taking him onto the bed. She used some massage oil around his hard cock, his balls and arse. Then she sucked him hard again, caressing his balls first, and then she stacked her finger into his arse. He loved it, and she continued with her tongue from the tip of his cock head down around his balls and to his surprise she rimmed his arse too. His cock was in its maximum size, pulsating and waiting to be swallowed again. She did just that, sucked him hard for a good few minutes. Then she turned on top of him and made 69ner.

He loves her pussy and he cannot have enough of her. I run around the bed to take some shots from both sides, and then my wife decided it was time to fuck him.

She sat on him for a while, kissing and teasing him by rubbing her pussy against his cock, and then she gave in. I saw his cock slide inside my wife's pussy and I took few awesome photos as he went in and out of her. Then I saw that Andy was kissing and sucking her tits, rubbing her erected nipples between his fingers. They fucked like that for good six or seven minutes, and then they changed position.

She laid back with her legs wide open and he sunk his swollen cock into her pussy again. He pumped her very hard first, and then slowed down, then pumped her hard again. He lifted her legs high on his shoulders and fucked her even harder.

The noise of his cock slamming her wet pussy, and his balls hitting her ass, forced me to put the TV on and turn the volume up, which later on I will find would spoil my movies.

Andy was in a good form that night, he fucked my wife really hard, and the bitch loved it, I could see it. She was moaning twisting her ass awaiting every single of his trusts, watching him into his eyes and licking her lower lip. That made him furious and he opened her legs wide open and fucked her even harder. She started to moan louder and when she grabbed him his ass pulling him deeper inside, I knew she was Cumming. She shook in a strong orgasm, but Andy continued to fuck her hard. We both thought that he wanted to cum too, but he pulled his cock out suddenly, and whispered to my wife that he would like to fuck her lovely arse....

to be continued ....