Written by John_Jane34

15 Oct 2011

My husband good looking and has a brownish complexion with a great tongue and cock. I had this erotic dream, where he is licking my clit. I wake up and he is in actual fact doing it! I got all wet in the dream and on waking up, I find that it is all wet to the bed sheet. I had a few drinks the night before and that is perhaps why I didn't get up so easily. The night before we had great sex and I came so many times and squirted for the first time. It was sheer bliss. And what a great way to wake up!

The night before, I had my new clit pump on with the vibrator turned on for a while. It sent such thrills through my clit and inner lips. When my man finally took it off after about 15 minutes, the tingling and exciting feeling on my clit was great. My clit was also so sensitive, and enlarged it looked like a little cock! My man started sucking on it while teasing it with his tongue. I had an orgasm withing minutes which actually sent ripples through out my lower abdomen. Even after cumming, the thrill continued.

It got my hubby real excited he started wanking. I took his brown cock into my mouth and sucked and teased it! I was real excited and licked his balls. I licked his ass, which made him moan with pleasure. I noticed that he was about to cum and immediately sucked his cock. It was so satisfying to have all the cum in my mouth which tasted so good. After that he went limp, but was so keen on looking at my enlarged clit. I was still excited and started playing with my clit. I had another orgasm, which was even stronger than my first. I moaned so loud, I am sure it could have been heard on the street. By the time I came back to reality, I noticed that my hubby's cock was throbbing hard again.

I just wanted more cock and sucked him and licked him all over. It sent thrills of excitement all over him. He was moaning in ecstasy. He then went down on my pussy and tongue fucked my vagina. It felt so good! I cried out to him to not stop and I had my third and more powerful orgasm.

Still my excitement didn't die.....I just wanted more. My man now started sucking on my clit and shoved his finger into my pussy, and fingered the ridges inside where my G-Spot is located. It felt as though he kept doing this for ages. I was in my own world of pleasure....I felt I was cumming....in fact it felt like an orgasm but just continued and continued. It was so acute and then I began to feel like urinating. The urge got stronger and stronger. It was like having an orgasm but at the same time wanting to pee. I was moaning with pleasure.

This got my man real excited and I could feel him fucking me feet, with his incredibly hard cock as that's where his cock was, while he was fingering and sucking me!

The feeling was so intense, as the orgasm seemed to go on forever and I really wanted to pee. I told my husband to stop, as I wanted to have a pee, but he was so excited, he didn't stop. I couldn't contain it anymore and 'peed' on his face. He seemed to be licking it all up and the feeling at that time was so incredible. I never had such an orgasm. After that came a feeling of such intense bliss which spread through out my body. My hubby got so excited that he wanked all over my face. It was such a nice feeling.....and licked all his cum! I realised I had squirted. It was not pee, I even tasted it, and didn't taste the same as my pussy juice. It was slightly sweetish and smelled great!

That was last night.

Now he was still kissing, licking and sucking on my clit. The feeling got very intense....just like yesterday. I had this feeling of wanting to pee again. I asked him to stop and wanted his cock inside me. So he started fucking me. Again I let go and peed as the orgasm was so intense. He too came at about the same time. The bedsheets were thoroughly soaked.

Am real lucky to have such a wonderful husband! I realise that my love for him also has become more intense since I started squirting. I don't always squirt, but it sometimes happens!