Written by aussi perve

7 Aug 2011

I see a lot of guys asking why a man would let his wife fuck other men and I cant answer for everyone but I can tell you how I became a cuckold. I was about 30 years of age and had started sneaking down to a spot on the river that a friend had told me about where people went nude. I didn,t dare tell my wife back then particularly since I used to wank off while I was there. I told myself it was o.k. as I had a high sex drive and didn,t want to be always after my wife for sex. If I,m honest that was not true at all as my wife has always wanted a lot of sex and would have been happy to fuck me as often as I wanted. Anyway I had been there maybe a dozen times when I met this older couple. They were both in their late 60s and quite overweight, not very attractive but friendly. He had a rather large cock, although I think mine was slightly bigger and she had a cunt that looked like you could drive a bus through it. She would lay by the river bank legs spread wide and cunt gaping open while guys swam by perving on her. She liked guys who were well hung I guess for obvious reasons, she would probably not feel a little one inside her. I was fairly naïve back then and never even considered that she might be looking for sex, besides her husband was always nearby so I was just happy to perve. This day I had swum up to the bank where she was laying and started to chat while I had a close up look at her snatch. Her husband was asleep beside her and another guy who I had seen at the river a few times sat the other side of her chatting. I had a perfect view straight up her cunt and even though I was still in the water and it was quite cold I still had a raging fat. I couldn,t believe my eyes when the guy sitting beside her put his hand between her legs and began feeling her cunt. Her husband was still sound asleep and Doris just looked at me and grinned as this guy fingered her cunt. I was so horny when I went home that night I,m sure my wife didn,t know what had hit her as I fucked her like never before. I couldn,t stop thinking about that dirty slut letting a stranger play with her while her husband was beside her and strangely I thought how horny I would be if it was my wife. Next time I was at the river I made sure I set up near Doris and her husband where I could watch. Mind you there were not a lot of women went down there anyway other than her It was mostly men and an occasional couple. Nothing out of the ordinary happened all morning and I was about to leave having had a good wank when Doris,s husband went in for a swim. Immediately Doris stood up and walked to the track out as if she were leaving. I grabbed my things together and quickly followed intending to chat with her a little but when I reached the track she was not there so I continued along the river bank curious as to where she had gone. I got the surprise of my life when I pushed through the scrub and came across her laying spread eagle on a large rock and a young guy was standing between her legs fucking her hard. She rolled her head to the side and saw me standing there and just said “hello Bob”like nothing was happening. The young guy fucking her nearly shit himself as he turned and saw me there. I don’t know wether my arrival tipped him over the edge or he was already there but he gripped her hips and rammed his cock in deep and dumped his load in her old cunt. As soon as he had blown he got out of there and Doris walked with me back to the track chatting away like nothing had happened. When we were at the track and I was about to leave she asked me if I had a tissue as that guy had sure blown a good wad. I handed her a handkerchief and she wiped her cunt clean then gave me a thank you kiss on the cheek and told me I had a nice cock and that she and I should get together some day when her hubby wasn,t about. I took that to mean hubby didn,t know but over time I came to realise he must have known. Whenever they were there I would sit with them after that and so did several of the other men that frequented that place. I soon realised she was up for anything so long as hubby wasn,t watching. I even saw one of the guys actually fuck her once while her hubby slept beside her and I don’t mean a discreet fuck either he climbed on top of her and fucked her missionary style. I never dared go that far but I fingered her plenty of times and she sucked my cock a few times. It was really blow a load in her mouth while her husband lay there snoring. When my wife and I finally brought our own home and moved away from the area I found I missed this excitement more than I thought I would. As I said Doris was no real looker and much older than me but she was hot and eventually I discovered the pleasure of sharing my wife in the same way and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I,ve taken her back to that same spot on the river a few times and watched men treat her the same way we treated Doris.