Written by ANON

21 Nov 2013


It had been a tough year. A year where everything I thought was real, simply wasn’t. My husband of 20 years had been unfaithful…. Unfaithful with my two best friend’s , and my world was falling apart. There were days worse than others and getting away from everything and everyone seemed the only answer.

I had never thought of cheating in the 20 years I had been with hubby. I was attracted to other men, I often thought they were my “type”, but I had the unrealistic notion that my marriage was secure and my husband would be the only man I would ever want or need in the bedroom.

As my life fell apart, I lost people I thought were good friends and found others that became closer. It’s hard to describe how it all started. There were days that I would hit rock bottom and every time a looked up, he was there, giving me advice and pushing me to keep going. Encouraging me to stay positive because everything would be ok. It was a little ironic to me, as he was the one person I always felt attracted to even though I had never intended to go there .Over the previous years, I would find myself secretly admiring him ,but ignoring my attraction. Now I was finding my thoughts were becoming more explicit. My fantasies were beginning to expand…. And he was in them.

Things really changed one night when we were sitting out the back cooking a bbq with my family over a fire. I couldn’t get these thoughts out of my mind. I was finding it hard to concentrate with the conversations as my mind was somewhere else, imagining what it would be like to touch him. Everyone slowly retreated to bed and it was just the two of us sitting there. I was uneasy, probably because I was getting turned on, however I was way too shy and scared to even hint of what was in my mind. Soon after, he left to go home and I went inside and sat on the lounge contemplating my thoughts. I decided to text him… I fuelled my courage with my libido and sent the message… “Did u think about kissing me tonight”. His response was of shock. He had not realised my thoughts were there and hadn’t even gone there in his mind because of the circumstances. I explained my thoughts and feelings and the texting became sexting. Deep down I knew I wanted it but I also knew I had only been with one man my whole life and was not sure I would ever go through with being with another.

The next couple of weeks we would spend evenings chatting by text which would usually turn to sexting. He would call in from time to time and I could not even look at him. My heart would race and my panties would begin to dampen. Finally we agreed we would take it further. I was not convinced that I would actually go through with it but knew that I wanted him. We were meeting one night on a Thursday night. I was to meet him at his house about 8pm. I remember the nerves all day. Still not knowing if I would have the courage to go through with it. One of my biggest fears was my inexperience. Was I going to know what to do? Last time I had taken those steps with someone for the first time, it was 20 years ago and I was a teenager.

I showered, dressed and set off to my destination. My nerves were explosive but my libido was like I had never experienced. My body was tingling all over as I anticipated how my evening was going to go. I pulled into his driveway and turned off the car. My head was spinning, my body was covered in goose bumps and I was virtually breathless. I stepped out of the car and walked inside.

Once I got inside, I realised he was still in the shower. Could I join him? No….. Do I run away? Definitely not! My shyness took over once again and I decided to turn all the lights off, with only the light of the television in the room. I sat on the lounge and waited to see what would happen next.

I heard the shower turn off and felt my heart move into my mouth. I shouted out that I was here and heard him walking down the hall. When he appeared, he was wearing a pair of tracksuit pants and a white singlet. I could smell his aftershave from the other side of the room and it set off a throbbing inside of me I found hard to ignore. He moved over to the lounge and sat down next to me so his legs were just slightly sitting on my toes. It was like electricity running through me. This was crazy? I was a grown woman, had been having sex since I was a teenager, yet I was feeling like it was my first time.

We made chit chat for about half an hour, commenting on the tv program that was on, discussing things that were so irrelevant to what was going on in my mind. My body was paralysed. Would he make the first move? Because I knew I was incapable of it. The only relief I had from my nerves was that it was still relatively dark. I wanted him to touch me, kiss me, take whatever he wanted from me. By now, I was sure that he was exactly what I wanted.

I felt his hand move over to my arm and he asked me if I was ok, I replied that I was nervous and he guided me over to sit against him and he put his arm around me and began to stroke the top of my ear with his fingers .I must say, this was the first of many new experiences I was to have. I closed my eyes and nuzzled into him and started to relax. I breathed in his scent and enjoyed him against me, relaxing me. I lifted my head and could feel his breath near mine. I suddenly felt all my fears fade away and was overwhelmed with pleasure as his lips were on mine. Our tongues met and our hands wandered and I knew that all my doubts were gone. I felt his hand move over my breast and I took my jacket off to allow him to explore further. I knew I didn’t want to stop, however, I also knew I didn’t want it on the lounge. I asked him to take me to his bedroom and we got up and walked down the hall. He met me once the end of his bed and he started kissing me and moving his hands around under my shirt. His mouth moved down my neck and onto my nipple and my knees began to buckle as I felt him strengthen underneath me to hold me up. I felt his hands moving down to the buttons on my jeans and before I knew it my jeans were moving down my thighs. I felt his hand skimp over my panties and the shivers through my body made me buckle again. Within seconds I felt his fingers move inside my panties and explore my clitoris. He moved his finger gently back and forth as I strengthened my arms around him to hold myself up, all the while enjoying his tongue on mine. I could feel myself getting closer and told him I needed to lay down. He refused, supported me more and pushed his fingers deep inside me, giving me no opportunity to control my spasm as I orgasmed at his mercy. After collapsing into his arms and begging him to stop to allow my recovery, we moved onto the bed.

I laid back on the bed and he sat above me. My heart racing and my breath uncontrollable. I felt it all coming back again before he even touched me. He pushed his fingers back inside me, getting deeper access this time. Searching and exploring, his fingers were searching for that one spot that made all the difference to my body’s reaction. He hit the spot and my hands immediately grabbed his. It was a reflex. I knew my body was going to lose control again and as much as I wanted it, this new experience was overwhelming. He forced through my hesitation and sent me into ecstasy. I let go and soaked up the release that I had obviously needed for so long.

It was time to turn my attention to him. I got up on all fours and moved down to explore his manhood. It was standing to attention and had a small amount of his taste that I longed for around the tip. I breathed on him heavily so as he could feel me there without touching him, then very gently reached down and tasted the tip with my tongue. His precum was very pleasant and sweet and made my mouth want more. I leant down and ran my tongue gently up his balls. The idea of covering his ball’s in saliva started my juices flowing again. I ran my tongue from his balls up along his shaft and swallowed him whole, holding his cock in my mouth not wanting to let go. I moved my tongue around his cock, holding my lips tight at the base of his shaft and started to moan as I longed to be pleasured again. I started to move my mouth up and down, pressing my lips tight against his cock to ensure he get maximum pleasure. I felt his foot brush past my leg and decided to give him a different kind of pleasure. I moved to the end of the bed, ran my nails up the base of his feet, then took his big toe in my mouth, sucking it as though it were his cock, feeling his reflexes react in my mouth. I bit gently around his heels and up the side of his feet, enjoying his reaction along the way. I left a small amount of saliva on his big toe and proceeded to work back up to his manhood. As I positioned my mouth over his cock ready to swallow him once more, I positioned myself over his foot also. With one thrust, I swallowed him into my mouth and pushed down so his toe would be deep inside my pussy. I moved up and down in sync and we both enjoyed simultaneous pleasure. I felt myself getting close again. I stopped sucking because he had not yet been inside me and I didn’t want him to finish until I felt him there. I pushed down hard on his toe, pulsated my muscles, and felt my warm cum over his toe beneath me. I turned as soon as my orgasm had subsided and pushed his toe into my mouth to clean it thoroughly.

It was time to relax him. I instructed him to turn over. His body laid there before me and I just felt like I wanted more and more of it. I ran my long nails down his back and tickled his arse cheeks, smiling as he reacted from being tickled. I asked him to get up on all fours and ran my fingernails down his arse crack and along his balls. I wanted all of him, my libido took over as I plunged my tongue deep inside his arse and listened to him moan with pleasure. I could feel him reacting beneath my tongue and it just made me want to give him more and more. By now my pussy was ready again and I was soaking for him. I couldn’t wait anymore and I begged him to turn over and push himself inside me. He turned over and I sat on top of him, begging for his cock to finally be inside of me. He pushed the head in and held back, refusing to let me have it all yet. The teasing was killing me. The frustration was building up increasing my need to cum on his cock. He knew exactly what he was doing. I begged him and begged him, till finally he pushed up inside of me and the feeling sent me to new heights. I felt the stiffness inside me turn to a warm injection of what I longed for. His cum filled me, giving me ultimate satisfaction. My head was spinning, my breath was gone and my frustration had been satisfied. I fell on the bed, still feeling where he had been and very delighted that I had made the right decision to have one of the best nights of my life…