12 Jul 2016

We had new neighbors move in across the street so we decided to be friendly and introduce ourselves. Throughout the first year we became close friends. Especially my wife and his wife. They were hanging out all the time. about 1 year into things I was talking with the neighbors wife and she admitted how she had wanted to fuck me since the first day we met. I admitted that I had also thought the same thing. Damn it. I've wasted a whole year she replied then shoved her tongue down my throat. I didn't complain in fact at this point I was rock hard and ready for action. We passionately clawed at each other trying our fastest to remove what ever clothing we had on. Once the clothes were off we stood back very impressed with what we saw. Her staring in awe at my rigid 7 inch cock and me staring at her amazing tits (which were just over a handful each) with the most amazing erect nipples and a nicely manicured pussy.

She pushed me onto the couch and immediately got onto her knees and started to suck my cock. It was the first time a female has been able to deep throat me and it felt amazing.

The only problem is we didn't get to fuck on this occasion because it felt so great that I blew in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.